Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Oh No!

Ohh tidaaaakk.

I planned to update about Penang trip but I forgot that I have to get home early today. Early as in 4PM as we are having eve new year BBQ today, AT-OUR-HOUSE!

Like, ughhhhhhhhhh, we just came back from Penang and then tak sempat settle down lagi, BBQ la pulakkk. It isn't something impromptu, it is a planned one, but i TOTALLY forgot about it. Eh, not forgot about the BBQ thingy, but forgot that 2009 is tomorrow!!!

Oh ya, it's not open house party. It's just a small BBQ with MrComot's friends, and they are bringing all the stuffs. I'll prepare some pasta, maybe bolognese, that's the easiest :D

And maybe instant dessert.

Will see how.

Oklah, gotta finish my work and cabut balik. Will invite you guys to my open house later ok? A proper one hihihihi.


Itchy Bitsy

Hi all, first and foremost, I would like to thank to all the commenter in my previous entry, because, because of your comments and concern, I went to see the doctor.

Like, seriously. Just for the record, I don't like go to clinic and even when I write or say, ok I want to go, in the next minute I will change my mind like a bolt.

And reading the comments last evening, I decided to give a go. So readers, thanks a lot ;)

Here is some pics while waiting at the clinic.



It may look not that critical, but I tell ya honestly, it's freaking itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy itchy

But I think it's going to get better as the itchiness reduced a bit after applying the cream.

I will write about Penang, soon. Maybe this evening ;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Itchy and Dizzy and Busy

Hi all, I have sooo many things to share about the Penang trip but I'm quite busy now and having this weird diseases (should I call it disease?) where my hands and both feet kuar bintit2 merah :(

It's freaking itchy and I'm stopping myself from scratching it and it takes crazy amount of efforts. So I need to focus now to NOT scratch and work :(

I'll try to update soon.

Ps: Mopiko, bam gamat, bam nutmeg, air garam, not working. I think I need to go see doctor.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now I understand why they say self-cooking can save you up

Hi allsss,

I think the title already sum-up what I'm going to share today ;)

Last night, I had symptoms of having flu when my throat still sore even after I finished the Strepsils. Since I can't afford to be sick during this Xmas (we are going somewhere yeay!) so I told MrComot that I need something soupy and hot for dinner. He recommend some places that includes mamak but I don't want that kind of soup. I want simple and clear broth, like ABC soup.

That was when we decided to cook! It was a crazy action because 1) we have nothing to cook, nothing as in no meat, vege, etc etc and 2) It's 8pm already!

So I asked him;

Me: You hungry tak?
MrComot: Me not really, you?
Me: Me pun ok. You can tahan until around 10 tak?
MrComot: Me can. Can eat Iko at home pun nnt
Me: Owait, jom pegi beli barang

8pm from Brickfields, we rushed to Giant Kota Damansara and bought things for the spontanious recipes.

Arrived Giant around 830pm and settled home at 9pm. It's crazy. I mean, it's hard for me to buy food in limited time as I want to read the ingredient la, and I tend to distract a lot. There are a lot of stuffs that I want to peek on and check out especially on the dry stuff :D

We bought some chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, and oyster mushroom. Once arrived, I cut the chicken, onions, and carrots (we already have some in the fridge) while MrComot wash the rice and peel the potatoes.

There is no exact recipe as I do the campak-campak trick but here is the rough thing.

Cut and wash

ABC chicken soup
Dump chicken bone (I took the meat for ayam goreng kunyit), garlic, ginger, carrot, potatoes and tomatoes (this one later after half an hour), and seasoned with few dash of sea salt to taste. Towards the end I also throw some pepper corn. Dalam 5 bijik kut.

Fried oyster mushroom
Drizzle some vegetable oil, fry sliced garlic, dump the mushroom, add about 2 table spoon of oyster sauce and few dashes of soy sauce to taste. Then add tomatoes. Seriously very simple yet sedap! Oh ya, I like my mushroom combined with tomato and bell pepper but MrComot doesn't like bell pepper so I skipped it.

