Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Blue Room

Our last two weekends filled with painting. I like white room actually, but the guest room was not in good condition. The roof is leaking (the zinc dividing us and neighbour ran out the shape and causing the water to drip in) and is eating the 2nd guestroom. We weren't in rush to fix it but my parents is coming up on the next weekend (which is last Saturday) so we have to fix it, by hook or crook.

It's not that my parents care about the roof pun, as long as hujan tak jatuh atas derang time tido kan, but malu lahhhhhh... The leakage isn't new, dah berbulan-bulan okkk. The thing is, we are waiting for our favourite house-repair man to come, Ah Kam. Because he is neat and CHEAP. Itu yang penting. But kalau cheap service ni, banyak problem lain la pulak kan. He's so busy and keep on giving false hope with this line "I'll come next week". Next weeeekkkk laaaa. Berapa banyak next week dah dia janji, tapi tak muncul-muncul ok.

So that's it, we decided to call up some random numbers we got from roof repair pamphlets. We called 2 guys and ask for the price first. They came and check the roof and gave us ridiculous quotation!

The first guy said "It's RM1000, after discount RM900". MrComot said, OK I don't want, it's too expensive.

The second guy said "It's RM1800, after discount RM1700". MrComot said, I don't want, too expensive.

MOTIFFF RIBU-RIBU? Seriously we were like, what? Mahal sgt ke repair roof ni. But we knowwww mesti boleh dpt murah punya. So we decided to wait for Ah Kam. Tiba-tiba the 1.8K guy called up and said can give cheaper. MrComot said don't want, he doesn't have money and he's only willing to pay 500. Guess what? He said, OK I can do 500. Kannnnnnnnnnnnn. Motiff sangat ok. How come u can reduce from 1.8K to 500?

Menyesal tak sebut 300 ok. Hiks.

Since Ah Kam still not available, we decided to pull in the guy and settled for 500. I thinks it's not cheap and not expensive either. But I know his cost is less than 100. Whatever lah. Dah sebut kan, janji settle.

The leaked roof. Quite bad kan?

MrComot decided to paint the room. I was reluctant at first. I mean, the original color is still ok, only comot at the top la (malas actually) and the most important thing is, I can't join the excitement! I love love love painting tapi tak berani lah with my current condition. Takut kalau penat lebih-lebih will cause miscarriage kan. Since he insisted, I have to let him have all the fun by himself.

We chose blue based color. It's a warm pastel blue from Nippon (#blue breeze).

MrComot in action.

And the outcome. Not bad eh? We use white paint for the ceiling.

Actually I imagined the blue will be paler/lighter. It's a bit too thick for me. But ok lah...dah cat pun. The current curtain is in gold, it's an eyesore. Need to change the curtain pulak.

Oh ya, MrComot took 2 days and 3 extra night (after balik keja) to finish a whole room. Pretty tiring. If you can find a good painter at reasonable price, upah je la. Butttt, we had bad experience with Bangla painter (no offense), it's cheap, about RM100 per long wall, but but but the outcome sangat lah sakit hati ok. We asked him to paint the feature wall in red and comot ok. There is splash kiri kanan dekat wall yg color putih. And then keep on blaming the paint is no good one. Heloooooooo...we use the same paint to paint our master bedroom okkkkk je. And he finished the whole 5 litre paint for ONE wall only whilst we use the 5 litre for a whole room, siap ada balance lagi. So how?

If you have time, just do it yourself. Satisfaction is the key to happiness :)


  1. 3 of my brothers painted the whole house for RM 150 upah each.. hehe, dia complain, kalau org lain sure dah dpt upah RM2.5k..

    hubby painted his apt on his own.. masa bujang. me x kenal lg dia.. so takdelah kene tlg.. pastu his sis rents his apt tu, tukar kaler cat lain.. bengang mrhafiz... hehe

  2. aan, kalau upah Papa Comot paint rumah kami, dia nak tak? :P

    kami daru DUUUULUUUU nak cat, tak cat jugak...

  3. Uuuuuu...biru~

    When do you think I will get to see the room and the new sofa? ;)

  4. Maria,
    Hehe me malas nak cat rumah sebab bykkkk. Kalau bilik ok lagi. Kalau rumah mcm nak cepat2 abes je, pastu comot2 :P

    Papa Comot cakap 500 can? cover balik the roof repair haha. Kidding. Tatty jgn cat2 lagi tau..rest byk2

    Waaaaa..tapi bawah still kosong ok, masih mengamalkan konsep tikar plastik haha. Sofa tu nobody bother to sit sebab no TV!! Nnt la kita buat girls makan2 ok :D

  5. klau xde tv, sofa smp bila2 mesti mcm baru je kan.. hehe.. penah mengalaminya.. xpun berabuk, mcm rumah my mom.. sebab letak kat living hall. tv kat family hall..

  6. waa.. your mr.comot nak wat freelance kt penang tak? Impress tgk finishing dia..

  7. Azleena, freelance tu possible, but mesti u impatient tgk dia cat..slow okk hahaha. Not slow la..I meant neat. Tapi geram, kalau aku mesti nak cepat je kan :P