Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Hello guys, cuba teka I kat mana skrg?

In the office, KL okkaayyyyy!!

All the work has been cancelled due to election is coming up.

Like helooooooo? Penamaan calon pun belum. And what is the relevan exchange work with election?

Anyway, we arrived Teruntum around 230pm and do all the work needed then we we are about to go to Melaka, suddenly somebody tell us that all the work need to be stopped. We made lots calls to confirm this and well, it's not a rumour. The order came from the above effective immediately.

We terus drive back to KL around 6pm and arrived at 930pm. Had dinner then sampai rumah around 1130. It has been a hard day I tell ya. I mean, all the driving and postponing things. Hmmm...

Haiyoh...they shud tell us earlier la.. so we don't have to waste our time, we don't have to start the journey pun. It's so tiring to go and come back in a day. We can't stay in Melaka or Kuantan pun as something come up in the office, even though we are entitled for one-day journey time-off. See, baik tak kitaorg? Hishhh..

Ok la peeps. Take care.


  1. ishhh..me baru je nak rasa 'world peace' :P

  2. dang~
    Kesiannya Andes..

    I hate those last minutes communication thing too..

    They pushed us into having a bilik gerakan here to ensure all the request for pilihanraya is met...

    Sabar jer la..

  3. Bee,
    Hahaha...we go mental to you now nak? :P

    Hmm..you pun tahu kan..company kita mcm tu. Nak menyampah pun dah tak larat hehe