Ayam Goreng Kunyit
(Fried chicken fillet with turmeric)
Again, drizzle some oil and fry the garlic and shallots (if ada onion lagi sedap but I don't have any in house), then dump the marinated chicken (I marinate the fillet with turmeric powder before cook the ABC soup) and cook until brownish. Salt to taste. It will be better if you can mix with long beans but I purposely skip it as I need to buy a whole bunch of beans and it will be a total waste.

And here is our dinner at 10PM!

Simple but tasty and healthy. Like seriously. No MSG, no ridiculous amount of salt, and no pool of oil.

And the best part is, it's only RM10!!! More or less hehe.

Ok let's count.
Chicken parts - got small drumstick, small thigh, small breast = RM3++
3 Potatoes - RM1++
3 Organic tomatoes - RM2.39
Turmeric powder - RM1.45
Oyster Mushroom - RM3++

So total is about RM10 and let say you want to count the rice, gas, garlic, sauces, etc etc and it will be around RM15! Still freaking cheap!!! It's for two maannn.

And also please note that we used organic tomatoes (haha reason why was because I couldn't find normal tomatoes :P), sea salt and vegetable oil.

So can you imagine how easy and healthy and nutritious and cheap it is?

Now I understand why they say self-cooking can save you a lot ;)

On the other note, we are going to Penang for Xmas!!!! Will start the journey on 25th but I already take annual leave tomorrow! Bestnyaaaaa going to laze on weekdays.

Can't promise for any update but will write if there is any ;) Till then, have a nice holiday peeps!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Table For Two

We are now officially have dining table!!!

After two months (getting to three hehe) eating on floor in front of TV, finally, we get ourselves a simple table for two!

Since there is only two of us, we plan to get a proper dining table (that can comfortably set for 6 person) later. Later as in wayyy LATER. Maybe 3 years in coming? It's because we don't have the luxury to keep a space for a dining table, just for the sake of having dining table. We already looking for some tables but none of them catch our heart. And we don't really need the table now as we don't have kids and I can't really see myself hosting a family dinner. Even if there is any dinners (or guests), dinner on floor it will be :P

So we settled for something very simple and basic specially for two of us and we call it collapsable table :D

It's from Ikea *again, no other easy place for us to find simple furniture ;(* and one thing I like about Ikea is they make the self-assembly, possible. The pre-drilled holes, the way you have to build it is easy peasy.

Screws and all

Drill the hole
MrComot said the concrete very tough and hurt his hand. Time like this, I thank God I am not a man hahaha

Attach it

Helo word!!

During the collapse mode ;P

It's very space savvy, as we just swing it up when we want to use it and fold it back to keep the space wider.

I also can use it as a place to prepare meals or all. Haha, ya lah tu. I think we will use this only for breakfast, and occasionally dinner. But this will be enough for now. Finally we have a proper seated place to eat.

And it gives a romantic illusion as it only fit for two person. I already picture (picture only ok haha) to cook something special for new year, maybe chicken cordon bleu with roast potatoes, setted beatifully on that table with few stalks of roses and floating candle.

What do you think?

Oh ya, dreaming is allowed in this blog. Buat tak buat belakang kira kan? Whatever it is, I think it is so romaaaaaannntic!

Friday, December 19, 2008

When you don't know what to have for dinner

When we don't know what to have for dinner, and tired of eating outside, and want to have quite dinner (tv is acceptable :P), and shut ourselves from everybody, we have this!

Simple dinner in the bedroom, in front of TV

Maggi curry will do! :D
With extra cheese sausages, egg, and chilli padi!

I can't say this is our ultimate dinner, but it is one of the best ;)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rotten Movie

As in my previous entry, we went to watch Los and Faun and I write no review about it because to me, it is just an okay movie. Okay as in, entertaining, but nothing to shout about.

Buuuuuuttt, after watching Cicakman last night, I decided to give it a blow.

Cicakman is a very BAD movie!

My deep apologize to the fans, and no offense to the lovers, it is a very bad and dumb movie to me.

