Monday, May 25, 2009

Err sorry I beg your pardon sir

I had a long sleep this weekend that putting me in owl state now, so I open my laptop and busy clicking blogs while chit-chatting with my beloved hubby. After few minutes reading blogs, I am too engrossed that I totally dropped what my hubby saying:

MrComot: bla bla bla bla bla
Me: Oh ok
MrComot: Sayang dengar tak apa me cakap ni? (while cekak pinggang in front of the bed)
Me: Dengar!
MrComot: OK repeat!
Me: Errr... (with startled face)
MrComot: Repeat!
Me: Errr....hahahahaha
MrComot: Sayang tipu meeeee tak dengar apa me cakap!!
Me: Hahaha sorryyyyy. Cepat ulanngggg apa u cakap tadi? Sorry2 meh me mwahhh
MrComot: Hah now me know sayang tak pernah dengar apa me cakap (muka masam haha)
Me: Hehehehe

I can't help it but laugh my ass off. Seriously I didn't hear a word what he's saying and I'm pretty amazed with myself, I think I listen but I wasn't! Ish ish I have to check my multitasking level back.

Anyway this is the first time he asking me to repeat, normally he just let me drowned with my own world when I don't response or response irrelevantly. Mesti tak puas hati sgt tu hehe.


  1. kasihan Mr. Comot~ selalu ignorance mcm tu, kan? :)

  2. kalau kitorang, me yg slalu suh hubby repeat apa me ckp.. usually dia berjaya menyelamatkan diri.. hehe.. dpt la point-point apa me ckp ngan dia sebelum tu.. hehe
    tp ms ckp dgn dia, mcm dia x dgr..tu yg curious tu.. :p

  3. Hahaha... macam boleh imagine ketawa hang tu...