Friday, December 19, 2008

When you don't know what to have for dinner

When we don't know what to have for dinner, and tired of eating outside, and want to have quite dinner (tv is acceptable :P), and shut ourselves from everybody, we have this!

Simple dinner in the bedroom, in front of TV

Maggi curry will do! :D
With extra cheese sausages, egg, and chilli padi!

I can't say this is our ultimate dinner, but it is one of the best ;)


  1. oit, tak healthy ni. tader sayur :P

    tp mmg tangkap leleh wo layan megi kari depan tv...

  2. lalink..
    terima kasih kerana memberi panduan rumahtangga yang comel sprti ini.
    sudah semestinya daku akan menuruti jejak langkahmu


  3. me wonder how YB deal dgn u & ur blog ni. dah la he's not allowed here pastu u snap2 picture segala masuk blog. dia tak curious ke apa u buat lalink? amazing ok..hahahah!

  4. Tatty, mmg lelehhhh, abes kuah2 semua. Sayur takde hahaha halal lah

    Along, bermalas-malasan mmg comel, tapi kalau tiba2 me bake molten choc cake ke, lagi comel kan :P

    Lalink, ikut lah sangat, nasik goreng ketam pun u buat, maggi ni mesti event setahun sekali :P

    Bee, the key word is communication haha. Even though he's not allowed we talk about it most of the day la (kecuali entry2 me marah dia, me rahsia2 jugak). All the pics ada yg pelik ke? semua biasa2 je. Kalau involve my pic and his, me will ask 1st ok ke tak post :P

  5. wah...sedap tu..em ni jela masakan yg maria paling terror..hahah...jamu hubby dgn ni jela nnt..hehe..

  6. Girlfriend, heed my advice.

    A way to a husband's heart is through his stomach.

    Your husband seriously doesn't mind you preparing him all those junk foods?

  7. Maria, haha kita belajar slow2 la

    Asroll, only husband like u mcm tu kan? Obviously a husband's heart is thru his stomach but still that doesnt entitle me to be his slave. Maybe you don't know that we cook together even though only Maggi mee (talk about being in love dude).

    Anyway, just for the sake of argument, I think you need a maid instead a wife LOL.