Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baby Cot

As promised before, I'll write about buying baby cot. The main reason I'm going to do this because we've been spending a lot of time surveying (online and at the shops), and it is a tiring experience. First, because we don't know what exactly baby cot is, the package and all, second we are torn between playpen or baby cot. So I hope this entry will enlighten mommies outside about baby cot in Malaysia.

Some of my friends say it's better for us to get playpen as it is cheaper (there is a very expensive one though) and easier to manage - no accecories like bumper pad, mattress, etc. After all, you will be sleeping with your baby. That's what they said la.

But I've plan on my own. I want my baby to sleep in the cot. I want to breastfeed my baby, but not sleeping with her. That's my plan. So we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, before I continue, to me buying baby stuff is very subjective. It's not that buy this will make you a better parents, buy that will make u less of it. After all, orang dulu-dulu ok je baring atas 'lembek' kat lantai. Sihat walafiat jugak kan? The truth is, we are spoilt for choices!! And I like it hehehehe..

Ok back to baby cot and my research

There are few types of baby cot, I've seen the pretty one at around RM4K and goshhh I was thinking, who's going to pay that much for a baby cot? Mcm dah harga king sized bed ok. And I've seen the filmsy one at slightly above RM100. After the heavy surveys, we come to conclusion that a decent baby cot (size 120 cm x 60 cm) is ranged from RM600-800 depending on sales and packages. Not too filmsy, looking nice and as I said, decent.

When you buy baby cot, it will comes with mattress. There are few types that you might want to consider:

1) Foam - the cheapest (can get around RM80)
2) Latex - RM200++ depending on the thickness
3) Spring + foam - price depending on the quality but more or less will be like latex
4) Fibre - made from coconut fibre, price RM100-200
5) Fibre + latex - RM150 - 200 (but we found a good one, made of Sri Lanka sold at RM500!)

Latex is the most recommended one because it has holes so called for breathing, so that when baby tergolek, the breathing won't stuck. However, some people don't like it because it is too soft. Oh ya, there is another version where they got FIRM latex + SOFT latex and it's freaking expensive (I think RM700 mcm tu) so it's out of the list ok.

As for us, we chose fibre+latex as it's a bit firm but not too tough and we thought it will be good for the backbone. I don't like the idea of my baby sunken in a fluffy mattress.

Then there is bumper pad, pillow, bolster, fitted sheets, etc, that you have to think about.

As for the cot itself, the one I'm talking about is made from Ramin solid wood with non-toxic painting and 2-level adjustment (can be a baby bed and playpen). The 4-in-1 one will be more expensive (need to add about 200 more I think). We were tempted to get the 4-in-1 previously as it can last until ur kid 5 years old, but in the end we see no point of having it. Oh ya, all the shops basically selling the same cot, from the same supplier (eg: Seni Daya). Only the price varies depending on what they throw in, in the package.

So generally, the price will be around RM800++, and RM600++ when on sales. You can survey on BabyJaya, BabyLand, Littlewhiz, BBstore, etc. Lebih kurang la..

Anyway, when we went to My Dear warehouse, we were so surprised to see baby cot there and it is exactly like the one we wanted being sold at RM270!!!

Ok, actually it was RM470 with everything!! Mattress, bumper pad, mosquito net, etc. Or you can buy asing-asing and it will be RM570 in total.

I was tempted to get everything with the price but the quality of the mattress and bumper pad is very bad, not even 100% cotton I think. So I rather buy the breakdown than spend extra RM100 on something that I don't need.

In the end, we get the cot (RM270) and the mattress, fibre+latex at only RM109!!! It's a crazy deal. I'll buy the fitted sheet later and for the pillow and bolster, my mom going to make it with cotton :D (thanks mommy!!!)

The cot also comes with teething rail which is very important as the one we saw in Ikea (very nice also, selling at RM399) has no teething rail, you have to buy separately.

The plastic teething rail

MrComot assembling

The end product

The height of the front bumper can be adjusted so it will be easier for you to bend and pick your baby. Two of the castors provided with break.

Overall, it is a really good bargain for a decent baby cot, although I don't mind getting the 4K Da Vinci cot. Hahaha...


  1. wah berbaloi2 kirenya tu..huhu..kt sini takdek sale..mencinya..sumer mahal je..huhu...hrp2 ade rezeki lebih leh belikan baby cot mcm aan tu..cantik..

  2. m@ri@, me berbaloi2 hehe. Anyway kat Kedah me think ada org boleh order lagi custom made. Me pernah baca kalau pakcik kat kg boleh tolong buat dalam less than 200. Tapi mesti susah nak cari kan..and takut pakcik tu tak biasa, jadi katil lain pulak nnt :P

  3. Salam,

    jeles jeles jeles jeles!

    me nak masuk no 2 masih tader katil baby. malam ni nak rompak rumah awak lah Aan... muahahhaha...

    nampak gaya, buat masa terdekat ni, kami anak-beranak tido lambak atas katil bersama-sama la macam time Ewan dulu. kui kui kui...

  4. oo ye bukan senang nk cari kan..tambah2 kalau tak kenal ramai nk cari tukang urut pn pening ni..huhu..dah la family baru pindah sini so tak biasa lagi..huhu..(baru2 pn ade lah 2 3 thn dah..haha..)

  5. Tatty,
    Best tu tido lambak! Hehe me ni plan je nak tido asing2 konon, tapi tatau la mcm mana, ada possibility tido lambak jugak sebab malas nak angkat :P

    Haa tu think dah takde sgt org buat. Tapi katil ni tak penting sangat, tukang urut lagi penting tau. Me pun booking tukang urut yg me tak kenal, so redha je la dulu, tgk macam mana :)

  6. i love your baby cot!! cantik and its in white. me likey.

    btw, for fitted sheets, usually aussino akan buat baby stuff punye sale and u can get really2 good deals on the fitted sheets and cot bumper, comforter, etc!!

  7. Miss interpreted,
    Thanks! Skrg dah banyak buat baby cot putih, I think sebab they know mommies suka hehehe. Anyway thanks for heads up! I'll check on Aussino during the sale (last time we went still mahal!)

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