Monday, June 8, 2009

The Little Visitor

The last checkup surprised us with two things. First; the baby's flickering hearbeat, second; there is a little visitor appeared along with the baby.

My gynea detected a small cyst on my left just below the baby.

The blue one is andes jr. and the red one is the cyst

I'm not sure if the cyst suddenly appear or already there for a long time, as I never know I have a cyst. I mean, I never go for any checkup previously. But I had one ultrasound for my colon thing last year and see no cyst. So I have a strong feeling that the cyst is new.

According to my gynea, some people do have cyst during early pregnancy as it helps to support the pregnancy itself. It would somehow dissappear during week 12 as by that time, placenta fully formed and connected to baby. It is something like benign. But if it doesn't go away, hmm I don't know what will happen, but will be bad I guess.

My gynea took the measurement and it's about 2mm x 2mm.

You can't remove the cyst by the way (at this phase). So I hope the next check up will show something positive - no cyst and a healthy baby :)


  1. kot bukan cyst..kot tu andes ahaks...hepi hepi..bersalin skali tapi dapat 2 baby

    *mati laa bg harapan palsu* pun tetiba rasa mcm nk join mama club la...ahahahahah *lariiik*

  2. hmm.. aan, tgk dulu camne nnt k.. hrp2 kalau cyst, nnt dia ilang..

  3. doa seme nye selamat..AMINNN

    awal2 mmg gini..banyak pikir dan banyak benda menyerabutkan sebab seme perkara kita lalui buat pertama kali kan?..bila dlm keadaan tatau mmg stress..

    bila dah biasa u will be ok..

  4. I have cyst to.. same goes to my other friend.. My gynae told me it's normal actually.. Don't stress yourself ok.. Doa byk2..
    InsyaAllah kita beranak almost the same time kot (*<>*)

  5. Finally, I will have the chance to give you the food for pregnancy book.

    Or should I give it to Mr. Comot?

    All the best dear!


  6. Haha lalink, harapan pelesu sgt ok. Kalau dpt kembar me suka gak. Jom jom join the club :D

    Maria, insyAllah hilang nnt, hopefully. We'll see lah how :)

    Cool, AMINNN. Now dah tak stress sgt. Bila nak gi kedai tikus niiiiii --> ok ni stress hahaha

    Yatimid! COngratssss!! I mean u being pregnant la. I knewwww it that we are about the same time, but taknak tanya u dulu, ingat want to wait when dah big sket hehehe. InsyaAllah..ada rezeki we'll be gossiping about our kids pulak :D

    Lalink, me sukaaaaaaa!! Kita jumpa nnt ok, on my checkup day! :*

  7. Cyst - ketulan ada cecair kt dalam.
    Biasanya dok kat ovari, bukan uterus.

    Are u sure its a cyst? Sbb selalunya cyst ni dok kat tepi ovari.

    Dalam uterus, slalu ada fibroid je.

    Cyst jarang memberikan masalah. Fibroid pun sama. Cuma ruang utk baby tu kena share dgn cyst/fibroid tu je la.

    Kalau cyst tak ilang dalam masa 3 bulan, no problem. jgn risau sgt. dia akan keluar skali masa deliver.

    tapikan, jarang betul cyst ada kat uterus. according to the image, its uterus.

    Regarding your weak womb, next time sblm pregnant, dapatkan suntikan hormon drpd pakar. Nak kuatkan rahim. Nothing else u can do.

    Kalau bleeding more than 3 times dalam masa 8 weeks of pregnancy, chances are less than 50% to survive (baby).

    p/s: buat test darah utk tau lebih lanjut. u can gain many with blood test.

    p/s2: its a boy. a tough one. orang tua-tua kata, kuat.

  8. Hi Nurse, thanks for the insight comment. Not sure la it's in uterus or ovari, but I'll have my checkup today, nnt I'll ask further with the gynea. So far they takde buat blood test lagi, wonder why.

    So far bleeding is 2 kali, tapi spotting byk kali la :(

    Kalau baby boy aminn, girl pun aminnn. I am hoping for twins (ada hati tu, padahal dah macam2 problem now hehehe).