Monday, November 30, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Day

For books lover (or sales lover hehe) you must be aware about the most awaiting sale for this year in book category - Big Bad Wolf. I never go to any BBW sale so I don't know how good it is, but according to the shopping&sales site, it's freaking cheap and people is bringing back boxes of book on the first day of the sale. BOXES ok! So dengan perut besarnya, gigih ni pegi checkout the sale last Friday right after hari raya visits, at Amcorp Mall.

I was expecting less people will be there since it is Aidiladha but I was totally wrong! They don't care about raya ok! Massive cars parked at the roadside and outside parking space, luckily MrComot is a true PJ-rian lalalala. Armcorp mall ada basement parking ok and there is a lot of vacancy, so we parked inside with no sweat dropped ha-ha-ha!

The queue at 3PM! I had to be behind that uncle sobs sobs

Another view of the line

Look at the ocean of people. Luckily it is well-air conditioned, so I still can stand the crowd.

Me with the BAD wolf haha, holding my mudpie flurry (ughh why I like sweet thing so much? Must be the baby). Oh ya, no food or drinks allowed, so pls make sure ur finish whatever u have in hands ok.

There were rowssssss of books, piled on long tables, separated by genre - hobbies, fiction, non-fiction, magazines, children, fantasy, etc. We walked table to table, not missing any genre, browsing and admiring the price! Seriously it's freaking cheap.

The craft book priced at RM10 and the novels (fiction) all flat RM8! Unfortunately, I didn't find any writer that I KNOW, ok my choices of reading is not that wide, but I didn't dare to simply buy the books even though it's so cheap because I was afraid I won't like the books. I was hoping to stumble upon names that I recognize like Khaleed Hosseini, Jodi Picoult, John Grisham, Danielle Steel and James Patterson, but none of them flashed into my eyes. I'm not sure either BBW didn't store it or it's finished already because we were quite late to join the rush (wish I can be there on the FIRST day!). However I managed to ask one of the worker if they are stocking Sophie Kinsella in the sale, she said nope, but they do stock Medeleine Wickham! But I was almost at the exit at that time and my feet hurt and I don't have the energy to go back and looking for the books uwaaaaaaa... Come to think of it, I don't remember seeing any of her book, hmm maybe it's sold out already *sigh*

I only bought 5 books for me and surprise surprise surprise, MrComot also bought some! He's not much a reader ok. So when he decided to buy something, I chuckled right away, mcm tak percaya je. But according to him, it's quite latest and too cheap to pass.

Oh ya, after out of BBW, we saw this one book shop at the same level and give it a try. Surprisingly it's quite cheap! Although obviously can't beat BBW. The new novel is priced at RM17.90 and bukan novel bodoh-bodoh tau. Some of them is IN one, like from Cecelia Ahern and Sophie Kinsela but the choice is quite limited. Not all the titles are available. But worth enough for you to check it out.

The gem we discovered

Sesuai sangat the bunting. Oh ya..still beatable but during warehouse sale la. Normal sale still can't beat them.

Anyway this is catches of that day:

From BBW:
Easy Knitted Socks - RM10
Knitted Critters for Kids to wear -RM10
Aggressive Networks Self-Defense - RM15
Riding Shotgun - RM5
The Pagan Stone (Nora Roberts) - RM8
Quack Quack (Children book) - RM5

MrComot told me that the two thick books (botnet and network thingy) is very expensive, about RM80 and above and they selling it at RM15? Macam tak percaya ok. Oh ya..itu MrComot punya, mine yang mengarut2 tu la..knitting la, like helooooooooooo, when I'm going to knit? But since it is so cheap, I make it as investment la, who knows, sooner or later I will knit ha-ha-ha!

And the baby book we bought it because it is super cuteness!

For the baby in my belly :P

I also get a few from other shops that sebab tak puas hati hehehe

The Long Road Home - RM17.90 from XCESS
Shopaholic&Baby and Cocktails for Three - both about RM27 each after 15% discount at Popular. Ok la kan..normal price around 31-33. However, if the cocktails for three ada dekat BBW that day and I missed it, memang COCK laa.. hahaha

Talking about the books, I'm not a big fan of Danielle Steel, tapi The Long Road Home ni mmg I cari dah lama. I've read it once and fell in love with it totally, a very heartbreaking story. I tried to locate it few times to add on my collection but failed, kat MPH, Borders, Kino semua takde, you have pre-order so macam malas la. Tak sangka jumpa kat XCESS. Another tittle that I'm searching is Message From Nam (also DS), so in any case you guys found it, beep me ok?

And about Sophie Kinsella, I am officially have all the titles!! Except for Shopaholic Takes Manhattan. Hmm..mcm berat hati nak beli at normal price haha..maybe I can look up at another Popular branch. (Ps: Being frugal is fun :P)

Oh ya, pasal shopaholic collection ni, I remembered that pernah dapat one comment about the duplicity:

mizzhiga said...

hi..i also have the complete series of teh shopaholic..btw, i rasa "confession of shopaholic" and "secret dreamworl of shopaholic" is the same story with different title, isn't it?..sorry kalau salah :D enjoy.. ;)

January 15, 2009 9:01 PM

Hi mizzhiga! (If you are still reading my blog, haha). Yes you are 110% right. It's the same story with different title! do I know.. Hmm so, now I'm thinking, should I re-sell it (it is totally NEW!) or just give away as a gift. Hmmmhmmhmhmhmhm.. But to who? Nantilah..I fikir-fikir kan :)

Opss before I forgot, the sale ends on 2nd Dec!!! Quick go grab the wolf! :D


  1. Hey~ thats where we spent our lunches sometimes :)

    I love that book shop so much :)

    Ada a shop that sells the nicest ais kacang on the ground floor.

  2. actually the title is different sbb one is for us nye market n another one is for uk.. ;)

  3. hmm.. i rasa mcm lama plak x bli buku..

  4. Hello,

    BBW sale this time around was a disappointing one(well, at least for me)
    What's up with the choice of books?I couldn't find the titles/authors I wanted to spend my money on!! :(

    Anyway,Booksxcess is the organiser for BBW, just to let you know.

  5. Shani,
    Heyy I never know your 'dating' place kat situ hihihi. Gotta try the icekacang somedays!

    Ohh no wonder, and the blonde me main beli je semua without flipping it :P

    Hehe..time confinement ni sempat baca ke yang..

    Anis Majid,
    Hi! Yup it's quite disappointing sebab my purpose going there to buy novels la but as u said, byk yg kita tanak hehe..but since it's in PJ and location pun easyaccess, ok la for me to check it out.

    Thanks for the headsup! Tak tahu pulak xcess was the organizer. No wonder la very cheap..

  6. aan,

    Weekend lepas kt ampang point pun ader i shopping books bnyk2.. :)

  7. salam dearie,

    You gotto love sales lover aka books sales in this case. And of course Sophie Kinsela and her babies. Oh my, Shopholic and Baby is just effing hilarious!^^