Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Masseur

Since my belly start to ballooning, I bought some oil to prevent stretch mark. However it is an on and off routine as I am very laaaazzyyyy (my girlfriends, you know me lah kan :P). So sometimes I rub it every night, sometimes alternate night.

But for the past few nights, I never miss it as I got a masseur! MrComot insists to rub the oil on my growing belly, thigh, waist, breast, etc. And act like a professional masseur hahaha! I always giggle looking at his face while rubbing me. So serious and spa-like :P

In fact he rubs me with the oil twice a day! Morning after taking my bath and during the night before I go to sleep.

His tender gesture somehow touch my heart that I said this to him, last night while he's doing the massage:

Me: Thank you sayang.. Sayang sanggup tak buat ni untuk 9 bulan lagi?
MrComot: 90 tahun pun me sanggup *smile*

I was kinda surprised because he ain't a sweet talker or romantic person, so that spontaneous word melt my heart instantly that I want to note it down here :)

Thinking back, why I said 9 months eh? It should be 5 months to go, yeay! Maybe because pregnant lady = 9 months..haha don't really remember.

Anyway, I'm using natural oil from Earth Mama. It contains combination of natural oils (I forgot what is the mixture) and safe for pregnant ladies. The best thing is, it absorbs well that it won't stick to your hands or leave any oil traces. So after rub it to your body, you don't have to wash your hands.

Can't wait to be home, to get a massage! :D


  1. Bestnya~

    Lucky for you Mr. Comot rajin...kalau tak, *sigh* tak tau lah :p

  2. :) schweet of him..

    kalau gatal2 nnt jgn garu tau.. nnt kulit tak cantik.. *org pesan*
    me garu je, tp pelan2.. hehe

  3. Shani,
    Deep meaning tu. Kalau tak apa jadi? *hahaha me dah tergelak2 ni*

    Me heard the same thing. MIL kan..dia cakap dia garu atas baju pun ada parut *scary*. I think depends on one's skin kut. And my skin mmg senang sgt parut and comot permanent :(

  4. wah nak kena cari gakla minyak yg mcm ni.since my belly mcm dah start nak meregang..n dah ada tanda regangan..oh tidak..huhu..

  5. M@ri@,
    Tu la..strecth mark ni tricky sket, sebab we won't know the outcome sampai la dah deliver. Bila dah mengecut baru nampak kan. So what we can do is try our best to prevent and if kalau jadi jugak, redha je la :P