Monday, July 6, 2009

Macy's Fabric Sofa Sale

This will be a total not me entry. Yeah if you know me..I am not the shopping type or whatever. Anyway really really need to share you this great news.

Macy is having big sale for their fabric sofas and it only lasts for 4 days!! (starting since Saturday).

This is no hoax or tipu whatever. Because we've been eyeing this one sofa for living room since last year! So we went to Macy like, all the time (everytime we go to Ikano, mesti singgah) just to check on the price and see the discount. They never mark-up their price even when they are on sale so the sale is valid!

We were there when they had this end-of-year sale and nothing much on sofas, only curtain was on big discount. So we put our plan on hold. We went there again in April where there have 15% for all the stuff which is not bad! We were tempted to take the sofa until I asked one of the worker

Me: Will you have more discount on that sofa? *pointing to sofa we want*
Macy Guy: Yes..we'll have specifically for sofa in July but I don't know how much the discount yet. Macy hasn't reveal the info.

So we decided to wait because we have a feeling it's going to be a better deal. Yesterday we went to Ikano and spent 3 and half hours alone in Macy choosing the fabric because finally we purchased the sofa! Itupun sebab we went there quite late around 6.30PM and had to settle because it's already 10PM. Kalau pegi dari pagi mesti the whole day we'll be there.

They have this buy 3 seaters at the price of 2 seaters, 2 seaters at the price of one seater and one seater with 30%. For all fabric sofas!

We also checked the price before discount and it's the same with last year's price and the discount is freaking generous.

So babes, if you are looking for fabric sofas, go check out Macy now (remember, this promotion only for 4 days, so it will end this Tuesday!). It's really worth it. The quality, the workmanship, the fabric and the price!


  1. I'm not looking to buy a sofa but you surely got my all excited about going to Macy :p

  2. Yeay yeay ...lepas ni mesti Aan buat makan-makan nak bagi kami merasa kerusi baru, kan? :)

    (lepas you dah stabil tau darling)

  3. sis, meh la letak pics! :D

  4. along, mane gambar sofa baru nih.. blikan utk ngah skali :P

  5. Cik Kopi,
    I know you will! Hahaha. Keep on survey ok. So u'll get the idea about the design and stuff. By that time u r buying u know it's the one ;)

    Yeayyyy... U guys no need to sit on the floor enimo hehe

    Datang tgk kat rumah la :D

    Nnt hang mai, jgn tido ok atas sofa tu LOL. Beli tu mintak ngan mama ok :P

  6. bila la mau ajak datang rumah ni ;p

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