Monday, June 8, 2009

My bento set

One thing good about being pregnant is you can eat everything! You won't feel guilty because you know you are eating for the sake of baby and the best part is, you don't have to worry about the extra fats. It's all about being pregnant right? Even though the fats is 'invalid'.

But the bad thing is, you won't have the appetite!!! Arghhhhhhh!!!!

On the first month, I happily munching on everything I wanted but when my second month kick-in, I started to feel nausea and have this metal-taste in my mouth, ALL THE TIME! It's a torture you know! Because I am very hungry but tak lalu nak makan *nanges*

So I have to try eat anything I can in small portion within short interval period.

MrComot is a real darling because he prepares breakfast for me everyday, without fail. He let me sleep until he's ready in the working shirt and wake me up, to get ready while he's preparing the breakfast.

But it's not like he cooks or whatever. He just cut some fruits and prepare what I need to bring.

Every morning, this bag is ready

And the inside. Gigih ok keluarkan balik everything to snap. This is the 1st time he prepares it so I kinda excited and want to write about this.

Anyway, paper bag is not practical ok as it tends to tear so now I'm using this hand-made canvas bag by Dzaliqa. It's soo kawai!! I purchased this long time ago (before married lagi I think) but now it's my official bento bag :D

Fabric limited from Ikea

My breakfast (whole day tid-bit actually as I can't finish the whole thing in the morning) varies each day but generally will include two types of fruits (and I'm having mango everyyyydaayyyy), one flavoured milk (I don't like plain milk, ewwwwwww) and some crackers. Crackers is for evening as I start to feel very hungry at 5PM.

I hope this 'no appetite' phase will fastly swift with 'mengidam' phase. I am hungryyyyyyyy.


  1. when the nausea's over, u boleh munch anything u want.. tp lagi satu plak.. perut u start membesar and u takleh mamam byk2.. mkn sket je dah kenyang.. seringkali terjadi pd diri saya pembaziran yg berleluasa.. u feel like buying this n that, bila time makan, x mkn pun sume.. :\

    owhh u r lucky to hv the "bag", i requested from iqa, but dia ckp material dah abis :(

    *i suke plain hot milk, dun give me other flavour!

  2. Darling, if you crave for nasi bubur Suraya nanti, do give me a buzz ye~

    For now, happy munching ^_^

  3. kehidupan tanpa nafsu makan adalah sesuatu yg tidak menyeronokkan..=(

  4. Maria, can't wait for the nausea to go away hehe. And yeahhh bag tu limited but I saw ada byk lagi pattern yg comel2 :D U are soo good can take plain milk. Jelesnya!! Me flavoured milk pun sikit2 je :(

    Shani, I need your help to teman shopping can? Hehehe no pants already :D

    M@ri@, exactly! Hidup tanpa nafsu makan tak menyeronokkan. And tak lalu makan is disaster!

  5. Bila tiba time mengidam pasti byk benda nak makan rite? :D

  6. Boleh, anytime bebeh~

  7. saya hari2 bawak paper bag gi sekolah.. wife bangun pagi awal2 masakkan nasi.. because i dont eat breakfast nor lunch at the canteen.. i only eat my wife's cooking .. hehehe :)

    that's why im very healthy :p ekekek

  8. Nur, yup! Masalahnya belum sampai mengidam, still tak lalu :(

    Karlbum, lucky you!!!! It's good to have home-cooked meal ok, healthier and cleaner. Dulu before kawen I berangan la nak masak everyday and buat bekal for hubby, but mcm angan2 je now hehe. Hopefully I manage to pull that soon :D