Friday, December 3, 2010

What a mommy to you..

This blog has becoming to Zahra's. Most of the entry is about her. I tried to write about something else and sorting my camera for stories, but again she took all the space in the memory card. I hardly take any picture of my and MrComot, or other thing lately.

This is her this morning, on the way to work. Rubbing her head because she was angry that I didn't play with her hehe

And that's what a mommy to you..gamba garu kepala pun excited nak amik ;)

Happy weekend everyone, hope you have a good one!


  1. ape boleh buat, mmg tgn akn automatic flash amik gmbr diorg. owh ape yg diorg buat sumenye comel, korek idung pun nmpk sgt comel. tgk2 memory dah full, nk delete syg.

    i loves reading about zahra, seronok baca evry lil thgs bout her. and bout your life too. please continue writing please...

    and zahra is so kawaiii no doubt bout dat =D loves her eyes, loves her smile, sungguh comel sungguh =)

  2. Ain, betul tu penuh je gamba derang and kentut pun rasa comel can? Cuba kita yg kentut mcm tu, mesti kena halau kuar bilik hehehe

  3. ha ahla, sume mendela yg diorg wat sgtla comel. burp pun comel, bersin pun comel, kentut pun comel jugak.

    semua kecomelan ini tidak tertakluk kepada mak2 budak comel ni yea. so klu nak buat sesuatu yg kurang comel, silala keluar bilik dgn kadar yg segera =p