Monday, March 31, 2008

Meeting Bellabedot

I rarely meet new friends (bloggers especially). Zaman IRC dulu adalah..but strictly for guys only. Gedik kan? :P Anyway, I met Bella last Saturday!!!

Ahhhh TAK SANGKA ok. Nope, bukan tak sangka finally will meet this domestic goddess (bodek baik punya) but, tak sangka I can drag myself from my cave and meet new people. Whatever it is, the meet-up was sooo great!

Actually the real purpose is to get the CDs that she's been willingly burnt for me. Well, Bella, telling you the truth, I budget meeting you for lunch then we kiss good bye, but it turned out we stick together until midnight! Haha.. unbelievable.

We meet up at Yow Chuan for Porto Romano (she's been bragging about this chicken stuffed with cheese), so I decided to give it a try. And tell you what, it was sooooo gooooooood! At first, I thought a normal chicken cordon bleu but it's totally different. Yummy giler ok!

I am a sucker for soup. Any kind of soup (but I prefer the clear broth than the thick creamy one). So I tried the French onion loaf soup. It's yummylicious!

Onion soup. Sedap!!! Clear soup with onion slices and soft bread spread with cheese. Nyam!

MrComot had lasagna. He said it's nice.

This is the outstanding chicken breast stuffed with cheese and topped with mushroom sauce. I must try to cook this someday. But the sauce is the best ever and will be the trickiest I think. Sedap giler the sauce ok. I can 'drink' more than the serving.

Bella ordered this, but dia makan berapa slices aja! Unfair ok! It is 4 seasons something. Ok too, but I am not a pizza person. Ehh..but I ate 2 slices ok! The pepperoni and olive.

The dessert. Penna Cotta (I think so..mcm lupa2 nama dia). Quite nice. Not too sweet and kinda refreshing. Mcm minty sikit. But I wish they pour more chocolate sauce :P

We were stuffed like pigs. At least I felt so :P

Oh ya..How to describe Bella eh? She talks talks and talks. Hahahaha. I mean it in a good way. She's so full of herself and that makes her cute. And she looks wayy younger than her age. 25 top.

Instead of parting, we went to watch Awake which is actually kinda disappointed. It's too draggy and emotional. I need to watch this type of movie in front of my laptop while hugging my pillow, so that I can concentrate and get emotional ahahaha. Anyway Bella siap titon ok! Haiyohh makcik ni. Nasib baik titon lite2 so takde bunyi2 *lalalalalalala*

Then we had our dinner at Ah Quan IceCream. This is one of my favourite eating spot. The food and drinks are variety and well prepared. The price is reasonable too. Too bad I didn't snap any picture at that time. I was having a monthly cramp and nobody remember to snap the food as well. Oh ya, the initial plan is, eat and get lost (like around 830pm) so that I can have a good lie and rest. I don't know what happen, but the cramp gone and we stayed until 12++ am. Maybe my stomach is having fun listening to celoteh Bella ahahaha. It was really strange, but I like it though. Relieved in fact. Siapa yg selalu kena this cramp tahu lah how bad it can be. Siap muntah2 ok :(

Bee and Meg joined us in the middle and our table soo meriah. With the food, the company, the ambiance, the borak2. So funny pulak thinking, Bella and Meg sibuk la pasal Macintosh, Bee and MrComot sibuk la pasal sombong tak contact and me hahaha..sibuk nak tergelak ok. It was soo nice and relaxing. The couple took off round 10 or 11 mcm tu, leaving us chatting again! Seriously tak ingat cakap apa but it was really fun.

In the end, we parted around 12 am. Tu pun because the shop is going to close. There were only 2 groups in the diner, and both are waiting siapa nak move dulu. In the end both have to go sbb the worker already pulling down the iron blind ;P

Bella, it was so nice meeting you. Seriously balik malam tu still teringat2 kat you (hahaha mental ok). And I kinda miss you on the next day. Miss your talking kut. Now I know why Lekiu melekat kat you :P

Thanks for the movie and dinner treat. That was soo generous of you. Oh yaaa! Thanks for the CDs too!!!! On Sunday morning I terus tgk Army of the Darkness okkkkk and gelak sorang2 hahaha.

