Thursday, November 12, 2009

Homemade Soya Bean Milk

We made soya bean milk 2 days ago. It was our first attempt and I was so surprised to find out that it is EASY PEASY!

We've been wanting to do this since our last 'balik kampung' (during fasting month I think) when my father made this milk. My father has this hobby to blend his own fruit juices especially during Ramadhan. Another reason is I 'feel' it is cleaner and safer to consume anything homemade, no extra sugar, no preservatives, and the most important thing, using clean utensils! (Just imagine the seller out there making soy bean in bulk everyday! Mesti cincai-cincai. Hahaha pandai2 je claim like that)

Since it is so easy, I want to share with you guys how we made it.

We bought ORGANIC soy bean (organic laaaa kononnya extra sihat :P) and it is priced at about RM7 per 500g. Trust me it's worth it! We only use about 100g that night and the outcome = 3 liter!

Soak the beans overnight. We soaked it during the morning because we want to process it at night. However according to my mom, you can even soak it for 2 hours. It may work for normal beans only (I think so) as this organic one mcm susah nak tanggal the skin from the beans, so I think better overnight.

Wash the beans throughly after that until no weird smell and while doing it, try to remove the skin from the beans as much as you can.

Add few cups of water and blend it. I didn't really measure, just adjusting according to the beans.

Then strain it in a big pot. That's the biggest pot we have, courtesy of my mom *nanges*. Oh ya, please use 'kain kasa' as a strainer as it is very fine and suitable to remove the micro pulp.

Milk it!

Reuse the pulp as it still contain a lot of milk. I blend the pulp with water 3 more times.

Until it becomes stiff like this. I wonder if we can use this to make something, like foo chok or beancurd?

Cook your milk with slow fire, stirring it occasionally and don't forget to scoop out the excessive foam. I don't know what the effect if you don't throw it away, but that's what my parent do. Oh ya, don't forget to stash some sugar, depending on your liking. I put about 10 table spoons for 3L, just for a hint of sweetness.

After your milk boiled, turn off the fire and keep on stirring it until you think it's ok to stop. We didn't stir sampai sejuk (tak larat makkk), we stirred for about 30mins or so je I think.

Then it's ready, hot or chill!

We keep it in the fridge and it's been 3 days, the soy milk still good like the first day we made it and spelled TAAASSSSTYYYY.

Give it a try as it is very simple and a healthier choice. Oh yaa, just don't do it during working days..because u have to wait up until it is totally cool before shove it in the fridge. MrComot wait up until 2AM for this *isk isk*


  1. pernah buat ni dgn mak wkt tunang dlu..last2 diorg tak bw kuar aritu..penat je usaha den tak tido mlm siapkan segalanya..sabar jelah..huhu..seperiuk besar tu akhirnya d agih2kan utk org2 sedap kan kalau buat puas penat lelah tu..hehe..

  2. fuyooo.. musti kena cuba nehhh... :D:D

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  4. waa...i pun nk try jugak lah.
    ermm..buat sendiri msti lebih tjaga tahap kebersihan. :)
    i pun suka hubby suka soya campur air gula melaka.hehehe

  5. m@ri@,
    Haha rajinnya u buat untuk tunang. Kalau me mesti tak berani, me berani tuang ribena je dulu2, sebab confirm sedap. Kalau bancuh teh pun tak berani sgt, takut manis la tawar la :P

    Try laa..shedapppp

    Thanks! Hope you can benefit from it even though it's nothing much :)

    A'ah buat sendiri ni mesti bersih. Me pun suka soya gula melaka, tapi kemalasan melanda lepas tu nak masak gula melaka hehehe

  6. me gonna try this at home. if me lupa text u ok.

  7. I used to make my own soy been milk. sedap, but make sure to tapis betul betul or else, susu tu cepat basi.

    and i use the sisa sisa soy been tu as a mask. letak tebal tebal kat muka, and then biarkan sekejap for 15 minutes or so.

    rasa macam best pulak tonyoh tonyoh the soft texture of the pulp dengan muka. i dont know if theres any petua out there to lumur the leftover on your face as a beautifying agent. haha but worth a try. :)

  8. kalau tak buang buih2 itu, akan jadi foochook.. boley masak dengan sayur dan so-un.