Monday, August 3, 2009

Should I or shouldn't I?

Hmmm.. this is not something important..just a crap but I need it to be out of my system.

I've been wanting a big shoulder bag since last year, but still teragak-agak to buy it. Because it is soo not me to buy something not necessary. I mean, I have bags right, so why need to add on? It's hard being practical and woman *sigh*. Ohh weeee..woman can be practical, but need strong will.

Anyway, since my pregnancy, the urge to get the bag that I'm eyeing is rising at the peak. What holding me from buying it is, I have to get it from Parkson KLCC as I've seen that bag there, and don't know where else to get. And I still tak larat nak jalan. Jalan2 for 2 hours pun dah sakit bontot and rasa cramp.

Talking about urge, the first thing I do today is browsing Jane Shilton's website to check on the price because I already forgot (it was more than a year ok, haha).

This is exactly what I want -->

Anyway, the price made me startled a bit because now I remember that it was priced around 700 at Parkson.

So I'm torn between decisions. Should I get it? Or not?

I mean, we are expecting baby, so we going to spend a lot. And it's a bit unfair right? My hubby is working hard and managing the money whilst I'm here splurging on wanted stuff, not needed.

What made me more feel guilty is, he just bought me the Clark's Freckle Face that I wanted, and getting me Somerset dress. So, should I just go on wanting that bag? And he's on the other hand wearing ASADI's slipper to everywhere.


I know the answer is easy. Hold that thought for a while, maybe another year. But..I want it soo bad and it's been for ages. But it seems a bit unfair..being a needy and selfish wife.

But it is tempted to be selfish now :(

Should I or shouldn't I?


  1. IMHO-It's ok sometimes to splurge especially when you have been waiting to get it since last year.

    Lets call it a reward to your (preggy) self-nanti tak beli kempunan pulak.

    Tapi janganlah guna alasan tu utk spend your savings.

    But honestly dear, kalau beli warna putih tak ke comot nya nanti? You'll be spending RM700+ tau ;p

  2. em for me as a rewards ape jgn lupa utamakn yg mn penting dlu k..

    p/s:sy juga amat kempunan nak beli satu brg sejak dah tau pregnant kena tahan je keinginan tu..huhu..kena usaha kuat lg mn tau ada rezeki..=)

  3. takpe spends rm700 yang for sure akan tahan lama and berbaloi utk dipakai. pasal expenses for baby plak hehehe baby kan lambat lagi nak kuar. byk masa tuh mommy and daddy nak kumpul duit ;)

  4. Shani, think it's fine for me to have it. Only the thing is, how me going to break the request to him? Hahaha. Me feel bad okkk. Because me got so many things already. Maybe me will wait for another weeks, tunggu he forget about all the gifts before :P

    Anyway yes, white mcm susah jaga kan. I was thinking red but it is too loud and black is too plain. If only they have it in brown *sigh*. Can't decide yet..gotta go to Parkson and have a look again :D

  5. m@ri@,
    Utamakan yg utama. That's the key word. So I'm torn between wants and ethics hehe. We'll see lah nanti how. Maybe dia esok tiba2 tak teringin ke :P

    InsyaAllah ready for everything, we'll see la how. Hehe bukan menda penting pun ni :D

  6. isk, tayah2. jgn nk ngada2 :P

  7. dah dpt ke beg idaman? ke dah lupa?
    kdg2 aan buat2 tak tau je, lama2 u akan rasa, hmm xperlu pun..

    it works for me.. ngeh ngeh ngeh..

  8. Maria,
    Me dah terlupa okk!! Hahaha betul tu..buat tak tahu. Dia kan mai angin sekejap je. Mungkin timbul balik angin tu, so wait and see la. Tapi so far belum beli :P