Monday, November 9, 2009

When everybody is settling down..

One of my closest girlfriends got engaged last Saturday. It was a close and intimate event placed at her house.

I have nothing much to write about as I'm bad in writing about others, especially one that close to me (merepek about diri sendiri pandai la), but I'm glad that all my BFF are going to settle down. Looking back, I still miss our uni time (especially the slurpy nights! walking to 7E in baju kurung in the middle of the night! haha) but that's how life play us. We'll move to different phases and have our own life.

Tak sempat amik banyak gamba with my camera. This is one of the nicest pose, at the stairs, haha. All look so happy and comellllll.

When I tried to fit in. Gegar laaaa, ada orang kacau laa! Eeeiiiii. Whatever, but I love you girllsss

Oh ya, all of us have different characters that I always wonder how we can stay together for so long. One is soft and undecided, one is very proper and has a clear road-map of her life, one that look strong and tough but actually manja and fragile and one mengada-ngada (that will be me :P).

Hahaha..semua character mengutuk ok, so girls cepat pick which one fits u well? No matter what it is, love you all to bits ok :D

The 'taken' girl with her hantaran. So happy and serene (ps: ur mekap look so nice in cameras, not that in real tak cantik, but latino okk haha)

The group photos. Oh ya, one thing about orang yg bertunang ni, dia kan..suka TUTUP MATA time orang amik gamba. Seriously I dont get it la. Orang nak amik gamba, just open ur eyes and smile widely even it will take 5 mins okkk? Hahaha. Remember thatttt for ur wedding pictures :P

According to then plan, all of them will settle down for real next year, insyaAllah and I can't wait to go to their weddings. Please make sure tak clash tarikh ok.

Oh myy...I wonder if our relationship will change after the family-thingy. Hopefully not. Maybe we can make family dinner sometimes? Remember that ok? :D

PS: The food was fantabulous especially the sayur kacang. Say thanks to your mom!!


  1. i pun ada jgk BFF zman uni..
    skrg,tiap2 hari2 main reply2 email.
    x gune pun fb ke..ym ke..psl rase x privacy.
    nk jumpa susah..bile2 msg2 dh ada own life..lgpun,sorang kt pahang..sorang kt johor..

  2. I hope we can always find time for our girls day out later :)

  3. husband maria pn suka pejam mata bila amik gamba kahwin pn byk yg die pejam..saabar jelah..hahah..

  4. Cik Kopi,
    Me tak sure la sebab tak sempat rasa :(

    Haa..sama la ngan me. kalau BFF time u ni somehow tak reti fb ke frenster ke, kitaorg pun email2 hehehe. Tu la..wpun jarang jumpa, kat hati tetap dekat kan ;)

    Me too!! Tiba2 me imagine kita pegi spa sama2 with our babies in the stroller, boleh? Hahaha

    Kannn maria. Tak faham betul. Kita ni punya la bukak mata and sengih, dia sempat lagi nak kelip2 :P

  5. Spa bawa baby? Kena bawa hubby sekali la utk tgkkan baby ye? hehehe...

    *fluttering eye lashes*

  6. err aan, tumpang tanya..shani punya wedding ble ye? sbb kite nk plan cuti2 malaysia ke penang pulak... mueheheh - huda comot

  7. Huda,
    Itu kena tanya Shani la sebab me pun tak tahu! Hehehe, dia cakap je next year (insyAllah) but tak mention the date

  8. Huda,
    Motip tanya kat sini ha? :p

  9. shani..

    muehehehe saje suka suki...huda comot

  10. ha ah.. bila ye kenduri... byk jugak kawan2 nak sewttel down nexyer...

    btw.. congraats to rena :D kiut dan ayu gituw... ahaks