No offense to the director or production as well. No offense to the technologies and CGI and what ever inside the movie. It is baaaad.

That bad, that I want to compare with Los and Faun even though there are not even in the same genre. Who says life is fair? :D

Btw, I hate hate hate the movie because:

1) It is noisy. Most of the time Prof Klon and Rama2 keep on laughing histeriacally and it's not funny. Like, wth? It's noisy ok. NOISY. Whatever.

2) The hero (Cicakman lah) is dumb. I have this feeling that they want to make the character blur or slumber or blonde. Something like that la. But there is very thin line between blonde and dumb. Los (in L&F) is BLONDE and Cicakman is DUMB. There is a difference.

Okay, maybe they want to make Cicakman dumb, so? I don't like dumb hero. End of discussion.

3) Why Aziz has to laugh mcm org gila during the interview? When he's looking down on Apek. It's not even funny ok. I really don't get it. Do you have to laugh like that to make it funny? It's stupid.

4) Motif Amani kejap2 dalam latex and kejap2 naik atas (during the fighting scenes). The chain is moving up and down ke? Bad bad bad editing. Maybe they think, alaaa tak perasan punya, no need to reshoot, but heloooo, you guys are KRU okk. It's a simple editing (cehh mcm la I know how to do it kan, but I'm not in the line, so excuse me hehe) okkk. What's up with u guys?

Oh ya, talking about editing, I remember seeing a lady image during Hairi fighting with the Ginger twin in hell-like (his dream) mcm tgh direct2. I mean, why suddenly she appears kan? I asked MrComot wether he noticed it or not he said tak perasan. Now I seriously don't know, it is the bad editing (mmg somebody was there) or it was my only imagination. Now tell meeeee

And also, it is BOILED LATEX okkk!!! Ok maybe it's not boiling but I see the bubble and asap so it is boiling right??!?! Unless my definition of boiling is wrong. So, how come Amani is OKAY? Okay as in 'ops, tercelup dalam milk bath and helo world, I'm okay! You can save me anytime you want and I can enjoy my milkbath'.


5) I almost fall asleep in the middle of the story.

MrComot's comment after we walking out of the cinema: I'm struggling to stay awake.

He did fall asleep once. During Cicakman fighting with Rama2 inside the cave. Haha.

Cicakman 1 wayy wayyy better than this sequel. Okaylah..enough complaint. Maybe it is not that bad, since I read some review stating it is better than L&F, but this is purely my orang-tak-tahu-appreciate-movie opinion.

So don't refrain yourself from watching this because of my comment ok?

Btw, since Cicakman is that bad, I want to congrats Los & Faun for their superb quality. Superb actors with superb characters. They are simple and real! Arman is real funny and Los is freaking blonde hahaha.

Okaylah.. happy catching movies peeps!

Ps: Have you seen Coraline trailer? It's spoooooky and creeeepy. I'm sooo gonna watch it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All I Want For Christmas Is You

We went to Cineleisure to watch Los And Faun last night. While waiting for the show we took a slow walk at The Curve and I like like like their Xmas deco. The walkway covered with mistletoe like aisle and with loads bright colored ornaments!

They look fresh and cute!

Anyway, the festive fever somehow trigger i-want-to-give-something-for-mrcomot-this-xmas!

It's not that I'm celebrating it, just I think it will be nice if I give him something, and it will be nicer if it is something cheap haha

Talking about this, I casually asked,

Me: Sayang, apa yg you teringin now?
MrComot: Apa yg me teringin as in food or material?
Me: Material
MrComot: Hahaha me going to get xmas gift ke?
Me: No laa.. me just wonder what do you feel like to have
MrComot: Ok, me nak SLR, Handycam, LCD, new PC, GPS, 1 Tera external HDD, Plasma..
Me: Ok ok you are not getting anything you know

Over okkk semua benda gadget!! The cheapest thing I can get pun is the external HDD. And I don't want to get him that. Since we are going to share the gadgets, no wayyy I' getting them for him. Kiasu kan hahahaha

Whatever, I'm thinking of something cheap and lovely and below RM100 :P And I don't want to give normal things like shirt, perfume, etc etc. So what should I give him eh?

