Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pokok Kelapa

Zahra Elena just found out new skill - peel out her ABC mat! It's so funny to watch her quietly gigih mengorek the ABC and I was amazed when she managed to dig out one block for the first time.

This is the second time she did it yesterday.

And it's even funnier when she 'savoring' her success by munching the foam, literally. The saliva is all over it! And she seems to enjoy it very much.

I know this isn't her best picture but I love it to the max, because her hair is like pokok kelapa! Hahaha. So funny. She totally looks like a boy, eh?
Edited: Kata-kata ibu adalah doa so mommy won't say you look like a boy anymore after this ok? In fact, Zahra look so kawai!!! ;) And please ikut cakap mommy ok! Haha..


  1. Salam,

    Apa la mummy asyik kata macam boy, macam boy...
    kata-kata ibu adalah sebuah doa :P

  2. Alamak Tatty, ya lahh...but seriously mcm boy haha. Ok me kena start cakap lain lepas ni. Thankie! :D

  3. alalaa...suke..comeell sgtt..

    mana ada mcm boy..mommy ni mata kena tambah power lens ni.

    kan cute zahra gitu, macam elena crite zorro tu. dgn bulu mata lentik, pipi tembam, mungil je..ihiks

  4. Ain Alida,
    Hehe..mesti la kawaiii (and so ur son!) :D

    Mommy ni mmg rabun la ish ish. Hehe auntie Zach pun kawaii jugak ;)

  5. tu la~ mata mummy tu kena tambah power ahahaha...

    and mana lah Zahra nak faham cakap mummy, Zahra kan baby lagi. Lawak la mummy ni ahahaha...

  6. Salam,

    Yeah! camtu la Mummy!
    Zahra akan membesar menjadi anak yang senantiasa mendoakan kesejahteraan ibu bapanya, amin~