Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Touch Me Not

I got new handphone! Yeayyy!!!

Not that I need it as I already have a handphone, but it's zaman kitab taurat punya okkkk (inside joke with MakJanDa). Not that I care pun. I've been living with the old handphone like for years (since my SE dropped in the sea) and it is pretty normal to me. Only that I can't MMS or whatever lah.

Everytime my phone rings, the TV in the room will keep on blinking and MrComot come out with a theory that my phone have high radiation, so he bought me this!

My old nokia vs. Tube 5800

(Anyway, the old phone given my pet bro, Abg Namiri and thanks to you bro!!! I know u r reading this. Not that I don't like it, but I think dah lama pun pakai, the battery keep on habis hehehe. Thanks! Appreciate it a lot!)

It's my first ever touch screen phone and I'm having a hard time clicking on the virtual keyboard, but it's fun! I'm still exploring this phone though and already use the video call! Haha..mind my jakunness ok. MrComot was away last night for technical work at the office and he called me up when I was watching the TV, so I simply angkat and tiba2 nampak muka! It was very funny. And then it took me about a minute to figure out how to turn ON my video, and giggle-giggle can't believe we are video-calling. Sangat ketinggalan zaman ok :P

My TUBE still in basic mode now, no fancy theme, no songs (oh ya, I got free 1000 songs to download voucher!), no caller picture, etc etc but the best part is, my GPS is loaded with Garmin map!! So I don't have to use default NokiaMaps which means, no broadband usage. It's going to be unlimited and FREE!

The map

I know there is a lot of TUBE's fan out there and I have few tips I learnt:

1) If the phone ringing and u can't touch it to silent it or reject the call (especially in the meeting) just turn it down (telangkup kan dia), it will be in silent mode automatically. Cute isn't it?

2) Use Opera Mini for your browser, can be downloaded from It is way way faster and very light than using the default Nokia browser.

3) There is finger print resistent screen protector instead of normal one at RM45 (mine is normal btw and full of finger prints!)

So babes, lets MMS-ing and video-calling!!!


  1. its time to change phone..
    nnt bila ur camera takde, u can easily take pics from ur cameraphone..
    esp bila tiba2 baby gerak2.. u leh amik video perut u gerak.. hehe.. i penah wat..

  2. sis! bley la kita MMS and Video calling! hohohoho

  3. aan,

    same to me..wpun having hp yg ader mcm2 i tau sms/mms..and call je.hehehe.

  4. huhuhuhuhu.... hidup lagi rupanya hp tu... jangan buang....

  5. ahaha.. aku pakai henfon yang zaman kitab injil... kiranya, ada la function nak amik gmbr, but itu aje la.. mms pun aku tak activatekan.. pelik kan kita org IT tak keep up ngan teknologi... mwahahhaa... me not planning to change as long as it's alive n kickin or some mr.Big emerge from somewhere and present me such gadget... Hahaha *brangan :P~ but kalau ada la kan.. aku akan cakap "takper2.. henfon i ok lagi, belikan i lense kamera baru pun dah cukup" hhohoho... Ehh.. this post is about u and ur new gadget.. why am I blog-crashing here? aduii...

    ok..Fokus.. henfon Aan! Yeah.. weh.. sgt cool dan berteknologi ;-) Have Fun with it dan selamat mengexplore nya...

  6. patutnya pakai pda dah pun kalau kira ngan taraf awak org it :p ekekek

    tp seriously pda is a very useful thing.. i've been using pda since i got out of usm.. and very satisfied :)

    p/s: check ur garmin map.. official garmin map or malfreemap / malsingmap? kalau malfreemap / malsingmap i contributed a bit back in the days. ada jalan/lorong karlbum in gua musang :p

  7. it's about time pun!!!!! :P
    now me using 'zaman kitab taurat' nye phone tu and for some reasons, rasa cam senang gile k. letak mana2 pun tak ilang.

    anyway, me pun mcm kena cr hp baru jugak.

  8. Dapat tak gambar me MMS?

    Nanti guna gambar tu utk saya ye :)

  9. ok.. phone lama tu bole masuk muzium telekom....

    nanti dia letak dalam bekas kacha. dtg la melawat kalau rindu.. setahun sekali pun x per

  10. Mariah, cool idea! Hehe nnt try

    Nur, jom jom video calling :D

    Sara, same here! I think girls mcm tu kut hehehe. Anyway now I rajin browse blogs pakai TUBE ni sbb malas bukak laptop :P

    Abg Namiri, tak buang punyaa.. Hidup and byk berjasa okkk. Dah la lasak, jatuh pun relax je, u know me la kan hehe

  11. Azleena, of cos can't beat the feeling pegang slr ok. To me phone will always be the phone, for call and sms. Kalau buat menda lain still sedap pakai the original thing, cuma convinient la hehe

    Karlbum, I use malsingmap. Nnt I checkout the gua musang. Maybe pakai time balik Besut ke hehe. P/s: Tak sangka u active buat menda2 ni :P

    Bee, yaaaa it's about time ish ish. Kesian me ok. And zaman kitab taurat tu mmg living with no fear la, nobody want to steal. Hey ur phone still ok okk

    Shani, advance nya u siap letak ur pic as caller ID hehe. Me baru notice ok.

    Maria, jom jom. Dulu time bujang selalu la sms kan but now dah kawen tatau nak sms ngan sape. Hari tu pegi sms MrComot padahal kat sebelah saja :P

    Superman, kannn cerca la. I still simpan ok, buat backup.