Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Slurrrpeee baby

I'm quite buzy today, hence this short update. I tried to give Zahra Elena water via straw and she manage to drink it! Yeay! Terer la sayang mummy ni haha. I know baby can suck, but I never know they can suck using straw.

Bought the BPA free munchkin bottle. The straw is chewy-soft, suit baby very well and it has valve inside (thanks to Tatty, me learn from u hehe), so the water won't spill when she plays with it. The body is curved in the middle so your baby can hold the bottle by himself. So far she likes it so much and I can use it as a tool to make her sit still in the baby chair. Maybe you can try it as well ;)


  1. Salam,

    Yay! Zahra memang pandai!!!
    Eiman kejap bleh kejap tak bleh sedut... tapi kalau ice blended sure dia tetiba pandai :P

  2. ala baru je beli botol tommie tippie..huhu..yg tu straw die mcm keras..

  3. Tatty,
    Haha Eiman sangat bergaya, tak main la air suam ni :P

    Kebetulan je me jumpa yg ni... straw dia ni lembut, tapi design dia biasa je takde katun cantik2 :(