Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I love fruits!

I know I haven't really update on Zahra's food nowadays...it's because she eats the same thing! Beef-chicken-apple-beef-chicken-apple-papaya sometimes which spells B-O-R-I-N-G!

I didn't give her any fish yet, just because I don't want to hehe. And egg yolk, because I am lazy to check for the reaction. I decided to just wait until she is 10months plus.

Anyway just a couple of pics below in any case can give you inspiration on what to give for your little one.

I prepared fruits for her snacks time.

The usual apple + avocado

And this is something new to Zahra. Since she hates pear, I decided to mix it with banana and guess what? She likes it! Not only you can't really taste the pear, but it soften the banana taste as well, which I like most! Haha..macam for my food pulak.

You don't really have to steam banana but as I made it in big batch and want to keep it in the freezer, *I think* it's better being cooked. So I dump everything in the steamer and blend them accordingly to their combination.

I'm not really strict on Zahra's diet anymore. She eats bread, raisins, nasi kenduri, or pretty much whatever I feel like giving, but it's more on taste condition. Her main diet still be the sugar and salt free home-cooked meal that I make every weekend. And she still fully breastfeed! A few months to 1 year and I am really hoping I can make it to 2-years, aminn aminn aminn..

But one thing puzzles me, even though she's taking all the healthy food and on breastmilk, she still having this occasional constipation, which is weird. I don't know what causing it as it has become pretty norm nowadays. Not the rough constipation but after 2-3 days of normal poop, she will refuse to pass motion (or can't, I don't know) and the poop will back become hard. And repeats. I read that it could be the food itself - but we are giving her the same food so it couldn't be. And according to the doc, she might want to poop but got distracted and forget about it, and this will make the poo harder and she will refuse to pass motion. So we have to urge her every night, making it a habit for her to do the big job. I find it funny, and complicated. I mean, why don't you just do it if you feel like to *sigh*.

My princess latest pic in her new granny pajama. It's such a cutie! Got kedut-kedut at tangan and kaki haha. Bought it at FOS. Ohh I really dig this place because sometimes you can find good stuff at bargain price.

About the constipation, how about your babies, mommies? Do you experience the same thing?


  1. Salam,

    Sehari sekali. Kengkadang 2 kali. Macam Babah dia daaaaa~
    Kena plak Ibu dia malas basuhkan berak dia... isk isk isk... kesian dia.

    Kami akan bagi air kosong lepas dia minum susu... dan makan... dan di tengah malam... :P

  2. Aydin tak pulak mcm tu....poo-poo dia soft aje. Maybe sebab Aydin cukup suke minum plain water. Cube bagi Zahra sebanyak mungkin air kosong. Tapi jgn bagi after BF....

  3. I think what mummy farah said is right.Drink a lot of plain water as she ates quite variation of food already.Time yang sesuai bagi air masak is after balik dari babysitter, petang tu before u breastfeed malam kan?mesti dia hau

    Since my son minum teo types of milk, so plain water really help him to pass motion easily..hehehe

  4. Tatty,
    Recommended sekali sehari and kalau 2x lagi bagus! Me think Zahra kurang air kut

    Mommy Fara,
    Thanks. Me think mmg kurang air, tapi budak ni mcm tak suka air sgt, kalau bagi pun few sips je then teleng2 :(

    Selalunya me bf terus in the car but have to trick her minum air banyak lepas ni. Thanks!

  5. aqil pn kdg2 meneran bukan main lagi..sian gk tgk die..huhu..

  6. dah try unwillingly bg my baby ikan tenggiri (my mom yg masak, berani ke i nak say no kan?)

    dah blend bagai.. bagi makan.. hanyir okehhhh.. i yg pening sbb my baby baru je masuk 7m so this is his first protein.. all this while bubur, carrot, potato, avocado etc etc mana ada bau :P

    hmm funny thing.. u ask about stool.. guess what.. the visual verification below speels out as poome