Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Sunday Morning

Weekend is lazy day for us. We'll wake up really late, anytime we feel like to. But not that late anymore because we have Zahra now. Have to bathe and feed her. I used to woke up after 1 those days, straight away to lunch hehe. Anyway, I had girls outing on the Sunday at MidV and was very excited about it. We promised to show our face at 1130 am.

And it was 930am when suddenly MrComot woke me up

"Sayang bangun..dah 930 and jom breakfast"

I was a bit upset because I want to sleep and just don't get it why suddenly he wants me to have breakfast. Ok maybe he's hungry or what so I opened my eyes and ask

"Hmm sayang nak makan apa?"
"Me dah buat breakfast for you"

I was like..what? So I quickly sit and forced myself to be sober so that I don't get anything wrong.

"Hmm ok..why u make breakfast for me?"
"Because you nak pergi jumpa your girlfriends, makan sikit so tak lapar sangat, you need the energy"

OK. Now I am really like, WHATTT?

And look what he made for me:

Soft-boiled egg complete with salami, bread and salad.

It is...soooo thoughtful of him! *sniffles*

Since the camera is there, I took pictures of my little princess sleeping. She is so lasak nowadays that her sleeping position keep on changing through the night. Not to mention she also like to toss her body once in a while in her sleep and causing us this heart attack, in case she crawl and fall of the bed!

This is before I eat my breakfast

And this is after I finished it. Terkejut tengok2 dah macam ni haha.

To my hubby, I know I can never thank you enough, but thank you for being so thoughtful on Sunday morning ;)


  1. aik zahra pun freestyle jugak?
    i nak pengsan tgk anak i pun acrobatic jugak tau.. eiii, posture apakah? sesuka hati dia je..

  2. Salam,

    OH MY GOD! Zahra too?!
    Eiman selalu kaki belah me then asyik kena kick jer... then lepas kicked me, pusing bawah ketiak Azwan. benci betul!

    Note to MrComot: tolong terima Azwan as your student. ajar dia skit cara-cara nak melt-kan hati wife... pleaseeeee....

  3. me likey tatty punya comment yg part last sekali tu aahahaha...

    you're so lucky dear~

  4. wah gaya aksi bebas..aqil pn sama..kdg2 tgk die tido atas perut papa die.suka hati je..oh mr comot sgt sweet and super rajin..

  5. MariaHafiz,
    Haha tu la pasal2. Kadang2 amaze sangat, boleh tido lena pulak tu.

    Zahra pun suka tala kat ketiak MrComot, tak aci! Alalala..Azwan pun lomantic lai lai lai. Milo setiap pagi dah cukup melt ok :D

    Cik Kopi,
    You are lucky too ;) Each couple Tuhan dah tentukan mmg fit and match hehe

    Pastu kaki derang sangat fleksibel kan. So funny. Kitaorg panggil Zahra shaolin kadang2..ngan kaki terpacak ke atas hehe. MrComot mmg rajin..sesuai ngan me yg malas huhuhu. Tapi me sweet too! Hahaha