Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Water

I had this slow walking last weekend at Lake Garden and shocked to see one of the meter is bursting. I wonder how long it has been (must be for days!) as the grass already flooded, making a small pool.

The shower

This isn't a tempat-jin-bertandang place so it's supposed to be fixed within the day itself.

It is right opposite of Pustaka Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia.

A pure ignorance. What a wastage.

Anyway, have you guys study your candidates for the election? Don't choose over the party. Choose for the people, who are responsible and can help to make things better.


  1. aikk,depa dah bukak ke taman tasik situ? bukan ada construction ker?

  2. Eh Yan, derang tutup ke? We went there almost maghrib pun, so just jalan2 on the top, tak turun bawah pun. But the gate is opened tho.