Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Little One's Progress

I had my monthly checkup yesterday. I am about 18 or 19 weeks now.

As usual, we do the scanning thing and this time we get to see more details. I can already spot the spine (you can even count the vertebrata!), the eye socket, etc. And my baby keep on moving or should I say fighting? because he/she keeps on kicking the air when gynea pressing the cold scanner to get the leg's length. It took her about 20mins to get the perfect angel for the calculation and said:

"Activenya your baby. Lenguh tangan I nak scan. Ni baru kecik2 ni belum besar"

Haha..I wonder what are you thinking/doing little one? Do you feel cold? Or you feel like somebody is intruding your small solitude space?

The gynea gave me new supplement, obimin and calcium pills because my milk intake is not enough.

The calcium is humongous! Ok, I maybe exaggerating here but I can't really swallow big pills. I used to vomit right after I consume it and the size is slightly smaller than obimin. For calcium pills, I cut it into two and take piece by piece.

This is a few tips that I learnt during my consumption, to avoid vomiting:

1) Hold long breath before consume. This is to avoid you get the smell of the pills (if any)
2) If you feel like to throw up after swallowing, breath in and out through mouth until you feel better

I asked my gynea if I need to take extra supplement like Fish Oil and she said it's not necessary as she doesn't want to burden my kidney for extra work.

My weight also gaining at normal pace now. I add on 1kg every month and by end of the pregnancy it should be around 10kgs. More than that will be considered as obese. We'll see how. I'm not afraid of having extra kilos, I'm more afraid of not gaining it. Nanti kesian my baby tak cukup nutrisi.

The gynea also drew some blood from me for some standard checking and I am excited! I always amazed on how you can tell things from blood. Like, A LOT of thing! blood type, sugar level, some weird disease, etc etc hehehe. Btw, hopefully everything is normal.

This is me, taken on last Saturday. MrComot candid this while we are at Macy. Haha we haven't finish shopping for the living room. Tak larat dah..asyik survey je. Anyway we going to get the sofa and dining set before raya, yeay! So come come guys, raya kat rumah. You won't be seated on the floor :P

I look so preggy kan? But it's not actually! I mean, my belly not that round yet if you see me upfront. Maybe the blouse and the position makes me look like that. Ahhh it doesn't really matter. Since MrComot loves this pic so much, I just post it here hehe..

Oh ya, on my body update. Alhamdulillah no more bleeding for about a month and half (yeay!) I still feel the heartburn sensation, but no more nauseousness, and develop new sickness last few days - headache!!! I HATE HATE HATE headache, because I rarely get them, so I can't really tolerate it. I will feel extra uneasiness and pain. I think I can take stomachache better. Also, I notice that I can't stand or walk to long (ie: one hour), I will feel cramping down below. So still no going out jalan-jalan for me.

Since H1N1 also climbing the peak, it's good for me to stay put pun. So to all mother's outside, becareful ya..limit yourself from public. We are the high risk people :)


  1. maria tak dapat any suplement maria p goverment goverment ade la bg vit b dgn iron n vit c..tak besar sgt die punya vit so okla..hehe..mlm semalam br rasa baby maria tak active sgt kot..sbb ni dah masuk 22 w tp die diam je..huhu..

  2. Aan, nanti kita teruskan project bermuvie tu bila dah ada kesempatan(/sofa) ye? ;p

  3. aan.. u comel!!!!

  4. k.aan sy sungguh comel!!!

  5. cant wit to see the bump :)

    hey, sis pun xleh jalan lelama, 2 hours max.. lebih daripada tu, mmg menyakitkan.. :(
    this pregnancy lain sket, masa
    1st dulu, berjalan sakan.. siap ikut hubby outstation ke sana ke mari..

  6. hehehe nampak image mommy inside you la sis. sis specky eh?

  7. m@ri@,
    Mungkin maria tak perlu the supplement kut. Sebab dia ikut body jugak kan. Mcm me tak dpt the vit c and iron. Tapi drink a lot of milk ok. Sebab nnt baby amik byk calcium from our body. Takut bila tua nnt senang osteoporosis hehe.

    Me tak face 22 weeks lagi, so me dunno how kerap baby should keep. Tapi sebab baby still small, so actually in scan you can see the baby moves cuma you tak rasa directly dekat perut. Kadang2 je me rasa (normally malam) maybe dia bagi extra kick and punch baru rasa. Rasa mcm ada angin tembak/sumpit from inside hehe.

  8. Shani,
    Takde sofa lagi best ok boleh golek2 hehehe. Takpe..projek tetap jadi, lepas puasa la eh :P

    Rena & Dil,
    Comel ehhhh..sebab camera phone tu tak clear hahahaha. Lepas ni mesti me pakai baju tu selama seminggu :P

    Memang sakit kalau jalan lama :( Rasa mcm nak period pun ada huhuhu. But hopefully is ok la..not indication to any complication, aminnn

    Yup me specky. Dulu rajin la lense, tapi preggy ni macam malas2 hehe

  9. kuikuikui... nmpk sgt pregnant. rasanya bukan camera trick ataupun angle... itu mungkin seri Ibu.. ahakss...