Friday, March 14, 2008

The Sugary Hershey

I had Burger King *again* last Wednesday. Well, it is not that again, but to tell you the truth I don't really fancy BK but we were in rush and BK seems like the best option at that moment, lots seating and no queue. And MrComot likes BK. So oklahhhhhhhhhh...

While MrComot ordering, I caught this advertisement at the cash register, Hershey's Sunday Pie as their new dessert and quickly add it on our menu.

First rule, I like chocolate. Who doesn't right? The second is, I like Hersheys and it has good reputation so I kinda expecting it to be good as well.

But it turned out to be bland and weird.

Looking good and yummy?

Well, look is deceiving.
We were having trouble to finish this small piece.

It is just a multicolored cream (which looks so chocolatey) and soooooo sweet for my taste bud. I can even feel the icing sugar (taste the grainy bits) like they don't whip the ingredient finely. So it is like eating cream with sugar.

After all it is only RM3.90. I should have see this coming. It's hard to get a decent food with small price, right? Whatever it is, I won't buy this pie anymore.

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