Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Anniversary Gift

Remember this entry when I said I'm in the middle of doing something for MrComot? Yeah, finally I finished the anniversary gift, after 2 months! Hehe.

I gave MrComot APRON!!!!

Haha I is soo..what? Apron? Well, he loves the kitchen, and he uses it more than me! Even not for cooking, it's a place where he wash all the milk bottles and breastpump every night and readied Zahra's milk every morning. So I think he need a special apron from me.

My original plan was to sew the apron by myself but it spells I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E right?

So this is what I did..

Bought these two plain aprons from Robinsons. One in creamy white, one in olive green. It's 100% thick cotton with the professional-boring design. Haha. I wish I can find ruffled or runched or something like that, but I really don't know where to buy such apron.

Went to Central Market to get it stitched. Boy..this is tricky because the last time I went there was like, yearrrsss ago! I vaguely remember that there is embroidery shop inside on the top floor but I'm not sure if it's still there, so I just pulling my leg and drove to CM. Guess what, the shop is no more there that I feel like crying, but I took my deep breath and asked one of the guy at the information counter;

Me: Abang, ada kedai sulam-sulam tak kat sini? Yang sulam ngan machine tu?
CM Guy: Ada banyaaakkkkkkk
Me: Kat mana? Kat mana? ---> widely grin, so excited already
CM Guy: You pegi kiri, jalan straightttt je sampai hujung, sana ada banyak

Ok, so that's where the shops, in case you are interested. The moment you enter CM, it's on your left (the Little India place), go inside and walk straight the alley until end.

Another tricky thing is, it's hard for me to settle all this thing - go buy apron, go to CM, etc because he always with me. Coincidently, MrComot had to be in Menara for the whole month and I get the car during the lunch time. So gigih I pegi sorang2 ni, secretly :D

And the funny thing is, the day I went to CM, he asked me, where I had my lunch and me being me, a terrible liar so I just told him in CM and he gave me this serious question 'Why you went to CM? With who?'. OMG..I really tak pandai tipu la. When I said alone lagi la dia freaking out because CM is not safe to him and me going there alone just for lunch, is dangerous and...FISHY. I really don't know how to tackle the situation so I just giggles2 and drop it haha. Hari-hari lain tak tanya pulak. Adoi..

Stitching in the shop. They charge per alphabet. You get to choose the font, the color and the size.

For the second apron, I use iron-on-transfer technique -- cewahhhhh technique ok haha. At first, I plan to self embroidery or stitch it with felt, but I am too lazy like that. So I just get this printed out and iron on the apron. Oh ya, I didn't have any iron-on-transfer paper nor a printer so I request Anasfadilah do it for me. Email her the design, she prints it, send to me via pos express and voila! I ironed it on the apron. The power of internet. You can get almost everything even if you don't have the tools hehe.

So here is my hubby with his pressies ;)



The gold thread look nicer upclose but I think darker color thread will highlight the wording more.

And I include this little handmade card for him. I always make him cards those days, zaman-zaman bercinta, but it's hard to squeeze the time for this type of affection now.

And that's my hubby to me! My love for you grows deeper and stronger each day! Happy 2nd anniversary, baby!

Oh ya..but I still tak dapat my anniversary pressie! I know my apron is nothing, but I keep on pestering him to give me something! Haha bad wifey.

I keep on teasing him,

'Eeeeii ada orang ada apron...kesiannya me takde hadiahhhhhhhh'

Ha ha ha. I am keji like that.

Anyway, he said he already have something for me, but in order to get that, I have to gain weight! I was like..whattttt... Ok for the record, I am tooooo thin now that I look like a sick woman and I DO want to gain some weight. I AM! But it takes a lot of effort and time. Breastfeeding is really burning all the food I am taking.

I want to pile some meat but can I have the present firssssssttttttttttt??? Pweaaaseee pweeettyyy pweaaseeeeeee

And since you have new apron, maybe you can whip out something special for me this weekend ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Workaholic Mommy Pt II

The upgrade work didn't finished last night, so I have to continue it today. Went back home around 5AM and found my little one soundly asleep with puffy eyes :(

Kesian Zahra, she woke up around 12AM and looking for her mommy, and cry while scratching her face when I am no in her sight. According to MrComot, she kept on crying and will only stop for like 5 mins when distracted by MrComot. He tried to give bottle, Zahra tepis and cry cry cry. Read her favourite book, Poppy Cat, calmed for a while and then back crying. And then sleep for 5mins, and the woke up and cry again. Play with her, watch TV with her, carry her for like..forever, semua tanak. We also tried with the pacifier, she throws it and now I don't know where is it. All in all, she finally fell asleep around 330AM! Boleh tahan degil budak ni ish ish..