Bella, nanti kita deting2 lagi okay!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Searching the soul

Tiba-tiba hari ni nak cakap pasal buku.

I think I like to read. Yup, I think. Hehehe. But, not as much as I used to. Talking about books, I never read english novel until I was in secondary school. I think because of the environment. My family is a very Malay or kampung punya family. Takde speaking2 ni. And my primary school lagi lah kan. A very small school with only 1 classroom in 1 standard which is equavalent to 25 pupils per standard. The only english book I ever have pun from the yearly anugerah matapelajaran terbaik. I still remember it, Gnome something.

My first english novel was The Best Laid Plan (Sidney Sheldon) that I borrowed from one of my dorm mate. And it turned out nice. Nice enough for me to read the other book. So I started reading and buying any Sheldon's until I completed the set. My best pieces will be Tell Me Your Dreams and Master of the Game.

Yeah I know, some of my friends said, 'you still reading Sidney Sheldon's? It's soo zaman skolah'. I don't know what they meant by it, but I take it as the level of understanding (or IQ?).

First of all, I like thriller stories. Then I like Sheldon's because it is easy for me to understand (that I don't have to open my dictionary too often), it is simple, the characters portrayed are strong (this is one of the best factor, somehow I find it inspiring to have such characters), and the storyline is interesting. At least for me. So I don't care lah zaman skolah ke apa ke, I like Sheldon's :P

My problem now is, Sheldon gone. So I don't know what to read next. I tried a few other authors but so far can't melt my heart.

Wait, I want to make a list I've read, so maybe you guys can highlight me any other author that I might try?

Stephen King - too hard and twisted. I barely can understand when I turned page 3
James Patterson - Too draggy (I read Cat and Mouse, boring ulang2 menda yg sama)
Jodi Picault - So-so, not going to be in my collection
Jeffrey Archer - OK, quite close to Sheldon, but not good enough.
Nora Robert - Ok jugak. But I need second book for justification.
John Grisham - Just reading, not sure yet the outcome.

Romance novel? A no-no for me. I used to read Danielle Steel. Ok for back then but cheesy for now ;P

Anyway, I just borrowed 3 novels from Fiena in order to find my next soulmate.

The 3 different genre

This is my first time reading a chick flick (oooppss! I never read Sophie Kinsela. Teruk kan?) and I like Jemima J! It's about an obese girl motivated to scale down the weight for a guy and later the guy turn out to be a jerk. It's light but irresistible and inspiring. I'm going to get other title from this author.

Nought and Crosses is pretty interesting. The storyline is unpredictable that make you want to read it till the end. It is about apartheid but upside down, the master is the black and the slave is the white. It's a trilogy so I'm gonna get another two from Fiena later. But I don't consider buying this as I find it disturbing.

And now I'm struggling to finish Nic Sparks (I told ya I am not into romance novel).

If you have any novel that you think will suit me, tell me ya! No romance, no emotional thingy, no draggy2, just a simple and sharp thriller ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Takoyaki session

Remember I am craving for takoyaki since my last meeting with the girls? Finally I get to have them last night. It was our movie night like usual, sbb murah kan. Instead of having a proper meal, I insisted we eat takoyaki! Well..actually I wanted to have a decent dinner, then tako for my snack but due to time constraint I got to choose, dinner or tako.

Hmm..I was having a hard time to decide whether eat something good or only tako.. MrComot wants me to decide all alone as he will be ok with everything. Susah ok! It took me almost 10 mins top to decide. It is too long for a critical thinking! *sigh* In the end, Mr Tako from Japan won!!! Well, to make it worth, we bought 5 packs in one go! Oh ya, thanks to my dear for 'being' ok with only Tako for dinner. Well, I need to get off this craving first, then I can think straight :D

Oh ya..teringat pulak ada this one funny situation

Me: Me dunno lah me nak tako or dinner. You think?
MrComot: Me tak kisah. Me can eat anything.
Me: Hmmm.. you sure? You okay with tako? Me mcm craving giler but yet, tako tak kenyang sgt pun
MrComot: Then, we have it lah. Me ok. Me can have ONLY tako for dinner.
Me: Really? You sure.
MrComot: sure.

