Thursday, March 13, 2008

Well done, budak!

Can I call him budak? Sbb I am a makcik now. Suddenly feeling old.

Anyway, there are soo many things I want to jot down but I am very very very busy. But I just discovered this news and I am pretty excited about it, so wanna write about it now.

Good job Azali Azlan!!!!

You prove that anyone can succeed. He is from sekolah kebangsaan ok *impressed* *impressed*.

Sorry, but I always have this impression that if you come from SBP or MRSM the chances for you to get good result is higher. Hehehe..typical la kan. After all the boarding school provide better study environment. But, nak seribu daya, tanak seribu dalih.

Anyway another thing that piling my impression is;

Azali said he performed the solat hajat and fasted during the entire examination period, adding that he had dates and drank honey for strength every day.

He is one of a kind!

This is what we said - USAHA, doa, dan tawakkal.
Usaha is always be the first. Nak tawakkal pun kena usaha tau. Not simply said it. Bukan mcm ni:- ' Tak sempat baca buku lah..tawakal je lahhhhhh'. Haiipphhhh harus aku rotan budak2 macam ni tau.

So to the other budak-budak outside, take note from this one and do your best to strive the excellence. Tak payah la merempit okay!

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