My original plan was to book off today and spent the day sleeping with Zahra Elena, to cover up her misery last night, but I really have to finish this, so I sent her to babysitter :(

Sorry yer sayang, mommy feel soooo bad for dragging you into this, but mommy hope you are well rested and happy today k?

Hmm what to do, a job is a job. Family will always come first but am trying to squeeze everything now. Once I finish everything this year, I can welcome 2011 with arms wide open. And we have a vacation to Langkawi waiting for us in January!! Already booked the flight and hotel yeay! :D

Monday, December 20, 2010

Workaholic Mommy

Guess what?

I am in the office!!! At 11:08 PM!!! Til..hmmm next morning ;(

I have this upgrading servers thingy and this is my first time involved in night work after gave birth and this also means it is the first time Zahra Elena going to sleep without me, which makes me worrying like hell. She always wakes up in the middle of the night, looking for mommy (or milk to be exact) and loves to sleep with her head on my body. So I wonder how it's gonna be tonight? Hopefully MrComot manage to take care of her. Of course he can, but what if she refused to go back to sleep once she woke up and cry cry cry looking for her mummy?

Hope she's alright, and so my husband. I'm worried for him too.. hopefully he can get a good sleep as well as he has to be in Cyberjaya tomorrow for stress test. It's going to be a tough day for him.

Sleep well my princess, jangan kacau daddy sangat ok. Mummy trying my best here to settle everything as fast as I can.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Grainy Porridge for Big Princess

I am a bit free today, hence the double updates hehehe.

Life kinda plain lately, no interesting story and still revolves around that budak kecik. This is another boring story about Zahra's food, but heck, I already snapped the pic, so here it is.

Since I was on leave last week, I managed to prepare big sum of food stock - yeah..still giving her frozen food, but hey, do you know that frozen food is still the second best after fresh one? Haha.. mommy being defensive here.

By the way, here it is..

1 - porridge with beef and ginger
2 - porridge with chicken, garlic and carrot
3 - apple + avocado puree
4 - cavendish banana + pear puree

It looks a lot but when I counted, it can last Zahra for 2 weeks only *cried*. It's her lunch and tea time at babysitter's place. I gave her fresh meal for dinner, depending on what my MIL cooks :P

Oh ya, she's a big girl now that doesn't want her porridge to be pureed anymore. She loves the grainy texture, so I made the porridge with minced meat/chicken, and diced the carrot MANUALLY! Things mommy does for you sayang! Haha..susah oke..nak dice kecik2. I also didn't pureed the rice but cook it a bit longer as she takde gigi pun! Tapi tanak makan lembik2.

While we are at food topic, I found this article on why baby don't need extra salt. Baby at age below 12months get complete salt from our breastmilk, and consuming too much salt from young can lead to high blood pressure when they are older. Interesting right? Maybe this explains why HBP is quite popular in our young generations lately? Not to mention the McD and KFC ;P What can we say, life on the go, I have it like at least once in 2 weeks, and sometimes few times in a week if my MIL doesn't cook.

On the other story, Zahra loves fridge very much. She will crawl mcm lipas kudung whenever I open the fridge, leaving whatever thing or mood she's having. Tengah menangis2 pun boleh stop and terus come to the icebox when I open it. And so this is officially another trick when we want her to sit still or stopping her from climbing our legs while we are in the kitchen ;)

Biggest SCAM

If you guys have some free time, read this

I went, oh-my-God... the biggest scam ever!

I don't have anything against MLM because to me it's ur choice to make the business, but SCAMMED MLM? What shitload.

Faked Dr and Prof, fake degree website, ok boleh terima lagi, and fake holy Quranic verse's quoted? OMG..keji keji keji!!

Read it, it's worth your time. Shows what's going on in our country and how far our people willing to strike to get what they want.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Inside Mommy's Bag?