Suddenly I mcm teringat something. We never had tako together. So..

Me: Eh, you tahu ke tako ni apa? Bila masa you makan?
MrComot: tak tahu apa menda tu.
Me: Haaaaaa??? You tak tahu and you said YOU OKAY to have it ONLY, for dinner?

I was already laughing at that time! Haishhh budak ni. It's not for a snack ok, it's for dinner. So I'm quite concern la if suddenly he couldn't take it and muntah ke :P.

Btw, it turned out okay ;)

Waiting for our tako. The akak tak bagi amik gamba, she said something about policy. But teramik jugak. Sorrylaaaa, nak letak jugak kat blog ni :P

I like watching them preparing this snack. It's like...what's the word? Mesmerized? Yup, mesmerized. Apa yg mesmerize pun tak tahu lah. Anyway, that day me and Rena standing still like 20mins watching them doing it ok. Not moving at all. Ahaha scary.

We had 2 octopus, 2 prawn and 1 chicken with cheese.

Our seat.

Since it's a snack thingy, no proper place or seating provided to eat it. So, we just picked up a public seat provided by Midvalley to its customer (yg dekat tiang2 tu). It's meant for people to casually sit and resting their leg. Luckily no guard 'halau' us. It was pretty odd as we were the only couple eating there. In fact, our place right opposite of Lewre shop. So we were eating while watching this one Arab lady trying shoes. Giler lama ok. We almost finished our meal, baru dia beli one pair. Kalau tak beli tak tahu lah kan.

This is my fav. Baby octopus. Prawn pun suka jugak :D

After gobbled all the 5 packs, all my craving gone, and replaced by this i-dont-want-to-eat-tako-for-the-rest-on-my-life. Tiba-tiba macam muak ok. So, no more tako for me after this. Maybe for the next 3 months ;)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Mouthful Dragonfruit

My house area got Pasar Malam yesterday's evening. It is such a long time I don't go to a PM. Almost 3 months I think. Since I'm going to have dinner on my own, so I rushed back to get some food from there.

Surprisingly I kinda missed the PM. Not the atmosphere, but the food! Suddenly I feel like eating the mass-cook keowteow goreng, otak-otak, tauhu bakar, jagung rebus, murtabak, beehoon soup, etc etc. Everything look so yummylicious!

But I get a grip and rationalize myself, just buy what I need and most wanted. So I end up buying a nasi ayam (I am so hungry and need rice), laksa kedah and cendol.

I also bought dragonfruit which cost me RM5 per basket which has 4 big pieces. Pretty cheap kan? As at the mall they sell it like RM6-7 per kg, and the one that I bought is like 1kg and a half. Btw, I bought the white one. And suddenly I saw this only basket with 4 pieces of the red.

So I casually asked:

Me: Yg merah takde ke dik?
Guy: Ada kak, tu..
Me: Berapa ni?
Guy: 5 ringgit jugak


Me: dah lembik2 ni..and macam buruk2 la...
Guy: Tak buruk akak, kulit dia je mcm tu. Sbb dia kena air hujan semalam
Me: Kalau 3 ringgit boleh la..

Guy asking the boss..bla bla bla

Guy: Ok lahh.. 3 ringgit!

What? Seriously that easy? Kalau tahu mcm ni I will ask for RM2 ok. But I know the deal is good enough already, so no need to be greedy lah kan. Consider it as a win-win situation ;)

The big red dragonfruit. See the lebam2 mcm buruk tu? It's only on the skin. The inside is unaffected.

It's more to shocking pink isn't it? Some people don't dare to eat it because of the strong color. But it is natural so, should be ok, don't worry ;)

The after-cut

The color also left track on my hands, even after I washed it.

And sometimes it can even make appearance in your poo! So don't jump shocking if this happen to you. It ain't any blood. Unless you are bleeding for real.

Btw, this is one of my fav fruits. And I prefer the red over the white.

My other fav fruit is watermelon that I can't get enough of it. Masa kecik2 I used to imagine, if given only one food for you to survive for the rest of your life, what it will be?

Yes, watermelon!

