Monday, November 16, 2009

The big bumpy fall

I went to Antenatal class yesterday, held in Hotel Singgahsana, by KJMC. The class was okay, there are a few tips that I would like to share, will be in next entry.

The class started at 9AM and end at 4PM. Since we wanted to go out to few places after that, we decided to wait for a while and have our Asar at the surau. So basically, only two of us left and I went to the surau alone (no other girls using it at that time).

The ablution space is inside the surau so it's very easy and convenient. The lights already off and I didn't switch it on because it still quite 'terang' as the daylight streaming in through the window. Everything seems fine until I finished my ablution, then I stepped on the tiles barrier and slipped!

It happened very fast and thank God I managed to tilt my body to the right side and BUM! I land slightly on my right butt, not both bum. It was a very quick and soft landing I may say as I don't feel much 'gegaran' but of course I'm freaking out!

I was so shocked that I sat still for a while, afraid to move and holding my belly with both hands while saying non-stop "Baby are u okay? I am sorry, mommy sorry, mommy tak sengaja jatuh"

Then I recite Al-Fatihah, ayat Qursi (that's all I can remember that time!) and repeat shahadah few times wholeheartedly. Seriously, I never feel afraid like that. I took my own time, sitting on floor not moving, caress my belly and almost come to tears, worrying about little one. After I calmed myself, I quickly checked for any discharge (alhamdulillah, tak ada) and did my Asar.

I planned to tell MrComot in the car but I can't wait any longer the moment I saw him. He asked me "Why?", then I said "Me jatuh" and burst out crying!

OMG, I didn't expect that part coming. I mean, I was already calm when I finished my solat and didn't imagine that I will cry. Suddenly I feel so sad and can't stop crying while explaining to him what had happened. Of course MrComot is freaking out too, not only about the incident, but also the way I acted. He kept on rubbing my back while saying "It's ok, yang penting mommy ok".

He wanted to bring me to the hospital but since no abnormal discharge coming out, I think baby and me are fine. Lagipun we have checkup at TMC tomorrow so I decided to wait up and gonna tell Dr Fidak about this incident, we'll see what's the outcome later.

On a happier note, baby moves like usual that night, with her little punches and swirling (thank you thank you darling, mommy really need that so mommy tak risau). I guess she is okay then.


  1. Salam,

    Ya Allah! so now mcm mana? takder lebam sakit, sengal apa kan?

    bikin suspen-der la Aan ni.

    Me pun dok tergelincir bila jalan kat dapor.

    Azwan kata, bila jalan jatuhkan jari kaki dulu, baru tumit, so bleh imbang badan IF (nauzublillah) nak terjatuh...

    take care ya'

  2. Jangan lupa tuam tempat yg jatuh tu, sapu minyak panas sikit...nanti ada side effect pulak.

    (Iklhas dari Aunty Shani yang nak pegi baring sbb pening nak pitam baca post ni~)

  3. em nasib baik aan takdek pape..pasni lebih berhati2 tau..

  4. aan dear..

    nanti hati2 jalan tau. espcially tmpat2 yg basah2..

    but i'm sure, baby kat dalam tu pun strong m tough mcm mommy dia.. ;)

    take care

  5. aan,terkejut baca entry u.
    jaga diri elok2.sentiasa jaga langkah tu ye...

    hope everythg okey je.

  6. lalink...take care ok.

    me tau baby tu kuat mcm u. me doakan u sentiasa sihat dan kuat & deliver dengan selamat.

    baca 'laillahailla anta subhanakainnikuntumminalzolimin" banyak2 ok.

  7. Tatty,
    Kaki me je lebam sikit..Nasib baik tak ada apa. U pun take care ok..pakai slipper bergetah kat dapur tu

    Shani, tergelak u nak pitam. InsyaAllah dah pegi checkup..nampak ok

    Thanks, will do! Bahaya betul time2 macam ni kan

  8. Rena,
    Baby strong mcm mommy and girlfrens mommy dia hehe. Thanks ;)

    Thanks..insyaAllah semua ok. Lepas ni hati2 and jalan slow2

    Lalink, will be extra careful lepas ni

  9. salam kenalan..
    we were at the same antenatal x sempat nk kenal kt sana la plak

    n'way take care :)