Friday, November 6, 2009

Stroller's Hype

Another purchased we made during the warehouse sale is a stroller. Anyway, I am not well versed with strollers as we haven't had the time to do more surveys. This stroller is more like an impromptu shopping sebab dah peninggggg tatau nak pilih apa. But in the end, I think it's a worthy buy. So I'm gonna share more about it.

We started to survey on strollers since October but there are so many types in market and we have no idea what kind of stroller we need to have. So we decided to go on budget.

The first stroller that caught my eyes was Peg Prego Pliko P3 and sold at 1,499 which I find quite lavish for a stroller. So we made up our mind to check out strollers below 1K. There are few models that can offer between our budget like from MacLaren, Silver Cross, Graco, Combi, MyDear, MamaLove, and Sweet Cherry brands

I was tempted to get MacLaren sebab so called sporty and branded and nice and yet still in our budget la! But, I hate the design as they don't have the front bar and I find it is not practical.

My other criteria for a stroller should be light but sturdy, not bulky, easy for me to manage (open, close, etc), feel nice when I push and looks ok too. So we opted for Silver Cross and Combi (as I read many mommies love Combi so much).

By the way, buying stroller is not that critical for us as we think our baby will only use it a few months later, so basically we still have ample time to do more surveys. And it wasn't in our plan to buy strollers during the warehouse.

At the warehouse, strollers are freaking cheap that they also got RM100++ one! But of course it is quite filmsy. To me it doesn't matter as long as it fits the purpose and depending on parent's budget kan. So we keep on browsing and believe me, I buat pusingan at strollers area berpuluh-puluh kali ok. I even asked the salesman to make a demo to me, how to open and close 4 strollers! Ok 4 maybe tak banyak, but mind you it was a very HOT day and packed with people. MrComot senyummmm je :P

In the end we decided to buy Capella Harmony S228. The tag showed original price is 899 and they are selling it for 500 at that time. To tell you the truth, we have no freaking idea how a Capella is priced at, so we gamble je beli, boleh?

The reason we settled for it, is because it fits all the things I wanted and MrComot seems to like it very much. I on the other hand still wanted to do more surveys. When we reached home and test more, I'm glad we bought it, so that I don't have to pening-pening anymore and guess what, we checked online and recommended price for this model is around 800-1000! There is a site selling it at discounted price of 699, so we still save 200!!

Anyway, below is the criteria of the stroller and I love it so much!

Detachable front bar (I feel it is more safe with the front bar, but this is only my feeling :D)

It also has reversible handle and I like this so much because I have an option to push my baby while watching her.

Normal way to push

Handle reversed to the front

Another plus point is all the 4 wheels can be moved! (Most of the strollers only allow 2 front wheels) So it is like 4-wheels drive. And all of them also freely spin 360 degrees. I don't know if it's good thing or not, but I kinda like the feeling when I push it, swift and clean moves.

The 4 wheels drive with 360 degrees turning.

Oh ya, btw there were 2 version of Capella, the other one is mini Capella (not sure the model type but I think S228 too), the only different is it is a bit smaller, can't do reversible handle and don't have the reclining level. It is RM100 cheaper at the warehouse.

The reclining level. MrComot likes this so much because the gap of our height is quite big, so we can adjust the height to our liking.

The double compact folding. I find it is small, just compare to me yg petito (hahaha still perasan petite even though I'm heavily pregnant).

Other than that, it's very easy to manage. I don't need to use so much energy to open or fold it --> this is very important as I might going out alone and need to use the stroller sorang-sorang. I even can use one hand only (with a knee to 'sepak' :P) and POP, the stroller is ready to be used. Oh ya the canopy also UV protected (which I don't think it matters as most of the time we'll use the stroller inside mall, no?) and very lighweight = 6 kgs!! And the seat can be reclined flatly, so it is also suitable for infant.

Oh ya, we didn't manage to checkout on the carseat but I think it's a worth buying too as I see most parents bought it. We still don't know what type of carseat we need to buy and I already nak pitam time tu. Maybe mommies or anybody can share or recommend to me which brand is good and worth your money? :) Thanksss :*


  1. maria pakai stroller kak ipar bg je,..agak lama tp still boleh pakai utk bakal mak ayah yg takdek budget ni kire alhamdulillah..hehe.anyway stoller awk cantik..kita suka...

  2. m@ri@,
    Bestnyaaa u ada orang bagi. Me tak kisah kalau org bagi mcm mana pun takpe..dah tak payah pening2 fikir. Kalau beli sendiri yg pening ni :P

  3. hi.. guess what, i bought for my yet-to-born baby a capell stroller too! we bought it in singapore. my husband yg pilih and the reasons he chose it same ngan the reasons u mentioned. lightweight, reversible, ade handle, 4 wheels turning etc. a worthy buy indeed!!