I mean, it will be something very simple and sweet.

And I also thinking making the giant stocking to stuff the gift myself. The thing is, it's hard to find the time as we always together, takkan tiba2 I lock myself in a room and do it. I want to surprise him. Hmmm *thinking hard*

Maybe I should just skip the stocking part as it is quite ambitious :D

Or maybe I can just give him this rudolph?

Ohhhhh I love xmas deco!!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Frying No More

I learned a new trick from MrComot!!

It's called fried egg, only no frying involved :D

MrComot told me that he used to fry egg with microwave and of course I didn't believe him.

Helooo, how to fry in microwave?

Pardon my jakun-ness, I really don't know that it can be done!

But seeing is believing and here I present you my first experiment with microwaved egg :D

Rub some butter on the microwave save plate. In fact you can make this without butter at all. It will be 100% healthy.

Crack an egg and make some holes at the yolk using fork or tooth pick. This is necessary because the yolk need some air, else it will burst out.

Put into microwave and give it full heat for 30 - 40 seconds.

And voila!! A decent bull's eye.
I overcooked it at 50 seconds and the egg cracked like volcano surface.

This recipe suits whom have no time (read:lazy) as you don't need to wash the frying pan afterward and it's hassle free!! And I think it's healthier too (unless you are afraid of the wave used, I don't know if it is bad, but I think it should be ok, else why they keep on making microwave right? Need expertise advise in this).

Oh ya btw, of course the real frying version taste nicer hehehe

Monday, December 15, 2008

Another tag on a gloomy day

I'm going to answer some Qs from Cik Kopi's tag.

Lalink Khairiah, ur tag me tak buat ok, sbb me dah pernah buat la tag tu here

1. If your lover betrayed you, what will your reaction be?
I will leave him

2. If you can have a dream to come true, what would it be?
Be very very very successful, I cant decide in what (hmm mcm mana nak come true kalau mcm ni :P)

3. Whose butt would you like to kick?
Nobody really. I just don't care about people-that-hate-me anymore.

4. What would you do with a billion dollars?
Invest in real estate, and of course the good deed will follow

5. Will you fall in love with your best friend?
I don't know, but I don't think so

6. Which is more blessed, loving someone or being loved by someone?
Both :) --> Cik Kopi, tiru hg ok, but it's true, it won't be fun to be loved but not unable to love that person, vice versa.

7. How long do you intend to wait for someone you really love?
Already love one ;)
To answer this, I don't mind waiting, as long as it takes.

8. If the person you secretly like is already attached, what would you do?
Let him go. Unless he wants me hahahaha.

9. What do you pray each day for your loved one?
I pray that our marriage is blessed and happily ever after

10. What do you think about Friday?
I looovee Fridays because it's going to cuti the next day! And I always staying up very late each Friday to catch some movies.

11. How would you see yourself in ten years time
Happy and content, in all aspects.

12. What do you really want at the moment of responding to this tag?
On holiday somewhere else.

13. What kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is?
Look tough but can be very vulnerable sometimes, manja deep down, a very good friend

14. Would you rather be single and rich or married but poor?
Married but poor. At least I get to strive to excellent with the loved one. Motif ada motto sekolah? Hahaha

15. What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?
Hug and mwah MrComot

16. Would you give all in a relationship?
I wish so, but I tend to be selfish most of the time ;(

17. If you fall in love with two people simultaneously, who would you pick?
The person that I see forever with :) --> Cik Kopi, pinjam urs.

18. Would you forgive and forget no matter how horrible a thing the someone has done
Yes I would. But if it is very bad I'll dump her/him in will-not-enter-my-life-forever list.

19. Do you prefer being single or having a relationship?
Having a relationship. It helps to build character.

20. Your biggest mistake?
Loving someone too much.

21. I’m tagging:
No one in specific. Everybody is free to answer this ;)

Friday, December 12, 2008

How do you eat your persimmon?

I just figured another way how to eat a persimmon!!