Sometimes it changed to keropok bantal, then Mamee, then back to watermelon. But in the end, it will be only watermelon. Oh ya, for the record, I don't really fancy keropok bantal or Mamee, it is just, what I used to think when I was small :D

So what's your fav fruits?

Monday, March 24, 2008

An Ode to my GirlFriends

I've been fully occupied these days. There are so many things that I wanna pour down but everytime I starting to write, I went blank. Too many event is starting to loose its track. But I will try to make it up, sooner or later. Just a matter of time. At least, it will be my personal record.

I had a girlfriend outing yesterday and it was fantastic!

I don't really have bestfriends though. Really. But these 3 are the closest ever. Hmm.. I want to take them as my bestfriends, but I rarely call, sms, email, or any sort of contact that don't give me the privilege to use the title. I also don't have any idea how's your life, problems, love life, etc etc etc. But you guys never mind I am being me (being the don't-care-me), so I am going to say this, all of you are the bestest friends. Ever. That I couldn't ask for more.

Ahhh.. I'm being sappy. Ok back to the happy moment.

Looking back yesterday, we just did the routine, lunch, movie, shopping, chatting. But it was fabulous! Maybe because it's quite long we didn't see each other. The most important thing is, all of us wearing gedik clothes! Hmm susah nak explain. I need to show some pics for you guys to visualize but heck, we didn't snap any full-pose pic, boleh?? Arghhhhhh..

The lunch is yummylicious as usual. We had scrumptious asam prawn, belacan brinjal, foo yong egg and rice at Mdm Kwan. But... the waiter who served us bodoh ok! Tiba2 emotional when I remember it. He put the plates roughly. Macam lempar2 tu. Siap ada bunyi ok when the ceramic meets the wooden table.

I don't know lah if it is just me or he is really hmm..rude. But Rena said the same thing! So he IS rude. No way lah I am coming to Mdm Kwan MidV after this, unless no choice.
Below is some of the pictures while waiting at Mdm Kwan.
Hey, what's up? Guess who?
(Can you see the baju gedik in shocking pink :P)

I am froggie the umbrella!


That's the last pics taken. Mielia's froggie umbrella. A souvenir from Japan frm the boss. Cute isn't it? After that lupa nak snap any pic at all ;(

We were busy doing other activities. We watched Horton Hears a Who?. Rena menangis okkk tengok cerita ni. Well, me too but that's exceptional because I even cried watchin Mukhsin. Hmm.. apsal lahh kann. Anyway, Mielia and Shani, you guys cried as well right? Cover pulakkk :P

Hmm what else? Oh ya, the shopping spree is ridiculous ok! I got this linen pant from Arcadia off to 60% which take it down to RM23 something. It's freaking cheap! So I made a wise decision, bought colors that I won't buy at normal price. So I have this TWO shades of pink. Lighter and darker. The darker one looks like datin2 ok..and I can wear it only with white shirts I think. I wonder when I am going to wear it *sigh*. Well, the lighter one also only can match with white shirts. Duh~ But it is so cheapo so tak kisah lah kan. And I am wearing 8 now!! It's a stupid Large ok! I was in S before. It's a bit longar for me but M is a no-no. Too tight and not comfy anymore. Hmmm..but I still can fit in 3 for shirts. Hmmhmmmm... not good, not good. I need to do the yoga thingy ASAP.

We end our meeting with takoyaki in the car. It is soooo yummylicious! I am addicted to it now!

I love you girlsssssssssss!!!!

Even though I rarely keep in touch, that doesn't mean I don't care about you guys. It is just me. I don't get attached to people. This entry also goes to all my close friend. And my new friends. You know who you are ;)

I do love you all. It is just me ;)

Monday, March 17, 2008

Animal pleasure in Zoo Malacca

We went to Malacca last weekend for Pijot's wedding. It is somewhere in Sg Udang. Congratulations my friend. Enjoy your marriage *hugs*

We set off from the ceremony around 230pm and stop by one small R&R for prayer when suddenly an old auntie (around 60ish I think and walking with a stick) offered her hand to salam with me. I must look so nice kan hehehe. Anyway, I was a bit shocked so I covered it by asking where are they going and they said Zoo Melaka. nice lah makcik tu. I think I like her.

