Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The 2kg baby

I had my monthly checkup with Dr Zana yesterday. I still going to Dr Zana even though I'm in Dr Noor Fidak's hand now. So basically, I'll see two gynea in a month, just in any case there will be facts clashes :P

Overall looks ok for mommy and baby, alhamdulillah. Baby's head already down there but not engaged yet, so insyAllah I'll deliver a full-term baby. The placenta looks good also (no tompok-tompok on the scan), doc said if there is patches, it shows a calcium-cations (I have no idea what is it, I thought she said complication). So I hope everything goes well til the end.

I complained to her about my stretch mark and she told me that actually it depends on one's skin type. Even though I lather luxurious oil, I'll still have stretchmarks because my skin genetically is like that. Doc said it will reduce and maybe fade a bit after the deliverance. I hope so, aminnn...

Oh ya, doc said baby already 1.8-2.0 kg!! Stay healthy and don't be too big ya, mommy takotttt. I plan to have normal delivery btw, we'll see how.

This is my latest pic. I'm at 57kgs now.

I already can jalan-jalan, no more pain down there, but need to make short stops most of the time. Sometimes I get breath shortness and according to doc it is normal. I still have heartburn and very nasty one in the evening. I have to keep popping in small tidbits to reduce it. My back started to hurt where I can't lie flat anymore, must be the baby's weight pressing my backbone.

So 2 more months to go and it's time to wash baby's cloth!


  1. so cute la mommy aan ni..
    pakai lak baju kaler pink!

    Amin..moga2 everythg going smooth..

  2. ya...skrg belakang sgt sakit..nafas semakin sesak..semoga sumernya selamat nnt..doa sama2 ek..

  3. MrsJaddo,
    Cute ke? Haha..dlm gamba mmg cute, cuba u tgk kat luar, comot jugaakkkk

    Aminnn..thanks :)

    InsyaAllah everything will be ok, kita doa sama2 :)

  4. office yg dikelilingi cermin tu really suits you la dear~ hehehe...

  5. Haha Shani, me pun rasa me mcm tu, I think this pregnancy making me vain-er than ever :P