Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wash Me Up

Hye guys! I know I promised to write about few tips I learnt in antenatal class right, but I left the notes at home, so just gotta update what I have in hand now.

Went to TMC for another checkup yesterday and baby is fine, so is mommy, the placenta as at its place and baby not too low yet, alhamdulillah.

Anyway, last Saturday we started to wash baby's clothes already! But too bad it's been raining all day since that day and the clothes were a bit damp here and there. What a wrong day to start washing hand-spin clothes tsk tsk..

MrComot hanging all the clothes. Seee even though not 100% confirmed girl, mesti nak beli jugak pink

Luckily Dr Fidak gave me one day medical leave after the checkup, and the sun was very kind on the afternoon, so I managed to stash the clothes outside and all dried up!

I was so relieved there is no weird smell left because MrComot insists to re-wash the clothes! Tak larat ok!!! Not that I'm the one yg kena basuh. He does all the thing, wash in the machine, perah pakai tangan, sidai, buuuuttt I hate to re-do something. When he returned back from the office, I already finished folding the little shirts and rompers and guess what, the first question he asked was

"Ok tak baju2 tu? Ada bau tak"

Kannnnn tetapppp. So I just asked him to smell 'em by himself :P

By the way, we only finished the clothes. There are bedsheets, blankets, swaddles and few more stuff to wash. Uwaaaaa..wish can use the washing machine to spin it!


  1. Salam,

    rendam for about 5 minit in warm water...

    why cannot basuh pakai mesin? takut baby kembung ye?

    hehehhehe... kami selamber jer. malasssss :P

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  3. maria tak basuh lagi baju2 dok basuk baju bapak baby yg berlambak..haha..

  4. Tatty,
    Me basuh pakai mesin, tapi perah je pakai tangan. Susah tuuuu sebab lambat kering hehehe

    Tu laa..baju mak pak ni pun me basuh seminggu sekali, mmg menimbun la. Me start siap2 takut terberanak awal hehehe