Tuesday, November 30, 2010

When you don't cook that much..

Rummaging my fridge last week because we bought a new fridge *ahem* to store my extra EBM and found this -->

A pack of yellow onion turning into spring onion!

I should have plant them so I can get the real spring onion

This just show how long I didn't cook. Or didn't bother to clean my fridge. Now come to think about it I wonder how many months it has been. Hmmm..

Not only that, we also found unopened pack of soft Milo expired in 2009! Such a waste!

This is not our first time having a sprouting onion like that, but throwing away dry food  is unacceptable! I have to check all the cupboards in my kitchen this week.


  1. Feeling amaze!
    Boleh pulak bawang tu tumbuh sepanjang tu dan tak busuk. Dah boleh buat masak dah jadi spring onion.

  2. Yup..mengagumkan haha. But tak boleh pakai kut spring onion ni..dia macam lain sikit. Kalau yg tanam tu ok

  3. samalah kita aan..dah lama tak masak..habis kena buang je..bazirkan..huhu..