Thursday, January 31, 2008


KL cuti esokkkkkkk!!!

Jangan jeles yer kawan2.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Funny washroom

Everything is back to normal. Thank God. Really.

Just a short entry as I am quite busy. A lot of things need to be settled before next week. I hope I can finish up everything as soon as possible and I am working hard you know. It is already 8PM and I'm still in the office. Well, I take writing this entry as a quickie-indulgement, and I need to go back home before hmm..let say 830. ( I promised myself to go back at 800 just now *sigh*).

Anyway I bet most of you (maybe ALL of you - mcm lah ramai sgt my reader pun kan) already seen this picture, since it's nothing new in the internet. But I still want to share it with you guys as I kinda like this picture, it looks naughty and cute! Don't you think so? And do you really think this kind of washroom exist?

Funny washroom

I saved it from internet like, 3 years ago. Maybe it has been circulating wayyy longer than that, I don't know.

So if you are a guy, which urinal basin will you pick? :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hard to say I'm sorry

Last night was a disaster, and the worst ever. Since we already promised to have dinner together, so we stick to it even though time both of us dah merajuk to the max.

On the way to Bangsar, I tried to discuss with him why I merajuk and etc. Instead of we making peace, tambah gaduh ada lah. I know la most of them were my mistake. He told me that the reason why he didn't correct me was because he understood what I meant (wiggling and not wailing) so nothing to correct then. But then both of us were in anger (I guess) and blurt a lot of things that I supposed shouldn't be.

I was hoping he pujuk2 me, but no one want to beralah. The final hurt was when he said,

'If you think compromise is not in the relationship, then go!'

I was like, what? I know lah he didn't really mean it, but I was TOOOO ego to pujuk him back. So apa lagi, I just remained silence and the tears already flowing down like the river.

And he is giving back what I gave him - silence.

So both of us had dinner with no conversation. Not even one word uttered. Ohh..except, 'what do you want to eat?' and 'Are you okay?' when I suddenly burp (he's worrying about the gas).

And we weren't talking even on the way back and before we sleep ;(

Is it that hard to say that you are sorry?

I know, I know that I need to apologize as well. But I want him to make the first move.



While I'm writing this entry, he suddenly YM me. Baru nak YM. And talk like nothing happen.


Tak boleh ke pujuk?
Susah sangat ke nak pujuk?
I don't want to forget what happened last night.
I want to settle it, and not by acting like nothing happened.

Am I too demanding?

Monday, January 28, 2008

Merajuk ;(

Saya sangat merajuk petang ni.

Sebabnyaaa.. hmm sbb kecik je, but trigger the switch. I sent an e-card to Mr Comot and tulis something like this, "...see the wailing tail?" Ada satu gamba dog yg comel tgh goyang2 ekor dia.

Lepas dia dah view..dia diaaammm je. And tiba2 rasa nak gedik2 pegi to his place and cakap la

' The dog is soooo like you kan.. wiggle2 the tail'

Then I was like..

'Ehhhh goyang2 is wiggling kan? And I wrote it wailing right?'


'Wailing yg bunyi2 tu kan..goyang is wiggling kan'

'A'ah..wailing yg bunyi mcm ni...' He's making the sound.

'Then why dont you tell me the right one'

'Hmm..because tanak u marah'

'Marah what? Marah if you correct me?' Time ni dah start piss off dah.

He just smiled.

I was like. HELOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. What's wrong with you, apahal la lu nak takot betul kan gua. Abestu all this while lu takot sama gua la? Ughhhhh!

Well, I know lah why he suddenly mcm tu kan, sbb ada satu case tu I mcm almost nak accident jugak la (I was the driver) sbb nak masuk lane urgently and tak bagi signal. And the car behind me honk gila kuat. So dia ada bebel2 la and kept saying 'You tak bagi signal'. And I shouted, 'Yes I know!'. I stop talking after that and buat muka. Giler saiko kan? I could be mcm tu sometimes, but it depends on who am I dealing with. Normally with people that I am closed with je I always buat perangai. I don't know lah what's wrong with me :(

Anyway, at that time I know lah I was wrong but that doesnt mean I don't like him to correct me. Maybe I don't like the way he criticize me but the reason why I kept quiet was because I want to absorb my mistake, I mean, after you buat salah mesti lah susah nak you nak accept you buat salah kan and I'm trying my best to accept it and telling myself, next time be more careful. He took it as I don't like to be corrected. I am aware of that but I malas lah nak discuss about it kan because I think it is small matter and the thot will wash away someday.

But now, he said he doesn't want to correct me because he likes me so much, so he doesn't want me to be upset after that like that day. WTF lah kan.

