Thursday, February 21, 2008

The weirdos

As in my previous entry, I would like to share with you guys the strange animals from the sea. They are located at one big corner of the restaurant and all of them are edible, if you want to.

Well, see it for your-self and decide later :D

The weird looking fish. Don't remember it's name. But really big.

Escargot. It's soo different from what I always imagined. I thought it's more like typical garden snails (with the dark brown flesh). Anyhow, I still won't try to eat this.

The lobster. Soo big!

Praying Mantis prawn (udang lipan). This one is giler panjang and besar. I think about 18cm or so. The normal one that I always eat is only half of it, around 9cm.

South Australia Lobster

See how HUGE it is compared to my hand. I think it must be 1kg min for the smallest one. So baru one meal dah almost RM300. Haiyoh.. Anyone wanna treat me? hehe

Spider Crab. Very thin but sooo expensive.

One type of the crabs. Don't remember the name. But look at it compared to my handphone! Like a big rock! Look at the hands. Kalau kena sepit boleh putus jari ni.

Snow crab. Remind me of albino phyton. Mahal jugak, but I don't think all the crabs have noticeable different taste. If you guys ever eat those types of crab, tell me eh how it is.

The shark's fin. I don't know why they hang it. Anyway I used to fancy shark's fin soup, but not anymore after knowing how they get it. The fisherman will slice the fin and free the shark to die in the ocean. Soooo...inhuman. Btw, we can opt for fake shark's fin soup, which taste relatively similar.


Yucky kan? Sorry, no offense to abalone's lover. It's just, out of my imagination as well. I used to think abalone is one kind of mushroom, boleh? And now, knowing it as a slimy thing and sticking, hmm.. I don't think I want to eat this anymore.

And guyss....winner of the day will be...........



Pick me! Pick me!

I don't know what this one doing. Semua sengett. The one at the corner must be really heavy (see how long it is hehehe)

Double ewwwwwwwwwww.
I *forced* Mr Comot to snap it from the surface. Mr Comot said 'kalau dia lompat, me baling geoduck ni kat you'. Hahaha penakut ok! (look who's talking la kan, that's why I don't want to shoot it by myself. Scary okay)

See how big it is. Imagine if our partner punya like this. Ehem, tak cukup tangan ok :D

The restaurant's ambience.

From across the road, where we parked the car. Oh ya, free parking.

So guys, have you decided what's for dinner? :D


  1. I tried escargot once, i think i prefer the small siput sedut, masak lemak cili api.. ehhehe.

  2. Fiena,
    Really? OMG! You have some guts! How was it? I read somewhere it tastes like chicken hehe

  3. u sure it spelled GEODUCK .. not GEO-DICK? is it hairy? :P

    whetever it is, it looks ultimately gross!!!! yewwwwww.