Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm on unlimited 3G!

Before I continue my rambling, just another rambling here. I decided to put watermark in all my pictures tomorrow because I feel some sense of ownership and will be pissed if somebody copy it without any credit. And today I changed my mind. Watermarking is so time-consuming and hell, suka hati lah siapa nak amik gamba tu! As long as I know what is mine, it's fair enough ehehe. I take pride in pictures I took, so sometimes I think I need the watermark, but sometimes I feel it ruined the pictures. Hmm so indecisive.

Anyway, MrComot and I went to Blue Cube PJ in PJ Oldtown to change my account from ala carte 3G to unlimited data plan. We went there because few of my colleague told me they are fast with no-fuss. I don't have to do extra work (staff verification and such), just show the passcard and I am entitled to the package.

What I want to shout here is, Blue Cube PJ is rocks! OMG, they are super fast and easy and attentive that stunned me right on the dot. I also caught by their latest ticketing system (or maybe it has been long there but I never knew about it). We were welcomed by this GIANT phone-like screen where you have to enter your mobile number and enter and then a numbering ticket will come out and wait for it to be called. It is A-W-E-S-O-M-E! You don't have to tell the counter girl anymore what's ur number and any details because they already got it the moment you enter it for the ticket. I wish I take a picture of this giant phone but I was too stunned and it shying me away from taking out my camera. And the counter also very fast. I fill up one form and she enter it in the PC and done! The total experience was like 2 minutes! *pengsan*

Since we finished everything early, MrComot brought me to A&W PJ - OMG bring so much memory. Ni la tempat2 lepak zaman2 bujang sebab 24hours kan hehehe. Last time I was there was like, 2 years back? This short break really excites me because we hardly enjoy outside food like this nowadays but guess what? He keep on receives lotsa calls that day, orang tanya itu lah ini lah. It's lunch hour people!!! Can't you call my husband on working hours if it's about work? I'm pissed because it's spoiling his mood. He feels bad whenever he can't attend the work immediately or problem arising. But hey, we have problem all the time ok! --> ok this one I marah my hubby, but as if he reads this blog haha.

Nevermind, so this is what we had!

I am so craved with the float and the gluttonous in me whisper right to my brain that it's not enough!

Hence we tapau-ed another double scoop float for me.

And leave me this feeling - ewwwww so manis macam minum air gula kelapa! Haha. No more float for me after this.

Oh ya, another reason for me to subscribe for unlimited data is because this Whatsapp keep on connecting my 3G even after I force the setting to connect on WIFI only. I already uninstall it because it bugs me. And now I am riding on unlimited 3G babes! So whatsapp is back in town!

The first person to beep me the moment I installed it is MrComot! It is like less than 1 sec after it runs, so fast pakcik tu!

So now I can do more thing with my phone - unlimited browsing, youtubing, etc etc etc. Anywhere anytime! Only thing is, hopefully Celcom can jaga their network well. No drop and reasonably fast will be good enough for me hehe.

What is a smart phone to you if without internet connection, right? ;)


  1. hellooo
    unlimited plan tu berapa monthly?
    i use celcom broadband tapi tak best line dia kat my area ni..
    i malas nak google cari berapa rate unlimited plan tu.n yes,you re definitely right,apalah maknanya smartphone without internet conncetion

  2. Hi Niko, I am under staff package so it's RM50 per month. Kalau tak salah I for non-staff the same package is RM68.

    Kalau line dia tak elok maybe u can try other provider? But it still depends on which area you are most of the time. So far Celcom is fine with me ;)

  3. wow still pakai hp basic..haha..