Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Simple menu on gloomy day

I think dah banyak kali kut I write here I rarely cook. Rarely means, sangat JARANG mcm jaring ikan tu ok hahaha. If I'm not mistaken, I only cook 3-4 times during my pregnancy. That will be 3-4 times spread into 8 months!

Actually, I have the urge to cook but during the weekdays, MIL cook for everyone, so thanks mommy! And the weekend pulak we are out most of the time, looking for baby stuff and all, takkan gigih nak balik masak kan. And last weekend, weather has been gloomy and all, and I am so tired of outside food. So I decided to cook something simple.

It's very easy that I am itchy to post it here. I know semua orang tahu nak buat this dish but just in case you don't know what to have for tonite, so after looking at the pictures, terus ada idea :P

It's already late when we finally decide to cook, 6.30 PM baru rush out to Giant to find the stuff. Oh ya, we had grilled salmon with roast vegetables that night, yummy!

Bought the frozen one from Giant as all the fresh salmon look...not fresh? Very pale orange and lembikkk! So I rather have the frozen one. This one packed by First Choice and I will say it's quite good.

MrComot marinate the fillet with seasoned salt, pepper and a bit more rock salt.

My roast vegetables - onions, tomatoes, carrots on a bed of brown mushroom. Stash a handful of olive oil, 2 table spoon apple cider vinegar, rock salt, and coarse black pepper and roast in in the oven at 180 degrees for about 25mins. Boil the carrot first ok, kalau tak keras la. You can replace the vegetable with any kind that you like (broccoli, zucchini, capsicum, brinjal, etc)

The outcome - sedappppp! That I can finish it all just like that.

My salmon and vege. Honestly we thought this meal won't satisfy our stomach and we need to eat other food after that, but we are full to the max! Very filling and satisfying.

Just look at the big chunk. Nyum nyum!

It's not only easy to prepare, but also super easy to clean after. No extra pot, no messy kitchen. All you need is an oven and casserole.

Oh ya, it's not really recommended for pregnant ladies to take salmon because of the mercury thingy but I read that the mercury level in salmon is very low (won't harm you) compared to the benefit you will gain (Omega3), so I guess it's fine then. It's not everyday dish right ;)


  1. maria tak suka ikan salmon..aritu pernah mkn kat hotel mn ek tak leh masuk dlm tekak..tak tau nape..mungkin cara die masak kot..em..mungkin lain tempat masak lain caranya n lain pastuh mmg dah tak pernah try mkn dah ikan salmon ni..huhu..

  2. serious...i x penah mkn ikan salmon!hehehe..
    but,one day will try ur recipe forsure mrjaddo soh msk nsk gak...mkn dgn nsk.hahha..

    mrcomot tu rajinlah ke dapur.untung you...
    jari runcing smpai i confuse jai sape tu..hehe..

    btw,tq for sharing.senang...x pyah lap dapur...

  3. m@ri@,
    Mungkin me ikan salmon ni rasa dia mcm ikan terubuk sket hehehe..mmg ada bau sendiri :)

    Hehe u can ganti with mashed potato if ur hubby suka. MrComot is nasik pulak yg kurang, me yg suka nasik :P

    Wahh u cakap jari dia runcing, hahaha camera trick ok. Dia rajin ikut time je tu..jgn percaya ok :P

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  5. Askum again

    I always wonder and fancy your style of cooking. I understand from what I read that you rarely cook but once you cook, it all in style. Plus it looks yummylious too! How I wish I can be like you. *Sigh.

    Messy kitchen is a must for me. Something that I can't avoid. *Sigh again.

    We can say that we are not that rajin/or rajin to cook but we can't deny one talent. I have to say you are definitely have some gen running in your blood, dear. A cooking talent, maybe.

    I do take a note in ALL your recipes btw.:)