Friday, August 14, 2009

Chilis Mushroom Jack Chicken

I was a bit disoriented these few days and that explains the silence in this blog. My life still running as usual, only I don't have passion to write anything about it. I think it's about time for me to break the shell, I need to start writing! Because I know, one day I will read and giggling over my posts :D

I rarely cook since my pregnancy because I don't have the heart to do so. Luckily MrComot is not a fussy eater either, so we eat out almost every weekend.

Last few weeks, we were too lazy to go out for lunch. I remember that I have few shrinking button mushroom in the fridge and thinking of having my fav Chilis's Mushroom Jack, so I decided to google up in case I can make something similar to it instead of eating out, and guess what? There is a TOTAL match!!

I follow exactly what the recipe said except I don't marinate my chicken with cumin because I think cumin is weird (don't you think so?) And of course, I was so lazy to do the condiments for tortillas, so I substitute it with pita bread.

The main ingredient:
fresh button mushroom (I use combination of white and brown), 1 medium capsicum (if you like bell pepper, you can put more), 1 big onion (I think it's better for you to use yellow onion. I use red because it's all I have in hands)

Slice 'em all. Oh ya, while you are at it, marinate your chicken strips

I marinate mine with seasoned sea salt and blackpepper. Normal salt will do.

After finish slicing the vege, fry you chicken with flaring hot fire. This to make the outer meat brown but yet, not to overcook your chicken.

Then throw in the onions and capsicum. It will be prettier if you add green and yellow capsicum as well.

Lastly, throw in the sliced mushroom. I add a pinch of salt by this time, and some coarse blackpepper.

Ok, now I don't know why it turned out so brownnn like you dash in soy sauce. But believe me, I add nothing! Maybe the color comes from the mushroom. The one in Chilis also this color right?

If you are a cheese lover, top it with lotsa cheese and bake it for another 10mins. The original recipe suggest for us to use Jack cheese. I just grabbed what I had in hands, mozarella I think. But believe me, it tastes wonderful even without the cheese.

Since I was so lazy to make the tortilla stuff, I just use pita bread. Pan fry it a bit (without oil) instead of bake it because I think it's faster. And it is! I just left the bread few seconds longer and it burnt!

Our lunch that day. Additional of sweet cherry tomatoes and cold lychee *drool*

The bread is a bit dry, so you can add on mayonnaise or butter. Yum!

And it is double yum to be eaten on its own! See how this dish caramelized? I think it's from the mushroom as I didn't add any water at all.

Btw, I was so surprised to see how well it turned out. I mean, it really tastes like Chilis Mushroom Jack! Ok, minus the sizzling plate. But still, comparing how simple the ingredient and the way to prepare, it is a gem! Oh not to forget that MrComot lovesssss it so much :">

This recipe is a must keep. Maybe I'll do it again properly, with tortilla, cream cheese, tomato salsa, etc etc :D

Happy weekend darlings mwahhhhhhh