Monday, December 22, 2008

Table For Two

We are now officially have dining table!!!

After two months (getting to three hehe) eating on floor in front of TV, finally, we get ourselves a simple table for two!

Since there is only two of us, we plan to get a proper dining table (that can comfortably set for 6 person) later. Later as in wayyy LATER. Maybe 3 years in coming? It's because we don't have the luxury to keep a space for a dining table, just for the sake of having dining table. We already looking for some tables but none of them catch our heart. And we don't really need the table now as we don't have kids and I can't really see myself hosting a family dinner. Even if there is any dinners (or guests), dinner on floor it will be :P

So we settled for something very simple and basic specially for two of us and we call it collapsable table :D

It's from Ikea *again, no other easy place for us to find simple furniture ;(* and one thing I like about Ikea is they make the self-assembly, possible. The pre-drilled holes, the way you have to build it is easy peasy.

Screws and all

Drill the hole
MrComot said the concrete very tough and hurt his hand. Time like this, I thank God I am not a man hahaha

Attach it

Helo word!!

During the collapse mode ;P

It's very space savvy, as we just swing it up when we want to use it and fold it back to keep the space wider.

I also can use it as a place to prepare meals or all. Haha, ya lah tu. I think we will use this only for breakfast, and occasionally dinner. But this will be enough for now. Finally we have a proper seated place to eat.

And it gives a romantic illusion as it only fit for two person. I already picture (picture only ok haha) to cook something special for new year, maybe chicken cordon bleu with roast potatoes, setted beatifully on that table with few stalks of roses and floating candle.

What do you think?

Oh ya, dreaming is allowed in this blog. Buat tak buat belakang kira kan? Whatever it is, I think it is so romaaaaaannntic!


  1. ahaks..
    so comel ok. inspiraaaaaaasi sangat. noted!ngeh..ngeh..ngeh!!

    perghhh...chicken cordon bleu with roast potatoes tu...mantap!!

    clap..clap..for mrs.comot yang sangat inspirasi & ilusi (tapi me believe yg u leh buat punye benda alah tu *wink*)

  2. Table for 2 saja? @_@

    Bila nak buat dinner dgn kawan-kawan di rumah ni? ;)

  3. shani, me was about to ask her the same thing!!!

    anyway, me strongly think that it (as in makan2 dgn kawan2) is not gonna happen now. betul tak lalink???? :P

  4. Lalink, me willllll doooooo. MrComot said 2020 boleh? Haha

    Shani, dinner tu still on. But next year ok and atas lantai :P

    Bee, it's goinggg tooo happennn hahaha. Tunggu me master in my culinary art la :P