Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Of ethics and courtesy..

I'm not going to discredit anybody. But I really, really, really upset with Bora Ombak. I already sent them an email and I hope they read it.

Dear Bora Ombak team,

I had dinner with my partner at your café last Saturday night (23rd Feb 2008) around 830pm. The food was okay, but not your staff.

We asked for the bill around 10pm and we were informed that you guys is having problem with the system, and can’t produce the bill. So we waited and nobody attend us for about half an hour. We need to move on so we went to the counter straight asking for a manual bill.

We mentioned all the foods and drinks we had and the guy at the counter counts it. He was dressed smartly in shirt with tie, and I believed he is the floor manager on that night. We would like to use our credit card to pay then we were informed the machine for credit card is down as well. So we paid via cash.

The thing is, the counter guy (I don’t want to call him floor manager as he doesn’t even act like one), not even say sorry for that inconvenience (for us have to wait for long and the hassle of payment), but also not looking at us! What an attitude!

Yes I know, that is none of your fault when the system goes down, but it is a courtesy for you to say sorry.

Ok, let say you still think it wasn’t your fault and it’s not necessary for you to say sorry. How about ‘Thank you for coming’ with a warm smile? I was so surprised when we were handed the balance with cold face like we aren’t invited.

What if we don’t even bring sufficient cash that night? You guys should have informed us earlier if we can pay it with cash when we asked for the bill instead of making us wait until we, ourselves make the move to the counter and are told the situation. And don’t you think it is a courtesy to at least give us complimentary warm water while we were waiting?

I once order pizza at pizza hut Ampang Park (take away) and unexpectedly was given a glass of coke for the wait.

Truthfully, I don’t really mind not getting any water or free stuff from you for the waiting, but when even a SORRY (or THANK YOU) is failed to utter, I think Bora Ombak has a serious issue with courtesy and ethics.

If this keeps on going, I don’t think Bora Ombak will be a choice for me in the future.


Actually, this is not the first time I am disappointed with their service. There are few times that I said 'I will never come again to this place'. Most of the time because the service is sooo slow, which means we were waiting for the menu like forever and nobody bothered. And there is one occasion that we just walked out of the restaurant after waiting for long and nobody noticed! (hmm that was like middle of last year I think).

Anyway why I keep coming?

The food is good. I mean really, really good. I find myself craving for the seafood tom yam (they have it in Thai style, thick soup base with evaporated milk), the butter prawn and their fantastic straw-bana burst! The spread is big too, and the price is reasonable.

Hmm..half of me said I won't go again but half of me said maybe they will improve, just give it a try another time. After all you go there for food not for the people, aight?

But don't you think both playing important roles?

Anyway, if anyone from Bora Ombak is reading this, I just want to tell that your streamyx connection is not secured. We can go in your Billion router easily.


  1. Hi aan,

    I know how you feel. Sad to say not many waiting staff in Malaysia are well trained to handle customers. I blame cheap labour and bad management for that.

    The next time something like this happen, ask the same floor manager or cashier to call the manager. They will most likely say the manager isn't in. Insist on calling him, and ask for his number. You can be sure they wouldn't do that to you again!

    It's not about being nasty or "bitchy". It's about being professional. And I'm sure the manager will agree with you.

    Good luck!

    PS: I went there once. I found the food OK (different people having different taste), but their workers were just too "glam" to give a damn about me, a nobody! Maybe I should go there again and give them hell...

  2. Darling, I love your post and most definitely agree with you and Mr. Arep here-we lack professional waiters.

    I went to Pizza Hut Ampang and got that same rude treatment. I think I'll write a complain letter too...

    Hey~ maybe someone did went into their system and crashed it from outside...you can never be too sure these days ;)

    *sigh* Malaysians (mostly) doesn't really care about system security...

  3. heyyy.. bora ombak here memang sux like hell! service is unacceptably bad and last time i went there, the 'kakak' just layan male customers, boleh??!

    but bora asmara is different. u shud try there instead next time hun

    anyway, well done with the complaint letter!!!! :P

  4. Hi En Arip, thanks for your encouragement (on giving them hell hehe). Yeah truthfully, I would like to make a scene there but the keberanian is not there.

    I read your entry (and Wahdi's as well) and actually impressed whenever you complaint for 'should not' happen thing such as the Bangla gave you the serviette for you to clean up the table. If it was me, I will only complaint in my head!

    Anyway, yes I totally agree with you, cheap labor is one of the culprits. Money always be the motivation. After all, that's why we are working hard right?

  5. Shani,
    Yup! I think after this we need to voice out what we think is right.

    Anyway, their router not even password protected okay. Maybe they should hire you to setup the network hehehehe

    where is Bora Asmara? Sure got that place? Seriously tak pernah dengar (so katak bawah tempurung lah me)

  6. hey busukk.. dont tell me u donno the place? aiyohhh.. it's so near mickey's house kat Penchala sana. it's Bora Ombak punye sister but way better in terms of service, food & ambience. they even have a trio of singing dudes that go table to table, entertaining the night away.

    n'way, Meg took me there on our first dinner date with his frens :)

  7. billion router default user = admin
    password = password.. how can it not be easier to guess...

    lagi teruk if they turn off the authentication ... hehe