Anyway, after the prayer I asked MrComot if it is possible we don't go back to KL right away because we have nothing to do there pun. I told him I'm thinking going to Zoo Melaka and he said OK (yeay!).

We entered the zoo around 330pm and we were just in time for elephant show. They have this trio, Mahkota (the male), Tay (the female) and Noni (the baby). The show is pretty interesting. The first part they show few tricks how to climb the elephant, how to make it moves and how to instruct them to work like move things, pickup things, etc. The elephants also danced when the heard the music!

Noni, Mahkota and Tay

Tay shows how she sleeps

Noni shows how she sits

And do you know that elephant has 40,000 muscles for his trunk alone compared to us, have 6,000 muscles in total.

During the show, suddenly Mahkota is being pulled next to the river bank and rupa2nya dia nak kencing. Giler byk dia kencing ok, like a big water hose, mcm fireman department punya. After he peed, the hanging thing won't shrink. It took him like 10 minutes to stuff it back.

Can you spot the hanging thing?

Zoom in

The second part showed the elephants dancing to the music. They also playing musical instrument (Mahkota played the drum, Tay played the tamborine, and Noni played the harmonica). They are pretty smart.

After the tricks show, they allowed audience to interact with the elephants. We can touch, feed and take pictures with them. I want to feed it but so many people already swarming the sugarcane place to buy it and it is soo hot so I passed it. But I get to touch Tay! It is a quick one because her trunk keep on moving. Takot ok..kang dia libas kang, tak pasal2 I smashed. Her skin is soooo thick and hard.

Me, trying to get near Tay.

That is the last pic taken using my camera, before the battery went out. So sad...lupa charge :(

The next pictures below taken using MrComot's dopod. So the quality is not really good. But ok lah, better than nothing.

(Sorry busyukkkkkk, next time me check my camera betul-betul)

The bus tour (apa ntah org panggil ni..tak tahu, but all zoos have it I think)

Another thing that fascinate me with this zoo is the white-something lemur (sorry, tak ingat the full name). They have it in one big cage. I thought the lemur is prisoned like other animals but it is not really like that! Yes it is in a cage, but we can get into the cage and be with them!

At first I see them as a dangerous species (afraid they can bite) but if we can be with them with no barrier, means it is safe right? So I having good time chasing them. I felt like a little kid hehehe.

They are busy feasting on the leaves

First try. Touching the soft tail. Pretty isn't it?

Chasing one of them

Hey mana mau lari?

Hehehe..Zoo Melaka, sorry yer. I didn't mean to disturb them, but they are just sooo adorable that I can't resist goofing them around.

They also have this 'Primate Island' where all the monkeys, ungka (is it baboon?) and gorillas were left playing with the trees freely without cage and we can even go near them (if you dare to climb the hill and go near lah). I tak berani as they are making noise and it is actually kinda scary to hear the uuukk-uukk bersahutan.

The glow-in-the-dark signboard.

We walked (yes, walking!) the whole round of the zoo. We tried to get the 'bus' ride when we half of the zoo but none in our sight. It's already 6pm so I guess we missed the last ride. My feet was soo tired with the shoes that I had to walk barefoot for about 1km! In total, we walked for more than 3 hours. Kalau tak kurus jugak tak tahu lah kan. Btw, I had a really good time.

Overall, I think Zoo Melaka is way better than Zoo Negara. I went there once and the design is bad. We are soo far from the animals and let's not talk about the service. I tried to write about it once but it is soo bad that I don't have the heart to write about it at all. Maybe you can try to visit and judge it by yourself.

But, don't miss Zoo Melaka for sure!

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Sugary Hershey

I had Burger King *again* last Wednesday. Well, it is not that again, but to tell you the truth I don't really fancy BK but we were in rush and BK seems like the best option at that moment, lots seating and no queue. And MrComot likes BK. So oklahhhhhhhhhh...

While MrComot ordering, I caught this advertisement at the cash register, Hershey's Sunday Pie as their new dessert and quickly add it on our menu.

First rule, I like chocolate. Who doesn't right? The second is, I like Hersheys and it has good reputation so I kinda expecting it to be good as well.

But it turned out to be bland and weird.

