Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Entering Crafty Zone

Remember about this phase where I bought lots lots lots of craft stuff and make nothing out of it. Guess what, the phase ain't over!!

I still buy little bit of art material online *sigh*.

I stop buying cotton fabric anyway because that will be..too..obvious. And I don't like it when MrComot will question me with "when are you going to make something". This little little thing that I bought is a bit secretive because they came in small package, just because they are small hehehe. Normally I will tell about all my online purchase before I pay (most of it because I don't have maybank2u and ask MrComot to pay for it hehe) but there are a few occasions where the supplier accept cimbclicks and that's when I'll click without telling him.

And he caught me doing it yesterday!

I found something I want very bad (but don't know when going to use it) online and click click click immediately buying it. Then the seller email me to inform the total bill and I opened the email and then went to the toilet for a while and left the email open. That's when MrComot came to my desk place and saw the email and gave me this big grin asking;

"what do you buy this time?"

Ughhhhh!! I was flushed to the max! And being me, I keep on justifying my purchase to him. Not that he gets angry with it,in fact he just laughing with my reaction. It's just... I can't believe it, what's wrong with me! Beli beli beli tapi tak buat apa-apa hahaha.

Anyway finally I made something with small part of my purchase. I made hairclips! For Zahra to be exact!

Since I am a first timer, this quite hard for me actually. I am no expert in handling the glue gun and it's all messy and sticky! And I think I bought the wrong size ribbon (which made me thinking I gotta buy new ribbon! haha!). The end product is not really satisfying but I believe in practice makes perfect!

Tried to snap few pictures Zahra wearing it but she refused to sit still hence the shaky pictures.

And gave me this big yawn "cepat lah mommy, bosannya kena amik gamba banyak kali!"

I also made adult version using felt and blanket stitch - OMG I am all crafty suddenly haha. I made a rose with big leaves and think it's not that cantik because MrComot cakap "OK" when I asked how is it. OK only? :(

Tak suka!

I forced him to model it for me ;)

So what do you think of my roses and the kiddie clips? Well, it's not big but definitely a good start, don't you think so? ;)

Gotta make other stuff pulak because there are so many thing I want to buy!! Hehehe


  1. Salam,

    me sampai sekarang tak reti-reti nak buat rose tu. benci ah ding dong~

  2. lalink...please buat yang ala2 bentuk ribbon coz i need it badly to clip at my tudung. like the picca i post in FB ;p

  3. comelnya mr comot kena paksa pakai clip rambut..hehe..em good start aan..nnt leh continue lagi..;)

  4. Tatty,
    Hehe yeayyy! Ada orang suka rose tu. Me gunting bentuk scallop, pastu gulung2 :D

    Lalink Umyra,
    Hehe kebetulan me mmg nak buat ribbon ok. Tapi me sangat la tak sempat nak craft2 ni sgt. Maybe by the time me buat u dah tak nak ribbon tu haha. Btw me will post about it kalau me buat! :D

    Hehe tu la..kena paksa pakai. Tapi dia tak bagi post the whole face, malu kut :P

  5. ann..where u purchase all tht tiny stuff..share link plz! btw zahra so comel .she hv beautiful eyes!

  6. Tatty,
    scallop tu macam langsir scallop, lekuk2 hehehe.

    I bought it from and Happy crafting! :D