Pardon my ignorance, I always thought persimmon is a crunchy type fruit like apple and pear and there is no other way to have it beside the crunch. Since I don't really fancy apple and pear, persimmon become the least favorite too.

Not till one fine day, mom in law teach me how to eat a persimmon, her way. Hahaha TEACH okkk!!

Ok lah, I am just exaggerating. That day she offered me some persimmon in the fridge and I refused by saying I don't really fancy persimmon. Then she insisted and took out one for me, it was when I touched it and I almost screaming

"Haaaa apsal dia lembik? Boleh makan ke?"

Haha ok..I did say that but not screaming la. More like asking :P

So the rest is history hihihi

And now I'm showing you the new way I just discovered on eating a persimmon

At a normal rate, persimmon sold will be firm and hard. Hard enough for you to squeeze and not leaving any mark.

Lembik on the left and new one on the right

So you have to keep it outside until it is fully ripen. My persimmon took 3 weeks to achieve the 'lembikness' that I wanted. One tip to remember, don't worry if you persimmon looks rotten as it is actually not. Only the skin getting darker and paler but inside is eatable. Once it is soft (lembik to be exact) keep it in the fridge and it can last for another week.

Chop off the head

And dig in!

Till it's cleaned

The skin is edible too I think, but I didn't dare to take the risk :P

And it is serioussslyyyy sangat sedappp!! It is sweet and soft and runny with some bits of crunchy fibre and COLD! This will be my ultimate way of eating a persimmon. No more cut it like apples after this.

Hmm thinking about this, I have one in my fridge ready to be eaten tonite :D


Another tag to warm up the cold morning

Hye alllll, panjang tak tajuk? :P

Anyway I owe Tatty this tag 2 days ago, so better do it now :D

On another note, I am all well now, and thanks for the kind wishes, but, I am not pregnant (abess semua org kecewa kah? :P) I wish I'll be pregnant after the honeymoon, aminnnnn.

Ok, going to the tag:

1. what is the most important thing in your life ?
Happiness ;)

2. what is the last thing you bought with your own money ?
Hmm this question made me grinning over the idea being a wifey, you rarely use your own money :P
Ok ok..I think, I bought some junk food at 50 sen 3 days ago.

3. where do you wish to get married ?
Sama macam Tatty! I wish at the beach during sunset followed by BBQ session at the night. Ahh bestnyaaaa. But married already lor.. So kawen lagi satu ke macam mana ni? :D

4. how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?
Already owned now, literally ;)

5. are you in love ?
You think? :">

6. where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
Hmm I don't really remember as we've been eating either at InLaws or drivethrough McD. Btw, I think it should Tony Roma's Cineleisure kut, 2 weeks ago.

7. name the latest book you bought ?
Haunted, The Lair (and forgot another one) from Tatty. Oh my..I even forgot who is the writer. Baru abes baca satu and it was agesss ago!

8. what is your full name ?
Nur Hanani = cahaya kesayanganku= the light of my love ;)

9. do you prefer mother or father?
Hmm mother I guess :P

10. name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time
No one really, but for the sake of this Q, it will be Catherine Zeta-Jones

11. christina or britney?
Christina! I love love love her first single genie in the bottle

12. do you do your own laundry ?

Mestilah, dah ada washing machine. Kalau tak buat mmg super malas la ish ish ish

13. the most exciting place you want to go ?
Exotic land like Egypt, Morocco (hey dude, I wannntt to gooo tooo!), Italy, and Germany.

14. hugs or kisses ?
Hugs, but both will do ;)

15. point out five things about the person who tagged you
i. Happy go lucky
ii. Straight forward
iii. Kind hearted
iv. A super mommy and super wife! She knows how to be a good wifey
v. So putih and cute

16. eight things i’m passionate about
i. Writing and reading blogs :P
ii. Taking pictures
iii. Art as in handmade stuff
iv. Drawing
v. Playing simple games (Now in love with Hell's Kitchen from Big Fish!)
vi. Books collection
vii. Food / Trying new recipe
viii. Current relationship ;)

17 . eight books i have read recently
i. The Magic Needle by Enid Blyton
ii. The Lair (don't remember the authoe)
iii. Asterix #6
iv. Asterix #4
v. Asterix #3
vi. Asterix #2
vii. Asterix #1

Hehehe mcm banyak je baca kan? Semua tu comic je okkk. Ahh except The Lair.