If you are soo into each other why you nak cover itu ini. And what if until the end I don't remember the word wiggling and keep accidently switched with wailing forever and ever? Will he be okay with that? What if I always wrong in another thing too and keep repeating it? OMG, giler sakit hati ok.

Susah sangat ke you be comfortable with each other even to correct her? Yes, you still need to be a gentleman. So correct her nicely lah. Not saying she's stupid or what. You don't have to try sooo hard to be the best. Just try your best.

And being the ego of me, he tried to clear things out through YM tadi. But no way lah I will give in easily kan. I told him, hmm something meant mcm ni - Later, I will give ALL THE THINGS THAT I DON'T LIKE list so you can follow it and don't have to correct me. Rasa giler saiko but at that time I don't want to make peace. Sedih tau kalau mcm ni. I don't want a servant. I want someone who loves me, no matter what.

Oh my...I am soooooo hate this situation. And I feel like crying. And I feel so macam budak2. Benci. :(

Friday, January 25, 2008

The sick days...

I'm not feeling very well lately. I have this heart-burn thingy, almost everyday, especially when I am eating. Of course this make me uneasy, I' m hungry but I couldn't enjoy the food. This is not new issue. I always feel bloated but be my own doctor and keep saying it is only gas and will go away somehow. But last weekend is the final straw. I felt bloated like crazy and my stomach grew big, I mean real big that made me said, that's it, I need to see real doctor.

I saw 2 doctors in a row in fact. The first one immediately write out a referal letter to gastroelogist in Pusrawi. Well, it wasn't really immediately. She wrote it after I told her that I would like to see a specialist. The thing is, I insisted to have Ampang Puteri as it is near to my place and they already have my data (for my dengue case in somwhere 2006). But this doctor said Pusrawi has the best gastroelogist and she even wrote the doctor's name. Well, this make me a little bit uneasy. I mean, I want AP, I don't have history in Pusrawi and out of no solid reason, I just simply feel uneasy. So I just keep the letter in the car, and will use it later if needed.

I immediately went to 2nd doctor in Bangsar, and unfortunately the doctor is a male. I wished I had lady doctor as I want her to touch my belly and if possible do some scanning because I am actually worried abour how polyp or fibroid can make u gain weight drastically. Well, being tak malu me, I don't mind the male doctor checking that for me, but the thing is, the doctor yg malu, boleh? The doctor is pakcik already, I think around 45-50 yo. I kept hinting about the bloatness and the bowoiness and my fear of the polyp and fibroid. All he asked is my period flow and etc etc. Then he said that I am normal and maybe about to develop gastritis. I siap stretch my shirt at my belly and said,

'I never gained weight before, is this normal?' showing him my bulge, giler keji okeh.

I can see that the shy doctor tried to hold his smile and all he said is, 'It's normal'. Aaahhh so, no belly scanning for me. His shyness made me shy as well to ask for the check-up.

Anyway, what I would like to share is about the medicine. The doctor gave me omeprazole and alucid for a week.

The interesting part is when I tried to swallow the alucid tablet (the yellow one). It is sooo big like a five cents coin but it never occur to my mind that there is another way to eat the medicine. I know it is big but I think (yeah, I think!) still can be swallowed, hence I quickly put it in my mouth and washed it with gallon of water resulting an immediate vomiting in the sink. After the vomit I still can see the tablet, big and round sebijik in the sink. My goodness.

Then I break it into two pieces and have it slowly.

Oh ya..that real interesting part came in the 2nd day of taking the tablet. I was reading junks on the internet and suddenly I feel like reading the back of the tablets. Guess what I've found?

Yes sir! ...tablets to be chewed...

To be chewed ok. Not swallowed. Oh my God.. Silly me!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Visiting the Little Shiny Fella

I went to Kg Kuantan to watch the fireflies last two weekend. It is 70km from Damansara, as the board says. We start our journey around 630PM. It was an adhoc one, when we finally feeling bored with the mall. I was malas2 at first because it's already late but since he insisted, pegi je lah kan..

The washed-off sign board

Basically, none of us know the way. We simply follow the sign board of Kelip2 or Kg Kuantan and around 730 we reached this one looonng-pitched-black road that we couldn't see what's ahead. The road hasn't any lamp-side, not even road-reflector. To make it darker, no other vehicles as well. It was giler horror. I was worried what if something block our journey and harm us. Of course lah I was afraid of the human, not the jembalang. I mean, there are so many robbing and suka-suka hati bunuh orang cases nowadays. Human is definitely scarier than the jembalang.

The horror road. We had to use high beam most of the time.

