Thursday, November 25, 2010

Big Bad Wolf 2010

An overdue post.

Thanks to my dear friend, Fiena, I managed to go to BBW this year! Last year I went with MrComot and was heavily pregnant that time, it was nearby btw, at Amcorp Mall, but this year, hosted at South City Mall Seri Kembangan, it will be mission impossible for me, because it's quite far and MrComot doesn't want to squeeze in with Zahra along. So I didn't put any hope in joining the crowd but luckily I was on leave that day (Zahra's babysitter wasn't well) and Fiena also on leave! She picked me up and drove us there, yeay!

We went on the first day and it was weekday, but the crowd is there already, not to the brim, but we still had to queue!

Stroller is a no-no when you go to thrifty party like this. Not because to easing me grabbing everything but I don't think it's appropriate to shove your stroller when people are rushing in a sale like this. I feel that it will offend the book lover if I bring stroller in, because I will. And maybe you are not even allowed to bring it in, I didn't see any notice about it by the way.

Quite clear, but till you see the payment line. It's insanely longgg! Fiena helped to queue for us while I go for quick lunch *ehem thanks darling! snif snif* and furthermore because Zahra already restless and wants to be out of the pouch. She was so sleepy actually but refused to sleep because so many people around her, so she's throwing tantrum instead.

I had to let her out for a while and see what she's doing. Climbing the table! She even made friends with the auntie who are sitting on the floor selecting her books.

Overall, the book is very cheap. All the fiction novels go for RM8!! Including the latest edition. And I can see piles of J.Grishams, J.Picoult, S.King, N.Roberts, N.Sparks and so on. I went gaga over them but decided to buy any because I don't I will read that soon. I bought The Gatecrasher by Madeleine Wickham (also known as Sophie Kinsela in Shopaholic series) and guess what, Cocktail For Three is also there at RM8 when I just bought it few months ago for Rm35.90! *cried*.

Also bought few books for Zahra and they are freaking cheap at RM5 each. Hard cover, interactive, colorful - very good quality. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to rumble all the selections because Zahra dah rimas so dia pusing sana sini in the carrier and merengek2. So I just grab a handful that I like - The Poppy Cat series!

There are 4 stories actually but I didn't manage to find the last one titled Goodnight, Poppy Cat. Too bad..because it will be a perfect piece for me to tidurkan Zahra ha ha ha. I think it was there, somewhere under the piles but I couldn't dig any longer, my poor princess was very restless.

It was a very good sale that I wish I can spend more time there digging and finding. I even missed the magazine section (was thinking to grab some craft magz). And how I wish it was nearer so I can go there on the 2nd, or 3rd, or 4th day.. I promised myself that I will go to BBW next year, only that without Zahra Elena! Or maybe she's gonna big enough that time that she also can help me digging the books ;)


  1. i wish ada kat penang this sale..huhu..

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  3. Can't wait to be in KL this Dec for the sale... hope it'll still be on..! :)

  4. Those are great books you've got for your little one...!

  5. m@ri@,
    Maybe can suggest derang buat kat Penang? Ada fanpage kat fb hehe.

    This BBW only for a week and finished already but year end sale is running! At all malls ;)