18.eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again
i. Cinta Kain Putih - Putra
ii. Disturbia - Rihanna
iii. Elisa - Dancing
iv. Resah - Nitrus
v. Same Mistake - James Blunt
vi. Love You Till The End - The Pogues
vii. Mantera Beradu - Malique feat M.Nasir
viii. Bend - Matchbox Twenty

19. eight things i learned this year
i. Stand for your right
ii. Everybody deserves to be happy
iii. Compromising
iv. Have breakfast, everyday
v. Be more patient
vi. Adjusting and adapting
vii. Saving up money for honeymoon (finally, baru serious simpan duit)
viii. Drive other car then Kelisa, yeay!

20. eight people you tag
i. cool
ii. khairiah penternak ketam ekekeke
iii. cik kopi atau milo
iv. rena
v. mielia
vi. fiena
vii. bee
viii. yan

Ps: Don't feel obliged ok, tanak buat pun takpe hehehe

Okay peeps, real posting coming up soon! Take care and don't notty2 ok?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just another love note

I was hungry, want to eat
He drove me to Pusat Islam
I feel like to black out, and can't walk
He parked and waited until I said ok while rubbing my back
I said I want to vomit and need a plastic bag
He ran to the nearest stall asking for plastic bag and bring back two
But I didn't use any
Then I said, I still can't walk and have no appetite
He said it's ok, we can tapau, he ran back to the stall and buy some food
I sms-ed him telling I also want hot Milo
He returned back with only food in hand and I asked, 'Eh Milo takde? I sms you'
He said, 'Ops, my hands were full just now, tak check sms', and he ran back to the nearest stall to buy the drinks
He drove back to the office with two bungkus nasik
Had lunch at his working desk and I fell asleep there
Woke up an hour later, feeling much better

Dear hubby, thanks to you, for everything.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Peeping into my handbag

Hi all, how was your raya? Mine okay je..sbb the vacation is too short! Mcm tak sempat buat apa balik rumah. But I get to watch the sembelihan during the day.

MrComot behaving well at Perak but noooott when we arrived. Now we are in the not talking mode. Or is it me yg tak behave? Hmm whateverrrrr!!! I won't talkkkkk sampai la dia pujuk2 okayyyy. Hate hate hate silent treatment when it comes from others. If I do it, then it should be ok haha. For this blog record, we not talking since last night okkk. Masa drive pegi keja pagi tadi pun dua-dua diam. Gila! But again, whateverrrr!!!! Hmmphhhhh~~~

Ok enough about that, I'm going to answer Bee's tag now.

Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, nosey meme makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.
My work place is safe and secluded enough. So I'm doing it here, in front of the pc :D

Take a photo of your handbag and the contents plus photos of your working cabinet and work station

My handbag's content on the working desk.

Believe me or not, I only have ONE handbag to work. Ish ish ish. Anyway, I like this handbag very much as it is very simple and elegant (to me). Another thumbs up is, inside can hold as much junk as it can and still look pretty and stand well, takde la terbalik ke tergolek ke apa ke kan. I've been wearing this one for almost two years, for every working days. Sangat lasak. It's leather collection from Jane Shilton. I'm thinking of getting another one (large tote type) *Hmmm need to get out from silent treatment for this*

Very simple and chic. Got engraved brand name at the brass buckle.

Dump the content of your handbags in a pile.