I was busy packing my bag when we want to go out last weekend and finished doing it within 5 mins! It made me realize how efficient I become lately where I used to take almost 1 hour to get everything ready. Not that it's hard but it's more like, "ok, what I need to bring? What if Zahra need this, need that", packed and ran back into the house, "oh shit, I forgot the wipe cloth". It took so much effort and time consuming that MrComot used to tell me to pack it overnight whenever we plan to go out. Macam nak balik kampung!

Anyway, I was in my jolly mood and decided to snap everything because the little one grow up so fast and the bag's content might change in the future, so let's take a peek on what I bring whenever we are out together.

The only big bag I have, it's a diaper bag from Gin&Jacqie which I bought in 2009, comes with tempat salin diaper and have a lot of compartments with keys hooks. Quite practical but not for me as I am the campak-campak type hehehe. Anyway it's big enough that can stuff almost everything and very lightweight as well.

What's inside. Toys of the day, my wallet, camera I'm using, dispo diaper, prayer cloth (one good thing of having big bag if you can stuff this, else I won't bring it and use the wakaf one, but you know lah the shared one, they tend to be dirty and smelly sometimes), one romper, blanket, and not in the picture because I put them on the side pocket, forgot to take out - the wipe cloth and wet wipes. Semuaaa barang tottila! No more mommy stuff. Only wallet, sangat stylo hehe. Sometimes I might bring a lipbalm and face powder, depends on my what am I thinking that day, it doesn't really matter. And also nursing cover, but most of the time I nurse her in the nursing room. Dia tak suka that NC!

And this is the utmost important thing, her food! It was boiled soft tofu and some finger biscuits that day. Angry baby is hungry baby right? We can at least have our lunch/dinner in peace if she gets to much something.

Talking about bag, there is one day I was feeling all pretty and stylish decided to carry small handbag, so I brought two bags, one is like the above, full of her stuff and the other one, with my stuff..but you know what, the moment I stepped out, it feels so wrong, I mean, it'll be so much hassle for me to bring two bags at a time, even though I can sangkut the big bag on the stroller. Ughhhh..being stylish is so not me! But sometimes I want to become one! Hmm what a complicated situation.

So how about you mommies? What do you stuff in your handbag? Or how do you carry your bag? Is it still YOU or your baby?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My 11-months Pusher

We never bought Zahra Elena any toys because she got quite a handful during the majlis doa selamat and she is more interested with hangers, peg cloth, pot and pan and whatever we are holding.

And after 11 months, Zahra got a proper toys from us! Hehehe. Bought this pusher from a warehouse sale in Jalan Tandang. Actually takde plan nak beli but since we go there all the way and not many options of toys on sale, we just grab this as it is at 50% discount. But I don't know whether it is worth buying or not as we didn't know the standard price as well, but oh well..takpe's more like impulse buying, and thank God she loves it!

Not only loved by Zahra, the daddy is super excited as well!

Me being me couldn't care less about the blocks and said, 'why don't you just dump everything inside because somehow Zahra will campak-campak jugak, bukannya dia tahu susun lagi' and MrComot said, 'biarla me nak buat! Zahra suka nanti cantik2'. Haha..what a grown up baby.

She loves to push it

And play with the wooden blocks

The first time she pushed it, it was a bit awkward and she walks like an old lady, terbongkok-bongkok and after few times, giler laju..siap lari hahaha. Anyway the only draw back is, this little thing just do straight line, so mcm tak best, Zahra can't turn it when it comes to corners..when it reaches dead end, she will stop and find another thing to play.

On the other note, our little princess turns 11-months few days ago! How fast time flies! I still feel exhausted and worn from the life-changing-event, being a mom, and now look, it almost been a year!

Her skill is pretty much the same. Still can't walk, crawl like a pro and teeth remained at bottom two! It's so funny to see the almost fully grown teeth and no other tooth peeking out. Oh ya, she just found out that she can tip-toed, which she loves so much and I always find her tip-toeing whenever she stands.

Happy 11 months sayang! Another month for you to become a toddler! But I always see you like a little baby. Mommy lovessss you so mucho mucho mucho much!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another hair clip and another clingy day

Still on leave today. The house is such a mess, Zahra punya pasal. She's being her usual self, so clingy and cranky. What frustrates me is, I don't know why and how to tackle it. I can't do anything or she will cry and cry and cry. All she wants me to do is, do nothing. The moment I just lie on the bed doing nothing, she will start playing by herself, crawling la, climbing la, playing with the toys and stuff. She doesn't mind if I don't play with her, only need to be with her and don't do anything. But once I berdiri or buat kerja, she will cry sampai la I pick her up. Such a complicated kiddo.