Looking good and yummy?

Well, look is deceiving.
We were having trouble to finish this small piece.

It is just a multicolored cream (which looks so chocolatey) and soooooo sweet for my taste bud. I can even feel the icing sugar (taste the grainy bits) like they don't whip the ingredient finely. So it is like eating cream with sugar.

After all it is only RM3.90. I should have see this coming. It's hard to get a decent food with small price, right? Whatever it is, I won't buy this pie anymore.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pretty face

Finally! I have some air to breathe and update this blog. Lotss to write but I need to say this first,


Hmmpphhh!! *cooling off*

Well, I am a sucker for Maya Karin so Duyung is a must watch for me. So I dragged MrComot yesterday to watch this and we even postponed 10000BC sbb takut Duyung being pulled off from cinema ok. MrComot siap cakap don't be mad at him if he falls asleep.

Oh ya back to the topic. The movie is okay je la, but Maya saved it big time!

I sooo want to say this *again*



Hehehe.. I think I am not thinking straight now. Anyway you should really watch (her) the movie la. She looks pretty all the time, and she even get prettier when she sulking at Apek!

Go stalk her here.

Everytime the 'duyung' come out:

Me: Comei nya Maya!! Comei nyaaaaa.. Geram me!
MrComot: Kalau you geram, me geram 4 times ok.

Heloooo! Siapa cakap nak doze off tadi? Hmmpphhhh!!

Btw, right away after walk out from the cinema, this is what I feel I wanna do:
1) Wash my face before go to sleep and use night cream, everyday! So I can be comei mcm Maya :">
2) Go to Sabah and dive!
3) Refer to #1

So my new resolution starting from today (last night not counted as I became lazy again and didn't wash my face before went to bed, hish), wash my face and apply the night cream!!!!

Girls, I know all of you mesti nak cantik mcm Maya jugak kan. So let's recite this mantra together.

*wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* *wash face, wear cream* ....

Well done, budak!

Can I call him budak? Sbb I am a makcik now. Suddenly feeling old.

Anyway, there are soo many things I want to jot down but I am very very very busy. But I just discovered this news and I am pretty excited about it, so wanna write about it now.

Good job Azali Azlan!!!!

You prove that anyone can succeed. He is from sekolah kebangsaan ok *impressed* *impressed*.

Sorry, but I always have this impression that if you come from SBP or MRSM the chances for you to get good result is higher. Hehehe..typical la kan. After all the boarding school provide better study environment. But, nak seribu daya, tanak seribu dalih.

Anyway another thing that piling my impression is;

Azali said he performed the solat hajat and fasted during the entire examination period, adding that he had dates and drank honey for strength every day.

He is one of a kind!

This is what we said - USAHA, doa, dan tawakkal.
Usaha is always be the first. Nak tawakkal pun kena usaha tau. Not simply said it. Bukan mcm ni:- ' Tak sempat baca buku lah..tawakal je lahhhhhh'. Haiipphhhh harus aku rotan budak2 macam ni tau.

So to the other budak-budak outside, take note from this one and do your best to strive the excellence. Tak payah la merempit okay!

Friday, March 7, 2008

To all the voters..

Happy Voting folks!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Going healthy

*Finally we get to drink, after collecting RM10 each. Terpaksa lah kan*

Anyway I still have this bloatness. And the heartburn. I read it in some old newspaper that heatburn is a common thing for us, is it? Do you guys have this condition? It is called GERD btw and I forgot the details but from what I remember, it is like your esophagus is not working well, thus the gas goes up and give you the heartburn feeling. The only way to correct this is via minor surgery that will tighthen the passage and reduce the risk of gas going up. Which is, no way I will do that. Hmm anyway I dunno for how long I can stand this heartburn anymore. It happen almost every day. The only thing I do now is drink lots water and eat right. I hope it will gone someday...

Btw, I'm tired of drinking this so-called fruits goodness from ready-pack juices like Peel Fresh, Fruit Tree and Bueno Fresh. I heard dah Florida juice is the best but it is fucking expesive ok. 1 liter is like Rm15 mcm tu. Peel fresh baru je around RM5. But lately I notice they are not as good as they used to be (or maybe I'm just paranoid). It's more like sugar with artificial flavour with very little real fruit juices added. The last buy was the pomegranate with carrot and orange and it taste like air basi ok, no kidding. So half of the pack was thrown into the sink.