All the things

Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag

Motif gua nak simpan benda menakutkan dlm handbag? Haha ok move on. It keeps:
1. Nokia handphone i-don't-know-what-model-coz-it-is-freaking-old
(it's a free phone given by my petbro btw. Thanksss anyhow)
2. Canon Ixus
3. Panadol Menstrual
4. Thumb drive
5. Wallet from Kauffman
6. MAC studio fix, MAC tint, Loreal blusher in marshmallow (all baru beli sbb kes kecurian that day sob sob), Clean & Clear blotter paper and a miniature from Azzaro (limited edition Pink Tonic)
7. Rubber band and small brooch
9. A copy of our pic printed on Selphy paper and pen
10. Lotss of cards and paper craps/notes/bills

Annnd alsoooooooo

Tickets to Sinbad the Musical!!!

I'm going to watch this with Shani. Wonder who she'll bring. Ehem ehem Shani? :D

Anyway just a quick info, for every 4 tickets purchased, you are entitled to 20% discounts off (only applicable for RM50 seat). So it will be only RM41.50. Murah banyakk okkkk! Anyway, I tried to buy online and they want to charge a freaking RM53!!!! Apparently the discount only for walk-in purchase (I don't know what is the different okkk) so dengan gigihnya we drove from Bangsar to Ampang just to get the ticket. Usaha tangga kejayaan right? :D

What is the most important thing in you handbag?
I used to say my handphone but since the handphone not really serving me (no mms, no camera, bla bla) so I would like to declare my IXUS as my most important thing :D

Hmm I really need a new handphone..

Ops, not that I'm being ungrateful. Thanks again Abg Namiri, for giving me this hp :P

What is the most
embarrasing thing in your handbag?
Hmm nothing I guess. All are normal things

What is the smallest thing in your handbag?
That will be my butterfly brooch hehe

Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
Nope. I don't do drugs or anything in between.

Tag other who might want to embarrass themselves.
I don't find it embarrassing, instead I think it is fun. So I'm going to tag

1. Cool
2. Aleeya
3. Tatty
4. Kopi atau Milo
5. Rena
7. BB/Tulip

and last but not least, anybody who feel like to do this ok? I would love to peep into your handbags too!! :D

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hepi EidulAdha

Hi all!

I'm going back to Perak during this festive. This will be our first time in Perak after married weeeheeeeeee :D

Selamat hari raya haji to all. And selamat berkorban.

Oh ya, talking about this, masa kursus kahwin dulu ustaz tu pesan, ever month keep aside RM30 so by end of the year you will get RM300++ which will be enough for one portion of qurban. If the wife not working, the husband buat dulu tahun ni for himself, next year repeat the saving for the wife pulak. Bagus kan idea tu?

Ok la peeps, have fun and be safe whenever you are.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Meat Galore at Carnaval Churrascaria

I had another dinner session with MrComot's friend last weekend at a weird place named Carnaval Churrascaria, somewhere near to the dead Atria Mall in PJ.

It is a brazillian buffet style where all the meats are grilled and the waiter come to each table with knives and skewered meat and slice it for us.

The waiters (called Passadors) move very fast and swiftly. They don't even stop when I said 'Waittt!!! Pose for a while'. Gila keji okkkayy. Dah la my camera susah nak focus, because it is too dark for my lense (note: Need SLR!!!). But I understand that they need to move fast as the tables quite occupied that night. By the way, thanks for smiling ya Passadors!

So here some pics that I managed to snap.

Serving the group in front of our table

In action

Chicken gizzard

Caramelized pinapple

I tasted alllll of them (being gluttony) which includes roast beef, garlic beef, lamb shoulder, garlic lamb, chicken, chicken gizzard, chicken sausages, prawn, garlic bread and fish fillet.

The winner of my choice will be roast beef and pineappleeeeeeeeeee!!! Seriously sedap giler especially the roast beef! All the guys prefer lamb shoulder but I am no good with lamb la. I cepat pening kalau bau lamb hehehe.

The roast beef varies from medium well to medium rare and RARE!! *pening pening*

Depending on how deep the cut you get. Since it will be skewered and grilled as in a whole, you have to ask for the first cut to get the medium well (the outer side).

I got medium rare - erk!

