Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Workaholic Mommy Pt II

The upgrade work didn't finished last night, so I have to continue it today. Went back home around 5AM and found my little one soundly asleep with puffy eyes :(

Kesian Zahra, she woke up around 12AM and looking for her mommy, and cry while scratching her face when I am no in her sight. According to MrComot, she kept on crying and will only stop for like 5 mins when distracted by MrComot. He tried to give bottle, Zahra tepis and cry cry cry. Read her favourite book, Poppy Cat, calmed for a while and then back crying. And then sleep for 5mins, and the woke up and cry again. Play with her, watch TV with her, carry her for like..forever, semua tanak. We also tried with the pacifier, she throws it and now I don't know where is it. All in all, she finally fell asleep around 330AM! Boleh tahan degil budak ni ish ish..

My original plan was to book off today and spent the day sleeping with Zahra Elena, to cover up her misery last night, but I really have to finish this, so I sent her to babysitter :(

Sorry yer sayang, mommy feel soooo bad for dragging you into this, but mommy hope you are well rested and happy today k?

Hmm what to do, a job is a job. Family will always come first but am trying to squeeze everything now. Once I finish everything this year, I can welcome 2011 with arms wide open. And we have a vacation to Langkawi waiting for us in January!! Already booked the flight and hotel yeay! :D


  1. Salam,

    Me cadang, bila kena kerja di odd hour (tapi nauzubillah u kena lagi) bawa sorang or dua orang dok rumah. so ramai bleh alih perhatian dia...

    apa-apa pun kesian Zahra missing her mummy...

  2. ala kesianya die..tunggu mummy die

  3. Salam,

    anda ditag... sila ke blog saya. buatlah if rajin :P

  4. Tatty,
    Good idea! At least ada helping hands kan. And kebetulan masa me pegi tu my MIL pun takde, dia pegi vacation ;(

    Tu la..tak pernah berpisah. Maybe me kena teach her sikit2. But me don't wannnttt..me wanntt berkepit with her too :(