Friday, June 5, 2009

Andes junior in the making

Hi all,

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'm not feeling very well and believe it or not, I feel sick with Internet!! (hopefully this will be temporary, it's a bit handicapped without Internet) I still blog hopping to my daily doses but not as much as I used to. Anyway seems like entries on Japan will be delayed *again* as I have another story to share :)

I am pregnant!!! :D

Hahaha so plastic ok, I mean the way I announce it. Anyway this is the reason why I didn't update my blog, because I am not in a good shape, physically and mentally. It's still too early by the way, I mean the pregnancy. I am at 8 weeks or 7 weeks not sure! Ok the manual calculation by doctor is 7 weeks, but the calculation based on scanning is 8 weeks. So whatever lah, around that time :)

I took the hcg test at home when I was 1 week delay. Actually I wanted to surprise MrComot, tapi dia yang sibuk2 calculate my period circulation okkkk, so how to surprise haihhh. So this pregnancy is actually kinda expected.

Anyway, my pregnancy is not easy like the normal pregnancy. Remember when I made an entry about my stress? I know already I am pregnant that time (around 4 weeks I guess) but I was having spotting everyday. EVERYDAY! for about 3 weeks. I was on Duphaston that time and supposed to help me stop the spotting. After 3 days taking Duphaston, I had heavy bleeding and I was freaking out! That was when I wrote the entry. I quickly called my gynea and she gave me an injection at the butt to strengthen the womb.

Oh ya, spotting and bleeding is a sign of threatened pregnancy. It could lead to miscarriage but some are just fine. So if you are experiencing this, quickly see your gynea. It could be nothing though but it is not normal.

Since I was only 4 weeks, gynea can't tell much from the scan result as we still can see the sac secured in the womb. Doc asked me to wait for another 3 weeks before we can see anything and rush to the nearest hospital if I bleed with jelly thing, as miscarriage might happen.

After that, I chilled down and just redha, if God want to give, He will give, if he doesn't he will take back right?

Thrice a day for another month *sigh*

Last Wednesday, we went for another ultrasound and my baby's heart is flickering!!!! I was sooo stunned and excited! Alhamdulillah is all I can say. However, it's still tooo early. I am only 2 months and in 1st trimester. Anything still could happen. Doc still request me to take Duphaston till week 12. My next check-up will be end of this month and we'll see how ok? Hopefully baby stay strong and membesar bagai johan.

Oh ya, actually I'm quite reluctant to share this thing as I heard a lot saying wait till you confirmed first (when baby is stable) but I think it's better for me to write this so maybe there are moms-to-be having the same symptom and can make this as referal. Not all pregnancy is beautiful ok?

Ehhhhh..before I forget, to all bride and grooms to be, I might not going to all the weddings ok. I don't think my health position allow me to. As for now I need a lot of rest (bedrest to be exact but I don't want to) and take really-really good care of me and baby. No jalan jauh for me, no bumpy ride, no crowd or whatever. So, selamat pengantin baru to all my friends, especially Khairiah, Fiena, Henzman, Ain Alida, Atiem, etc. Sorry I won't go to your wedding (Oh ya, henzman maybe I'll go to yours as your wedding dekat je kan, but can't promise, tengok how I feel that time ok?)

So soorryyyy I can't make it. Hope you guys have a wonderful wedding and everything berjalan lancar. Thanks for inviting me, really appreaciate it.

Oklah, gotta go..have a good day darlings and happy making babies! :D


  1. awwwww what a GREAT news that is..
    muahh aan, leh join kelab mommies insya Allah.. soon :)

    congrats to u n encikcomot of urs..
    am so happy for u guys :)

    tk a gud care of urself.. yeah!

  2. Thanks Aleeya. Wish can have normal and easy like urs. Takpe takpe..let's go through together. Eh babe, I haven't post ur FM tau, dah pack tapi tak gerak2 waaaaa. Sorry! I'll try to post asap ok :)

  3. sis!!!! so happyyyyy for both of you! kena jaga baby btl2! :D

  4. ann hamil rupenyer...
    tahniah ;)

    jaga diri baik baik
    makan yg baik baik
    rehat yg cukup cukup


  5. rehat la aan jgn lasak2 dan dont Stress!!!!!sabar sabar redha ngan ujian..amin..muahsss..and congrats to both of u

  6. aaaaan. sangat congrats!!!!
    ;) eee seronoknya dapat baby.

    take care ek.

  7. wah, congratulation! all my prayers are for you, semoga dipermudahkan semuanya.

    its ok, we'll meet when the time is right. boleh jumpe dgn andes jr pula lps ni? =)

    take care aan, dnt forget ur medication and have a lot of rest ok? klu x nanti andes jr. mengamuk dkt dlm tu suruh mummy dier berehat =)

    hoping for more news to come, nanti citer eyh pasal andes jr. evry month. assalamualaikum

  8. congratsssssssssssssss! :D

  9. what is important is En. Comot must be supportive.. and I bet he is :)
    the rest relax jer.... if u stress lagi teruk ada la :)

    ooo and for the fun of it... bleh la start membaca :) and look at pictures :) i had a program yg tunjuk every month/week apa rupa anak dlm perut... and what is his/her supposed development :D

    and .... of course.. congrats on ur pregnancy... errr bunting pelamin? ke bunting jepun ekekke

  10. :) :) :) im still smiling till now..
    eh psl fm tu ur time..u need lots n lots of rest..

    karlbum : may i know the pregnancy dev tool that u hv?
    ni bunting jepun ni.. aan jr dari jepun :p

  11. the name of the program is MOM2B

    here's the link;lst

    my wife really liked this software.
    plus some really useful tips in there :D

  12. baby jepun... ahakss..

    Aan... congrats. Yeah first 3 months ni kena jaga baik2... Wpun takde pengalaman sendiri, but my sis pernah go thru bad experience with first pregnancy. I agree with resting n not involving in too much streneous activities until u're fit enough :-)

    woww... so heppi for u... jaga diri baik2 and do update us on aan&comot's junior from time to time kay :D

  13. Congrats for the news! Alhamdulillah.

    N thanx kalau dpt hadir my wedding. =)

  14. kau hamil?????

    * buat buat terkejut

    congrats babe

  15. thx karlbum.. :)
    will check it out..

  16. henzman kawen bila? tak tahuuu.. sorry...

  17. congrats!!

    just want to share with you that i was also on duphaston and was given weekly injections when i was pregnant..up till my 11th week cos i pon threatened abortion .i was bleeding till week 9 kot.

    neways..the good news is that i dah beranak pon and baby is healthy!!

    hope your pregnancy will be a smooth sailing journey.

  18. aan,
    great news!seronoknya gok ur blog title this morning..

    i'm happy for both of u.congratulation.take care tau..


  19. lalink, this is so great news and i hope u take super good care of yourself ok. jgn gedik lebih2 and eat well.

    and of course, CONGRATS! *hugs*

  20. Nur, Alis, Cool, Yan, Leed, Cyber, Sara, Azleena thanks a lot! >:D<

    Ain Alida, thanks! Sorry ya, didn't go to ur wedding. Hope everything went well btw ;)

    Karlbum, thanks! Downloaded! Yup, time2 ni hubby have to support a lot and nasib baik MrComot ok :) Cuma kadang2 I je lah yg stress lebih2 hehehe

    Bee, me tak larat nak gedik pun ok hehehe

    Miss Intepreted, thanks for sharing! lega sket. Hopefully mine pun ok, aminnnn.

    Superman, motipppp?? anyway thanks :P

    Oh ya all, not made in Japan Malaysia je I think hehe

  21. congratz..sorry lambat wish..