Seriously, I won't eat medium rare okkk because I don't like something *bloody* but this time is exceptional. It tastes soooo gooood. Maybe because the passador cut it thinly for me, so it didn't taste that bloody and I don't become a vampire. (But I will prefer medium well anytime :P)

The pineapple also taste sooo gooood. I always avoid pineapple as my tounge really sensitive with it, it will gives me a tangy sensation and my tounge will feel numb afterwards. Btw, I managed to finish 2 slices of it that night. Not bad eyhh :D

Sauces given - mint and salsa and tobasco

Another plate of favourite, chicken sausages, prawn and garlic bread

The prawn also soooo goood, so fresh and only slightly grilled. The bread is warm and tasty, mcm ada sour cream sket.

The only thing I don't like will be, fish fillet!! *blueghhhh* Soooryyy, I don't like fish fillet yg rasa mcm tanah2 sket, like freshwater fish.

They also have 2 arrays of unlimited savoury dishes, pasta and salad bar.

I like the deep fried brinjal (aubergine) very very much

Salad bar

After all the meat stuffing and all, I decided to order camomile tea and they gave me this:

Twinings for RM7.90

Overall it is an interesting place for gathering provided the good services and nice food. Oh ya, it is RM48++ per pax and since it is a buffet, I think it's reasonably priced (considering the meats meats meats) unless you are a minimal eater.

The signage

This is the address (I forgot to snap the namecard though):

77 Jalan SS22/19
Damansara Jaya
Tel: 03-7725 2252
Opens daily for dinner (6pm-10.30pm)

Ps: Suddenly I feel like a cannibal :P

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

KLIA & Taman Botani Putrajaya

We went to KLIA last Saturday to send MrComot's mom, she's going to Egypt. On the way back, we decided to check out the parks at Putrajaya.

Below is some pictures taken during the journey (cewahh mcm jauh je kan :P)

Rainbow strays left behind - on the way to KLIA

Escort in KLIA. Giler murahhh okkk! Mcm tak logic je? Or there is a catch?

MrComot: Kalau mcm ni kita boleh la mintak derang escort, baru 25 ringgit. Boleh jadi glamer kejap siap ada org bawak senapang semua
Me: Hahaha ye lahh tu
MrComot: Pastu semua org staring at us mcm important person je
Me: Motiff you nak org tgk?

Haha merepek okkk

The schedule should be 1030 am so we start our journey around 715am. Unfortunately, flight was delayed for freaking 2 hours!! Penat okk bangun awal2 *nanges*

The sun already shining brightly by the time we were out from KLIA. So we headed straight to Taman Botani.

The signboard. Very easy to find.

The leafy tiles

A very tall tree with very huge leaf

I was scared of this tree, the leaf mcm bintik2 mcm kena penyakit.
Seriously it looks scarier in life.

Under the crawling flowers

Map of the area. It's pretty big and can take you up to a whole day to explore

We were in rush (I have to go for my friend's engagement) so we couldn't cover the park throughly. While walking in the park, we saw few people cycling in the park. Before going back, I asked the counter guy and according to him, we can rent the bycicle to use it in the park. I forgot the charges btw :( Is it RM3 per hour or RM3 per one time?

They also got cycle for two, you know the one with 2 handle and pengayuh tu. Couple bicycle. Something like that.

Couple walking with their bicycles

The makcik caught us snapping them hah

We definitely will come again, for the ride!!

I was thinking, exercise in greens. It sounds cool right (and poyo, but whateverlah haha)? :D

Ps: I ammm sooooo obsessed with mini dress with pocket now. Do you know where can I get one (MANYYYYY pleaseee)? The thing is, I found quite a lot but all of them come with very short sleeves (like baby tee). I can wear with inner (mcm ramai org pakai kan) BUTTTT I don't look good with 2 layers top :(

So, what I'm looking for now is, a mini dress with pocket and 3 quarters sleeve minima and yg paling penting CUTE!! Oh ya, I don't want tunic ok (I look like a preggy mommy in tunic). Kalau ada long sleeve will be better. So babes, if you jumpa any, tell me eh? Mwahhhhhss

See the pockett!!! I want to stuff my M&Ms lalalalala

Ok peeps. T0odles!