Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hari Kena Tipu Sedunia

There are a few 'unfortunate' things happen yesterday that leave me feeling cheated and geramsss.

As I mentioned before, I planned to make my very own bumper pad for the baby cot. So yesterday, we went to one of the craft shop in PJ to look at the fabrics and few other stuff. The shop has a very extensive cotton fabrics with fancy design and good quality. We were welcomed by one of the owner, and he's very friendly that I like him immediately. To cut thing short, I decided to buy one of the fabric for 2m. Coincidently, the fabric was 'hujung kayu' and the total lenght is 3.36m. So I just ask them, is it possible if they can give me 3.36m for the price of 3m, so I will take all instead of 2m. It's not that I want discount so much, but I know it is possible! After all the fabric is priced at RM45 per meter, mesti they dah untung banyak kan.

Then they said they can give me 3.36 for the price 3.20. That time, the friendly guy was away and I waited for him to ask him pulak in case he can give me more discount (I thought that he is the owner, later I know that even the cashier is part of the business, seems like they are running family business). Then when the guy came back, he told me that I can have it at the price of 3.25. Then I said ok-lah, but I casually mentioned that the previous lady said I can have it at 3.20 (ok, not that I want sangat the 0.05 meter discount ok, it is just my nature, I will tell what I have in mind, kalau dia tanak bagi pun takpe). Then the guy asked the lady and she said she never give such discount. So ok la, I don't mind nak bayar ni..when suddenly they said something between them (they are 2 or 3 ladies there, I don't remember) in Cantonese but I don't know what is it and I don't care because I don't understand.

When we were out of the shop, MrComot told me,

MrComot: You know what they said?
Me: Haa? They talked about us ke? What is it?
MrComot: She said, kalau u tanak beli sudah la!
Me: Is itttttttt?

Not that I feel cheated, tapi I rasa bengang ok because we are the customer and she's giving us an attitude! And talk behind pulak tu! Mentang2 lah I'm a Malay and they expect I dont understand their language. Kalau tak puas hati with, cakap je la straight forward kan? And silap la dia cakap macam tu sebab MrComot understand ok, only he doesn't know to reply.

Terus I rasa, if I know cantonese, I will reply "Ok fine! I want to buy 3 meter only. Please charge me 3 meter, thanks!"

Haaaa padan muka ok! Siapa nak beli the other quarter? It worth nothing! Unless they kumpul2 and sell it as a bundle of stash.

Hmmm..terus I rasa semangat nak belajar mandarin and cantonese. I'm not being racist here, but I know they like to talk 'behind' about us IN FRONT OF U. Very rude and #$#%$$#%.

On a happier note, comel kannn? Hehehe

Ok second story, after the incident, I saw a lorry selling mangosteen, durians, and langsat. So I asked MrComot to stop by to buy some. The manggis is RM6 per kilo, I don't know what is current market price for manggis, so I just ask for a kilo. One guy help me to stash the manggis and timbang and the scale showed 1.6kg

Seller: amik 2kg la
Me: 10 ringgit boleh la --> meaning if he can give me RM10 for 2kgs, I will take
Seller: Ok la ok la 10 ringgit (and he packed the 1.6kg for me)
Me: Ehhhhhh? I nak sekilo je la mcm ni
Seller: Nah nah ini memang sepuluh ringgit (cepat2 pack and rush me out as if he's very busy)

Being me of course la tak puas hati, but MrComot paid and somehow we walked away. On the way to the car, I calculated because I was thinking kalau 2kgs will be RM12 how come 1.6kgs is RM10. Macam lari sangat. So kalau kira betul2, it should be priced at RM9.60. Not that I BERKIRA nak sangat 4osen tu, but I feel CHEATED! And I feel BAD because I am NOT THINKING FAST, LEMBAP, TIBA2 TAK PANDAI MATHS which is a very bad criteria for a domestic goddess (haha tiba2 domestic goddess ni). Ok, to me a real lady should know these stuff, groceries, money management, etc. Kalau I kena tipu after balik rumah ok la, acceptable, like the scale is off ke, time timbang kat kedai 2kgs, balik rumah timbang lesser than that. Tapiiiii, I was cheated straight at my face! It is just purely unacceptable. Hmm...I will train my brain to think faster after this.

The last one, remembered the leaked room? It's been raining cats and dogs this few days and somehow the leakage is back. So we called up the guy (Ah Tan) to inform him as per our deal before, the leakage is sealed and kalau bocor jugak, call him up. You know what, first time dia angkat la. After MrComot told him he said, ok he needs to check his record and will call back. And biasa la, mesti la dia tak call balik kan. So MrComot call him thousands of time, left him numerous of SMS asking when he can come. Poor my darling hubby, he has been calling Ah Tan since Thursday and none of the calls is answered! Eiiiiiiiiiiiii KEJI OK!! What kind of people la buat keja macam ni. Is it hard to find honest people now? Can't u at least come and see the condition and let say if you have to recharge us, just tell la. Ni terus lepas tangan and run away!

Since he didn't pick up any calls, ignore the SMSes, hubby said, OK la, that's it! Revenge is on the way.

Ok la..nothing much he can do I guess, takkan nak upah gangster pegi pukul kan, as if we know where he lives. But hubby can flood his number with thousands of call from various location using his servers. Hahaha padan muka ok. Merasa tukar phone number after this.

But seriously, we really need a roofman now. Why laaaaa semua org perangai macam ni? Tak boleh ke live an honest life. Hmmm..

Ok lah, too much whining already. Not good not good. But at least I feel much better now.

Okie dokie, will write about tips I learned from antenatal class nexttt! Mwahhh


  1. em rs tertipu tu tak best kan..maria pernah gak alami benda mcm ni..bukan nak sgt 2 3 puluh sen tu tp bila rs tertipu yg buat geramkan..

    jom kita belajar bhs cina sama2..aan leh belajar ngn mr comot okla tu..maria belajar dr buku je la mampu..hehehe..

  2. m@ri@,
    Tu la..bukan nak sangat posen2 tu tapi geram la. Rasa mcm bodoh sangat. Hehehe MrComot tu faham je, tapi dia pun tak reti, me pun kena from buku *angan2 kejap je ni..pastu mula la malas :P*

  3. takpe,org yg menipu dlm jual beli nnti.kt pdg mahsyar dia akn heret brg2 jualan yg dia tipu tu..dan terpampang title dia adalah penipu kt dunia....

    p/s-i pun penah kena jgk.jahatnye org tu..