I kept saying 'betul ke jalan ni' and we almost turn back but after 6 km we arrived the 1st sign board of Kg Kuantan yeay! Thank God.

They have their own small mosque inside of the gate and we had our Maghrib there. The first thing that both of us noticed once we stepped out from the car, was the air. The air is really fresh and smell soo nice. It's like you can smell the jungle, with a little hint of cow's dung. Haha really!

The ticket counter

The fee is per boat, not per head. One boat can consist max of 4 persons. Since it was 2 of us, we have to wait for another couple to join in our boat. Else we can pay RM40 and have our boat. Since it will be 1st experience and I don't know how nice it will turn out, I don't want to pay a lot, so we wait for a while for the next couple. Luckily it was only half an hour of waiting. Our boat partner is an interesting couple, the lady is Malaysian but the gentleman is Sri Lankan. The lady is soo bubbly and I like her immediately. But I forgot to ask their name, boleh? Tiba2 rasa mcm sombong la pulak isk isk.

The jetty

Wearing life-jacket

We rode in a sampan, there is one pakcik that rowing the sampan. It was a 20 mins ride (I think the period is depend on the oarsman) and the fireflies was incredible. They were everywhere along the river. It was like a starry night with rapid blinking. At one point, it reminds me of the Christmas tree hehe. The pakcik even bring us closer to the fireflies and we get to touch them! It was so exciting trying to catch one of them gently, afraid of crushing it. I tried to snap few pictures but failed to catch the lights ;(

At the same time I also afraid that there will be alligator or snake inside the water but most of the time I'm afraid of suddenly ada hantu at the trees, can? Siap baca al-fatihah ok.

To my surprise, the fireflies is relatively small to what I've imagined. According to that pakcik, they are two types of fireflies but the bigger one we call 'Kunang-kunang'. This smaller type is 'Kelip-kelip'. I don't know if they have any other difference but I prefer to have kunang-kunang more than kelip-kelip. You know, the big version like in 'The Grave of Fireflies' movie.

I've seen kunang-kunang once, back then in Terengganu when I was small. It is soo big that we, the kids always run after it hoping get to keep it as a pet. My mom said, there is no kunang-kunang anymore in the village as it lives in big jungle and well, all the big jungles have been murdered.

So guys, go and see the kelip-kelip while they are still there.

Have fun!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The world's price, today.

I was walking down to the carpark that I passed by a stall selling junkies and bought this keropok lekor on impulse, while handing RM1 bill to the 'akak'.

And you know what? The akak said,

"Dua ringgit dik"

I went blank for few seconds, then I handed her another RM1. While walking, I was thinking it was me who being stingy or it is really expensive. After be in the car, I asked to Mr Comot,

"Don't you think it is quite expensive?"
"Yes, it is"

I quickly dig the small cup and only found 7 pieces of small keropok lekor. It is fucking RM2 okay.

Seems like full?

It's not!

Taste-wise, like fish paste with lots of flour. Don't you think it's cheating?

RM2 for:
a. 7 pieces of small keropok lekor with taste more flour than fish
b. it's not from fancy restaurant, just a hawker stall with only one table to dry to oil after frying.

It's cheating for me. But maybe that is the price that we have to pay for today's world.

Friday, January 4, 2008

How do you like your salted egg?

Hye guys,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I was away, spending holiday in my hometown. There are lots of entries I promised to keep up, but I don't think I can write it anymore. First, because the story already loonng time ago, so the sparks already gone. Second, because some of the stories already..hmm.. expired *nanges*.

Take Christmas decoration in KLCC for example. I did go to KLCC that Saturday and capture the yummy snowmen, but then, I can't get hold to any keyboard and the pictures is safely in my folder files and since Christmas already long gone, there is no story I guess. It's already New Year okay! *sigh*.

I remember another entry that I promised to write as well, regarding shopping impulse. Hmm..maybe later (again). BTW, I read somewhere that someone who doesn't keep promise to himself will end up not trusting himself. scary. Not believing in yourself, nothing could be any worse kan.

Anyhow, today's entry is nothing important. Just something slip out from my brain.

How do you like your salted egg?

I like mine with the yolk is full as it can be. The yellow one is yummier than the white, don't u think so? If possible, it will be a tad wet (but still hard) and this definitely will get me drooling. Normally I will save the yolk until the end of the meal and have it generously then. Save the best for the last right?

This is my perrfectttto salted duck egg. Big egg yolk and a bit wet. Yummy!
Picture courtesy of wikipedia.

Ok folks. Later. Enjoy your meal. Oh ya, Happy New Year!! I have no resolution this year. Hmm.. maybe to be better, in everything. That's all.