Friday, December 12, 2008

How do you eat your persimmon?

I just figured another way how to eat a persimmon!!

Pardon my ignorance, I always thought persimmon is a crunchy type fruit like apple and pear and there is no other way to have it beside the crunch. Since I don't really fancy apple and pear, persimmon become the least favorite too.

Not till one fine day, mom in law teach me how to eat a persimmon, her way. Hahaha TEACH okkk!!

Ok lah, I am just exaggerating. That day she offered me some persimmon in the fridge and I refused by saying I don't really fancy persimmon. Then she insisted and took out one for me, it was when I touched it and I almost screaming

"Haaaa apsal dia lembik? Boleh makan ke?"

Haha ok..I did say that but not screaming la. More like asking :P

So the rest is history hihihi

And now I'm showing you the new way I just discovered on eating a persimmon

At a normal rate, persimmon sold will be firm and hard. Hard enough for you to squeeze and not leaving any mark.

Lembik on the left and new one on the right

So you have to keep it outside until it is fully ripen. My persimmon took 3 weeks to achieve the 'lembikness' that I wanted. One tip to remember, don't worry if you persimmon looks rotten as it is actually not. Only the skin getting darker and paler but inside is eatable. Once it is soft (lembik to be exact) keep it in the fridge and it can last for another week.

Chop off the head

And dig in!

Till it's cleaned

The skin is edible too I think, but I didn't dare to take the risk :P

And it is serioussslyyyy sangat sedappp!! It is sweet and soft and runny with some bits of crunchy fibre and COLD! This will be my ultimate way of eating a persimmon. No more cut it like apples after this.

Hmm thinking about this, I have one in my fridge ready to be eaten tonite :D



  1. pernah mkn yg dried? pon bleh thn... tp nam dia in malay buruk ahhh... pisangggg KAKI!!! ahahaha

  2. tadi dok pikir2 jugak apakebende tu....tgk comment diatas....baru tau...

  3. hehehheh pisang kaki... tak pernah makan seumur hidup pun... sedih kan?

    cara makan ni sungguh besh, mcm makan kiwi, which i'm alergik to.. demmm!

  4. Owh,me prefer the persimmon to be crunchy and sweet.

    Me xsuka bile dia lembik,tatau nape.hihi. Dulu my arwah Tok like it soft and chewy, sebab dia xde gigi.hehe.

  5. hahha aan kita pon makan cam aan..then tak suka..erkk pas ni nak try makan lagu tu le plak..

    lorrr lembik ke benornya..hik

  6. hahha aan kita pon makan cam aan..then tak suka..erkk pas ni nak try makan lagu tu le plak..

    lorrr lembik ke benornya..hik

  7. Karlbum, tak pernah makan yg dried lagi, susah nak jumpa la, kecuali pegi kedai nuts kan? Mmg nama Malay dia pelik, pisang kaki. Tang mana pisang pun tatau hehe

    BB, tu la..lupa nak mention haha. But this fruit mmg tak common sgt in our culture I guess. We are prone to real pisang ;)

    Tatty, try la makan yg ni, tak allergic kut. Ehhh seriously 1st time dengar org allergic to kiwi? Apa jadi kalau makan?

    DD, haha yg lembik tu mmg lembik betul, takyah kunyah sgt. It's hard to find yg crunchy but betul2 sweet kan.

    Cool, time pegang macam lembik sgt, tapi masa masuk mulut dia ok hehehe, sebab dia ada serat2 tu kan

  8. aan.. kalau me makan, lidah rasa kebas... mula-mula makan rasa mcm lidas... mcm lepas makan nenas.. lepas tu.. huwaaaaaaa kebas sih! hahahha... sedih sgt-sgt...

  9. Haha serious lidas? Kelakar first time me dengar. Anyway maybe sbb dia acidic kut. Me tak boleh makan nenas, rasa lidas tu la.