Anyway, tak larat lah nak beli from Juice Works kan. It is RM8-Rm10 for a small glass of fresh squeezed fruits.

So I made this last week and it tastes good, seriously!

Oranges, carrots and celery.

Wash, chop all and blend it.

The real juice after filtered.

Since I don't have the real juicer, I just use blender. Well, no difference pun. It still taste as good as it can be. Anyway, you guys ingat tak time belajar science dulu that if we put extra heat or movement that produce heat, will scare away all the nutritions from the food (especially fruits as they are so fragile, and that's why they are best eaten in their origin form). Hmm..I hope the blender wont harm the fruits that much. Else it will be not more than plain water lah.

Oh ya, I put in the freezer so it can last hmmm..for 3 days I think. But you can save it for a week if you put it in the sejuk beku tu. Btw, it's only my estimation. Jadi apa-apa akak tak tanggung okay.

On a happy thought, oranges and carrots good for your eyes as they are rich in beta-carotene.

So, happy juicing peeps!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My company made 2.4 billion last year and yet, they can't afford to give us the basic. Plain water.

Oh wait, they *have* allocation for that, but we (the staff) have to pay first and claim later! Hmmm.. I don't understand the motive but from what can I see, they just discourage us to drink.

It has been 5 working-days waterless.

What happen to their motto? Our asset is the people.
The last supply

And you can't even water up you people *nanges*

I was in sub company before the merger, and they not only provide water, they even stock us up with sugar, Milo, Coffee, etc.

Hmm..maybe they afraid all of us will load the water into our house. Well, we are not you!

I wonder where all the billions gone.


I don't know why, but I feel so sad. And like crying. *sigh*

Monday, March 3, 2008

At-tin ni waz zaitun

We went to Sunway Piramid last week to catch Jodha Akbaar (boleh tak tiba2 gila nak tgk hindustan). Well, ni sebab MrComot read in newspaper review it is a good movie la, plus it is the most expensive movie ever in Bollywood. Lagipun ada Hrithik and Aishwarya kan, so kira okaylah. The thing is, TGV Sunway Piramid is the ONLY place showing the movie that day and they only got it for 345pm show. Online booking went there so we have to rush for manual ticket. And tgh2 beratur the screens show it is FULL. Haiyoohh.

So we just jalan2, in and out most of the shops as we rarely go to SP.

During the browsing we met with this place called Marrakesh. The concept is like Marrakesh market from Morroco, all kind of food (all over the world) in one market. Hmm.. I wonder does Marrakesh (in Morroco lah) have satay? Hmm..

The entrance

The first shop caught my eyes. Fruit stall. The variety is okay but not too many choices. Just okay. I like the hanging lamps. It's sweet and harmony kan.

The sky-alike ceiling.

Instead of all-foods in a market, it also has shops that sell antics, accessories, tobacco and clothing line. So, it is more like pasar malam, but in a proper and neat shops.

We decide to dine at this place for dinner, upon the unusual and interesting name. Fig & Olive.

The glass deco. Pretty kan.

The inviting doorway.

When I read the menu, terus teringat this one ayat in Al-Quran, at-tin ni wazzaitunnnn. Buah tin dan buah zaitun which is fig and olive!

The menu is interesting too. But the food is so-so (for me), but it is reasonably priced. So kira okay lah. You can't expect much from that given price pun.

The Olive Delight. RM12.90.
I was expecting it will be swarmed with *more* olives (black and green) and finished with shredded mozarella (or mixed cheese) instead of cheddar cheese keping2 ni.

Fig, Apricot Cheese. Rm9.90.
Ada Fig, apricot, mayo, tomato paste, onion and cheese keping.

Hmm..overall it is okay. Just more like healthy food to me. But like what I said, berpadanan dengan harga. If I want more, the price should be differ right?

They also got steak, chicken, etc. But we were just too full t have heavy dinner at that time.

Btw, if you happen to be in SP, just give it a try. Their service is good.