Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Halloween Baskin

As usual Baskin&Robbins will have their 31st special where all the handpack icecream will get 31% discount. I've been meaning to get the discounted handpacks since years ago (talk about getting into sales hype hihihi) but the previous incident always turn me off.

However, last 31st Oct also marked as Halloween Day and I was soooo itchy to get the cute Halloween pen, so we joined the sales rush. We planned to go to Uptown BR at 10AM and that's too optimistic, knowing us yg selalu keluar rumah after 1PM on the weekend. And surprised or not, we managed to be there around 12PM, only to find the shop already swarmed with long queue. So we decided to have lunch somewhere else, go to My Dear warehouse sale and return back later of the evening. After the warehouse, we went back to Uptown and the line is still ridiculous! So we went back home relax-relax and decided to try the one in The Curve with a theory "mesti tak ramai orang sebab dekat mall, so takde orang tapau sangat"

Luckily the theory worked that day! There was only about 20-30 people and took us half an hour for the whole buying process. The most important thing is, not too stuffy and enough cold air for "hot mommy" like me! Hahaha... anyway believe me or not, you get heat tickle easier when you are preggy.

The queue

Happy Halloweeeeeeennnn!

Chubby mommy

The choosen flavor that day. Choc chip, very berry strawberry, vanilla, and coconut. Ohh on the most right is the leftover from months ago, my all-time fav, old-fashioned butter pecan. It is 1 pint per flavour and we saved about RM30!!

This is the pen I'm talking about! COMELICIOUS kannnnnnnn! :P

Anyway if you buy above RM20 in single recipe you will get this pen for free. But the promotion is scrapped off if your icecream is on discount, so I have to top-up RM3.90 for this cutie-pie.

For now, I love the very berry strawberry the most. The strawberry pieces is really yummy!

So after this BR The Curve will be my ultimate place to get the handpack on every 31st. Moreeeeeeee flavour to comeeeeee :D


  1. maria pn mkn eskrim BR that day tp kat penang takla beratur pjg sgt..5min je dah dapat..hehe...tp time tu dah petang la..hehe..=)

  2. Kakak kakak, bagilah adik pen yang comelicious ituuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D

  3. m@ri@,
    Best nyaa kejap je hehe. Kat sini siang malam penuh je orang

    Ajak la cik abang awak beli :D

  4. Salam,

    DEMMM terlepas lagi. can i beli 1 pack from you? :P

  5. Tatty,
    Hehe dah nak abess. Tunggu bulan 12 okk *alamak time tu kita dah nak beranak kannn, boleh makan eskem lagi ke?*