Monday, August 24, 2009

First Ramadhan

This year is my first year spending Ramadhan as a wifey. But nothing much different. I still don't cook as MrComot doesn't take heavy meal for Sahur and we breaking the fast at parents in law. Hahaha. Part of me is relieved as I don't like the hassle of cooking and it's tiring ok. But another part of me is worrying a bit as bila lahhh I nak jadi pro chef ni, no practice! Hehe

Since I'm always away (boarding school, university, working life) from family, my Sahur time always gone hay wired. Sometimes I take, sometimes I don't. Sometimes eat rice, sometimes just drink water. So Sahur is not a big deal to me. I think I am lucky to get MrComot because even he's living with the family all the time, he never take nasi with lauk pauk for Sahur. He told me that his favourite food for Sahur is bread with butter and jam, having it while landing on the sofa with his eyes closed! Hahaha can you imagine that?

So on the first day of Sahur, I only had Materna milk with bread and MrComot had bread with Nutella and Goober. Only the difference this time is, he didn't close his eyes. The reason is, because we don't have sofa yet and where to landing? Hahaha. So he had to eat with eyes wide open, on the hard chair.

Saturday went smoothly and I didn't feel hungry at all so I had one day full puasa! Yeayyy to me! I planned to puasa as many days I can. My gynea said it's ok as long as I eat properly during the night and take my Sahur. So it should be ok then.

For fast breaking, we went to PIL at 7PM and everything is ready! Ishhh bad bad daughter in law! I planned to go earlier so I can lend a hand chopping ke washing ke whatever, but what to do, terlambat jugak. So pegi makan je la :D

Anyway, I didn't fast yesterday because we missed the Sahur! Both of us woke up at 550AM and rushingly get the glass to pour water when suddenly we heard the azan!! Waaaaaaaaaa. After solat, we went back to sleep and when I woke up around 11AM, I was worrying about my baby. I don't think I'm fit enough to fast. I can hold the hunger, only I'm worried baby won't get sufficient nutrition. So there goes my puasa day 2 ;)

I'm fasting today because I had my sahur. Ahhh my puasa entry will be very boring because I don't have any recipe or delicious pic to post.

Anyway we'll going back to my hometown next week and I can't wait to see MrComot's reaction when he faces my family's way of having Sahur. Mesti dia termuntah overeating! :P

Ok darlingssss, enjoy your Ramadhan ok. And to all mommies, don't skip your sahur ok. It's important for you and baby.


  1. maria pun sahur dgn biskut je..huhu..

  2. Sahur saya selalu grande, sbb me takot lapar dan tak bertenaga, boleh?

    Berbuka puasa tak sangat~

  3. i wish i can take light meal for sahur.. but since i had gastric and my family are sahur-nasi-type.. i'm used to having nasi+lauk for sahur..

    in the end, hard for me to go on diet during puasa.. and when pregnant, makan sampai bloated giler.. mama tak larat, but doing it for the sake of takut sakit perut..

  4. waa..bestnya nk balik kg.
    kirim salam pada semua org kg kita ya..

    me pun balik jgk,tp blik perlis..huhuhu.

    selamat berpuasa aan..

  5. hahhaa.. perenggan kedua terakhir sungguh kiutt... tgh bayangkan meja penuh lauk2 dan muka hubby kau dalam gundah gulana...

    Selamat Berpuasa to u and Aan Junior :D

  6. so have to see how ROUND u are now!!! nnt me dropby k.

    and selamat berpuasa ok! *hugs*

  7. m@ri@,
    Tu la, kalau duduk 2 orang ni mmg tak berselera sgt nak sahur hebat2 (tapi in my case more to malas hehe)

    Cik Kopi,
    U sahur apa? Wahhhh spill it! Me suka dengar :D

    Tu la..time preggy kena makan byk kan..but me so malas, so me eat lotsa dates and drink milk. So far ok lagi.

  8. MrsJaddo,
    Selamat berpuasa to u too! Hope u had lotsa fun at kampung!

    Happy Ramadhan to u too! hehe tu la..confirm tak boleh tutup mata.

    Not so round ok (hahaha me thinkkk so). Selamat berpuasa to u too!

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