Anyway, just a quick entry because she fell asleep *finally* and Cik Kopi misses her so much, so this gonna be entry full of her pics ;)

I made her another hairclip last two weeks, with Halloween theme in mind when I found this pretty bright orange with black stitches ribbon in my stash.

I owe Lalink Khairiah on tutorial how to make the clip. There are many versions online but I'll try to make one on how I do it, when I have ample time to snap pics, edit and all. It's pretty easy by the way.

Ok, gotta have my shower while I still can! :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Domestic Goddess failed

Laundry at 3pm

I am on leave today because Zahra's babysitter is having vacation. But only me taking the leave as MrComot is super duper busy, he has to work like usual. And being at home with demanding growing up baby with no hubby, is no fun I tell ya.

Alamak Zahra dah bising..I sambung later.



Zahra is super duper clingy. She's all fine if I just lie down doing nothing and she will play with all the toys, but she willl be extremely bising and cry and panjat both my legs if I standing in the kitchen or at the PC. Baby..mommy still has to cook, if not for me, at least for you *sigh*. I can't attend you all the time.

Anyway I am on leave for the week actually. And my mission to be DG masih samar2 haha. I managed to have my shower at 8PM! It is when MrComot reached home and can lookout for Zahra. And obviously I didn't cook for dinner. Anyway practices will make perfect. I didn't do anything on the 1st day, on the 2nd day managed to do laundry at 3PM and today, laundry is a bit early *ahem* at 11AM! Hehehe. And maybe I manage to iron some clothes later, or bake choc cake --> hahaha ok that's a bit too ambitious.

Again, Zahra dah crying and climbing my leg. Gotta go!

Monday, December 6, 2010

The Sweet Smelling Tofu

I just introduced Zahra to tofu around last month and it has become her most favourite ever since. I'm not quite sure why she loves it so much because I serve it plain, just boil the tofu and mash it with fork and she will gobble it happily. Must be the sweet nutty smell that arouse her appetite.

Tofu with papaya before mashed. I had to eat papaya as she wants only plain tofu! Tried to mix it with other fruits before but she doesn't like it.

I bought the organic tofu from Tesco, the small pack can serve 4 meal for her. The portion is quite big but she still can finish it to the last bit. I normally give tofu for dinner or snack time during weekend.

Staring at her food happily. No, I won't let her eat by herself, because I am lazy to clean the mess after that.

I also introduced Zahra Elena to some finger food - to keep her sit still in the stroller and it works! I gave her weetameal for last weekend but it's not a proper baby food, with the excessive sugar and whatnot, so we decided to buy her some on the rack finger food.
Heinz biscotti. Just tried the plain one and she walloped it in jiffy!

Anyway, just browsing today and found that the biscotti is high in sugar! Maybe I just can bake some, instead of the instant one. Hmm we'll see lah tahap kerajinan mommy ;P

Friday, December 3, 2010

What a mommy to you..

This blog has becoming to Zahra's. Most of the entry is about her. I tried to write about something else and sorting my camera for stories, but again she took all the space in the memory card. I hardly take any picture of my and MrComot, or other thing lately.

This is her this morning, on the way to work. Rubbing her head because she was angry that I didn't play with her hehe

And that's what a mommy to you..gamba garu kepala pun excited nak amik ;)

Happy weekend everyone, hope you have a good one!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pokok Kelapa

Zahra Elena just found out new skill - peel out her ABC mat! It's so funny to watch her quietly gigih mengorek the ABC and I was amazed when she managed to dig out one block for the first time.

This is the second time she did it yesterday.

And it's even funnier when she 'savoring' her success by munching the foam, literally. The saliva is all over it! And she seems to enjoy it very much.

I know this isn't her best picture but I love it to the max, because her hair is like pokok kelapa! Hahaha. So funny. She totally looks like a boy, eh?
Edited: Kata-kata ibu adalah doa so mommy won't say you look like a boy anymore after this ok? In fact, Zahra look so kawai!!! ;) And please ikut cakap mommy ok! Haha..