Monday, March 31, 2008

Meeting Bellabedot

I rarely meet new friends (bloggers especially). Zaman IRC dulu adalah..but strictly for guys only. Gedik kan? :P Anyway, I met Bella last Saturday!!!

Ahhhh TAK SANGKA ok. Nope, bukan tak sangka finally will meet this domestic goddess (bodek baik punya) but, tak sangka I can drag myself from my cave and meet new people. Whatever it is, the meet-up was sooo great!

Actually the real purpose is to get the CDs that she's been willingly burnt for me. Well, Bella, telling you the truth, I budget meeting you for lunch then we kiss good bye, but it turned out we stick together until midnight! Haha.. unbelievable.

We meet up at Yow Chuan for Porto Romano (she's been bragging about this chicken stuffed with cheese), so I decided to give it a try. And tell you what, it was sooooo gooooooood! At first, I thought a normal chicken cordon bleu but it's totally different. Yummy giler ok!

I am a sucker for soup. Any kind of soup (but I prefer the clear broth than the thick creamy one). So I tried the French onion loaf soup. It's yummylicious!

Onion soup. Sedap!!! Clear soup with onion slices and soft bread spread with cheese. Nyam!

MrComot had lasagna. He said it's nice.

This is the outstanding chicken breast stuffed with cheese and topped with mushroom sauce. I must try to cook this someday. But the sauce is the best ever and will be the trickiest I think. Sedap giler the sauce ok. I can 'drink' more than the serving.

Bella ordered this, but dia makan berapa slices aja! Unfair ok! It is 4 seasons something. Ok too, but I am not a pizza person. Ehh..but I ate 2 slices ok! The pepperoni and olive.

The dessert. Penna Cotta (I think so..mcm lupa2 nama dia). Quite nice. Not too sweet and kinda refreshing. Mcm minty sikit. But I wish they pour more chocolate sauce :P

We were stuffed like pigs. At least I felt so :P

Oh ya..How to describe Bella eh? She talks talks and talks. Hahahaha. I mean it in a good way. She's so full of herself and that makes her cute. And she looks wayy younger than her age. 25 top.

Instead of parting, we went to watch Awake which is actually kinda disappointed. It's too draggy and emotional. I need to watch this type of movie in front of my laptop while hugging my pillow, so that I can concentrate and get emotional ahahaha. Anyway Bella siap titon ok! Haiyohh makcik ni. Nasib baik titon lite2 so takde bunyi2 *lalalalalalala*

Then we had our dinner at Ah Quan IceCream. This is one of my favourite eating spot. The food and drinks are variety and well prepared. The price is reasonable too. Too bad I didn't snap any picture at that time. I was having a monthly cramp and nobody remember to snap the food as well. Oh ya, the initial plan is, eat and get lost (like around 830pm) so that I can have a good lie and rest. I don't know what happen, but the cramp gone and we stayed until 12++ am. Maybe my stomach is having fun listening to celoteh Bella ahahaha. It was really strange, but I like it though. Relieved in fact. Siapa yg selalu kena this cramp tahu lah how bad it can be. Siap muntah2 ok :(

Bee and Meg joined us in the middle and our table soo meriah. With the food, the company, the ambiance, the borak2. So funny pulak thinking, Bella and Meg sibuk la pasal Macintosh, Bee and MrComot sibuk la pasal sombong tak contact and me hahaha..sibuk nak tergelak ok. It was soo nice and relaxing. The couple took off round 10 or 11 mcm tu, leaving us chatting again! Seriously tak ingat cakap apa but it was really fun.

In the end, we parted around 12 am. Tu pun because the shop is going to close. There were only 2 groups in the diner, and both are waiting siapa nak move dulu. In the end both have to go sbb the worker already pulling down the iron blind ;P

Bella, it was so nice meeting you. Seriously balik malam tu still teringat2 kat you (hahaha mental ok). And I kinda miss you on the next day. Miss your talking kut. Now I know why Lekiu melekat kat you :P

Thanks for the movie and dinner treat. That was soo generous of you. Oh yaaa! Thanks for the CDs too!!!! On Sunday morning I terus tgk Army of the Darkness okkkkk and gelak sorang2 hahaha.

Bella, nanti kita deting2 lagi okay!


  1. Wah, tak sangka cenggitu effect jumpa aku. Mek tak bersalah! But betul, that day i talked a lot.. balik rumah aku rasa guilty ko tau. Lagipun sapa suruh korang tak hantar aku cefat2, hahaha!

    Bila ko cerita pasal chicken tu, aku pun naik lapar oo..

    Anyway, Sivaji tu bleh tengok ke tak? Ada defect tak kat cd's yang aku burn tu?

  2. me pun nk menyebok ni :P

    i had wonderful time with u guys too. thx Bella for dinner so nice meeting u *tak pepasal je we got a treat from u :)* and to u lalink & YB, haihh..dah dekat rumah me pun tak bgtau ye. merajuk ahhhhhhh! :P

    lalink, apa kata we all go to that paddington pancake tu together2 nnt

  3. Bella,
    I dah open the Sivaji, okkkkk boleh play. I just watched the 1st CD, giler ntah apa2 ok citer tu ahaha..

    Bilaaaaa nak makan niiiiii.. Nnt u free sms me