Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What's Inside Mommy's Bag?

I was busy packing my bag when we want to go out last weekend and finished doing it within 5 mins! It made me realize how efficient I become lately where I used to take almost 1 hour to get everything ready. Not that it's hard but it's more like, "ok, what I need to bring? What if Zahra need this, need that", packed and ran back into the house, "oh shit, I forgot the wipe cloth". It took so much effort and time consuming that MrComot used to tell me to pack it overnight whenever we plan to go out. Macam nak balik kampung!

Anyway, I was in my jolly mood and decided to snap everything because the little one grow up so fast and the bag's content might change in the future, so let's take a peek on what I bring whenever we are out together.

The only big bag I have, it's a diaper bag from Gin&Jacqie which I bought in 2009, comes with tempat salin diaper and have a lot of compartments with keys hooks. Quite practical but not for me as I am the campak-campak type hehehe. Anyway it's big enough that can stuff almost everything and very lightweight as well.

What's inside. Toys of the day, my wallet, camera I'm using, dispo diaper, prayer cloth (one good thing of having big bag if you can stuff this, else I won't bring it and use the wakaf one, but you know lah the shared one, they tend to be dirty and smelly sometimes), one romper, blanket, and not in the picture because I put them on the side pocket, forgot to take out - the wipe cloth and wet wipes. Semuaaa barang tottila! No more mommy stuff. Only wallet, sangat stylo hehe. Sometimes I might bring a lipbalm and face powder, depends on my what am I thinking that day, it doesn't really matter. And also nursing cover, but most of the time I nurse her in the nursing room. Dia tak suka that NC!

And this is the utmost important thing, her food! It was boiled soft tofu and some finger biscuits that day. Angry baby is hungry baby right? We can at least have our lunch/dinner in peace if she gets to much something.

Talking about bag, there is one day I was feeling all pretty and stylish decided to carry small handbag, so I brought two bags, one is like the above, full of her stuff and the other one, with my stuff..but you know what, the moment I stepped out, it feels so wrong, I mean, it'll be so much hassle for me to bring two bags at a time, even though I can sangkut the big bag on the stroller. Ughhhh..being stylish is so not me! But sometimes I want to become one! Hmm what a complicated situation.

So how about you mommies? What do you stuff in your handbag? Or how do you carry your bag? Is it still YOU or your baby?


  1. handbag maria dah jadi beg dlm tu sumer brg2 thing?mmg takda..

  2. baby mmg tak suke tutup2 ni. kalau boleh nak bare our chest kan? geram kdg2, takde nak cover2.. i takde nc, slalu tutup ngan tudung je. itupun dia lemas!

    usually i kuar bawa 2 bag, 1 bag mmg simpan segala bagai.. but leave it in the car. yg i bawak with me 1 diaper je dlm my handbag/slingbag.
    kalau baju dia kotor, i tukar dlm kereta later.
    mak pemalas ni.. hehehe

  3. m@ri@,
    Tu la..mmg comot, dah takde mekap, perfume bagai hehe

    Haaa Zahra suka betul buka tutup mcm tu la! Bila pakai nc tu dia ingat kita nak main cak cak ngan dia. Eeeii geram betul. Lagi nampak our boobies ada la! Dah la me beli mahal2 the nc hahaha. Kalau tau mmg tak beli

  4. what handbag? handbagak ada la.. ahahah.. since mommy faheem still choose stylish aka dun wan to give up my handbag.. end up baby/diaper bag tu guna bila pegi nursery je.. outing mmg handbagak with all his stuff in it.. i punya brg just hp n purse.. another thing bcoz i can shop new bag dgn alasan.. "handbag saya yg dulu seme kecik2, x muat brg2 faheem.. kene beli handbag besar2"

    i've tried carrying 2 bags (handbag + diaper/baby bag), but it is too complicated for me.. coz my hubby is always not around.. so nak punggah memunggah stroller with 2 bags in hand is really really super duper serabut

  5. Ita,
    Yup! 2 bags is too complicated to me! Maybe I should scout for some new big handbag too! Good idea! ^_^