Monday, August 17, 2009

Don't mess with LHDN

This year is my first year opening my account with LHDN. Not that my salary need to pay the tax already, only that MrComot set me as the spouse. While calculating here and there, MrComot came to conclusion that LHDN owe me around RM10.

MrComot: Me going to complaint and ask for refund
Me: Are u sure they owing us?
MrComot: If your form all correct, yes
Me: Confirm ehh..kalau salah nnt mesti they cari pasal and dig unnecessary thing. Lagipun sepuluh ringgit saja bukan ratus2. No need laa..
MrComot: It's ok, me confident! Bukan sebab money, me tak puas hati saja hehe

Kannnnnnn. Confident la sangat. So he filed the complaint asking for the ten bucks haha (I think about a month ago).

We received the first later a week after stating LHDN does not owe me anything. Ok fine.

Then we received second later on the next week, stating that ME owing LHDN RM800++ in 2007!! Both of us so surprised with the figure. I mean, as I said before, I don't have to pay anything yet with my current salary, so let alone in 2007!! Dah la tak open any file with them yet at that time kan. So I dig my EA form and I saw a column stating that I received allowance for phone for 4800 which I never use!!! I mean, I don't know when the hell my company gave me that. Maybe we can use and claim, and I never claim it. So LHDN is charging me on that. Ok fine, it's my mistake. I overlook and naive and foolish to think nobody will care about it.

2 weeks later which is last Sunday, MrComot pulak received a letter from LHDN saying he's owing them a freaking 5k++ in 2007!!

Melampau OKKKK!! I mean, it is obvious ok suddenly they are digging us, after the TEN RINGGIT complaint.

MrComot is an honest payer, so he's a bit clueless why he's being charged. So malam tu gigih la mencari all the old papers and form. Luckily he's organized so he keeps everything. Kalau me la, mmg once bayar, habis evidence or whatever.

The thing is, some of the document is missing, because he lost his laptop last year and his family just moved to Kota Damansara in 2007. So not sure the other docs in which house now. After throughout calculation, he knows where the 5k comes from! It's actually the rebate for his parents medical bills and they totally drop it like he never submit it!! He still have the resits but only half of it. The other half of stack kena cari balik.

It's weird don't u think? In 2007 they already approved the rebate and suddenly now in 2009 they say we didn't pay them. And there is different calculation on the statement, in the previous form saying MrComot has to pay 6% out of the balance of the salary and in the latest 'saman' statement saying he's charged 24%. FREAKING RIDICULOUS! So which one?!!

Me: Me told you!! They saja cari pasal sebab tak puas hati u complaint about the ten ringgit okk
MrComot: *senyap*
Me: So are you going to pay?
MrComot: No wayy!! 5K baik me beli LCD saja! Nevermind, me going to meet them and ask personally. Susah nak kira mcm ni.

Kannn..scary ok LHDN ni. So my advice is, if you think LHDN is owing you like few bucks only, don't bother to ask for rebate. They will go after the whole family okkkk. Hahaha..this my theory only btw. But if it's a lot, calculate carefully first and then complaint. And don't forget to keep all the evidence. Photocopy all the related documents after filing (if you are doing e-filing now, don't forget to print a copy for yourself) and keep all the bills that you had asked for rebate.

On a happier note, I'm gonna update about my Japan trip soon. Hehe dah basi pun citer tu... Ok darlings, take care and don't mess with government :P


  1. Aan dear~ What do you mean that your salary tak layak bayar LHDN? If your gaji has passed RM2500 (which I know it dot dot dot) then, you are "eligible".

    Plus they also count the bonuses and the saham that we sold.

    Of course if you have life insurans, than it can save you RM5000 or 6000 from LHDN if I'm not mistaken. Ada tak?

    Tapi giler banyak Mr. Comot owes LHDN, kalau korang nak pegi, ajaklah me sekali. Me pun hutang LHDN RM400 which is due this Sept huu~

    Diorang lupa kira my zakat kot.

  2. Shani,
    My gaji baru eligible this year, remember? or last year..whatever la..but definitely not 2007 hahaha. And the bonuses cum saham dah tolak awal2 right (the PCB part). We don't have life insurans. Since the company support everything kan. U have ke? Share it with me!! Me thinking of getting it once ada baby, mana tau stop keja with current company ke kan hehe

    And your zakat got receipt kan? U can complaint tau, minta rebate. I mean, it's unfair la..u dah pay for zakat and need to pay them pulak. Dah la byk mcm leech. Hahaha.

  3. Eh Anyway come to think me mmg eligible in 2007..BUT it wont come up to 800 right? ignorant me am in this thing. Anyway me knoww it is just soo wrongggggg

  4. It can come up to RM800 kalau takder tanggungan darling. Nanti me kenalkan my insurans agent pada you. He's an enthusiastic fella.

  5. lain kali kerja cikgu mcm saya... dah 4 tahun kerja pon baru kena bayar 70 ringgit cukai.. :p yes i know my salary is small.. but cost of living here in kelantan is smaller hehehehe :p

  6. Karlbum,
    MrComot's salary pun tak besar. I dunno why kena bayar that much for that year..maybe ada add on something2 (jual saham company etc). Anywayyyy duduk kelantan best okkkk! Sayur pucuk kemidi boleh dpt free! hehehe. Anyway u kena tax pun on gaji pokok kan.. allowance tu sikit punya banyak laa.. Lucky you! :D

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