Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Grapefruit Baby

I had my monthly checkup yesterday and Alhamdulillah, baby is fine. My uterus already as big as grapefruit! And baby is at 4cm long. I'm at 11 weeks (by machine's calculation, 10 weeks by manual) and since it's consistent, Doc decided to stick with machine's prediction :P

The cyst is still there at 2cm x 2 cm - no changes, so it is a benign (thank God) and oh MsNurse, the cyst is in ovari not uterus. I pun tak sure how la sebab the latest scanning tunjuk macam lain pulak.

Since I still have occasional spotting (about 4 times in 3 weeks), Doc still put me on Duphaston for another month *sigh*. But I decided to stop taking it if no spotting at all in 2 weeks, OK tak? If you have opinion, share it with me ok. Sebab from online reading, most of the mommies tak recommend to take Duphaston, but Doc said ok. So me so pening here.

On my body side, the waistline start to dissapear and I can't fit in my pants anymore. I gained 1 kilo every month and at 52 now. Always feel fatigue and short of breath, and still no appetite. The nausea is quite bad as for few days as I started to throw up every evening. Doc said I am at the highest peak of my hormon and all the symptom will be worse.

MrComot always softly pat my belly whenever I throw up and said "Baby...jangan buli mommy ok. Bagi mommy rehat ok..."

Hehehe it soothes me somehow :)


  1. what??? 52 kg? OMG! *lariiik*

    "baby...jgn banyak guling ok. nanti mommy pening" *sambil gosok pewot aan*

  2. hehehe sis lepas baby kuar kena pi marie france tu :D

  3. Umyra,
    Helooo compare to u mmg la me kalahhhh. U tulang je okk opsss. Eh before me preggy me 50 tau. Me rasa mcm okkk je. U tgk me ok ke tak? :D

    Tak payah..kita buat je sendiri2 kat rumah :D

  4. "evening sickness"???
    samer la.. petang2 je loya in early pregnancy.. pg2 sgtlah cergas n boleh la nak breakfast..
    petang je "konk"


    "MrComot always softly pat my belly whenever I throw up and said "Baby...jangan buli mommy ok. Bagi mommy rehat ok...""


    ala rindu dgr me hubby said the same thgs..

  5. wow... another life in you....

  6. suar maria pun dah tak muat..huhuh..

  7. me lepas 3 hari threaten abortion tu, me trus stop dupaston. sbb dupaston buat me lagi mabuk...

    now, alhamdulillah... kengkadang jer rasa pening...

  8. Aleeya, nnt suruh Nawfal pat the belly and say all the soothing stuff when the daddy's not around :D

    Azleena, u'll experience this too :D

    m@ri@, wahhh preggy jugak. Congrats darling! Sorry me ketinggalan keter api :P

    Tatty, me rasa duphaston tu mmg ada effect la hehe. Tapi me tak mabuk teruk, so me still amik till now! Sebab doc tak bagi stop :(

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